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Saturday, March 20, 2010

After the Party, Democrats Need to Check Themselves Into an Asylum

I met a man who suffered from serious Bi-Polar disorder. He was describing a manic state he got into one day. On that day, he remembered a Parisian hot dog he once enjoyed. His mania increasing, he bought a ticket on the Concord, flew to Paris, had his hotdog and returned to the states.

Of course, as his euphoria subsided, he came to himself, realizing he had maxed out his credit cards and had no money to meet the bill. He checked himself into a hospital.

Yesterday, Democratic leaders of congress were describing their mental states as being “positively giddy.” Whoopee.

In Bi-Polar, mania is followed by depression, and meanwhile the credit card bill comes due.

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Sarkazein said...


If it had been a tax payer paid military aircraft instead of the Concord, and the hot dog was charged to the US Treasury, it could have been Pelosi.