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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I did some research. Here are the "yes" votes on some major legislative endeavors over the years.

Social Security:
House - 284 Democrats / 81 Republicans
Senate - 60 Democrats /16 Republicans

House - 237 Democrats / 70 Republicans
Senate - 57 Democrats / 13 Republicans

Civil Rights Act of 1964:
House - 152 Democrats / 138 Republicans
Senate - 46 Democrats / 27 Republicans

Bush's 2001 Tax Cuts:
House - 28 Democrats / 212 Republicans
Senate - 12 Democrats / 46 Republicans

Iraq War Resolution (2002):
House - 85 Democrats / 214 Republicans
Senate - 29 Democrats / 48 Republicans

Obama's "Stimulus" Package:
House - 246 Democrats / 0 Republicans (7 Democrat nos)
Senate - 57 Democrats / 3 Republicans

Health Care:
House - 219 Democrats / 0 Republicans (34 Democrat nos)
Senate - 60 Democrats / 0 Republicans


Liberal POV said...


Is this something you're proud of?

To me it shows a trend of working againt working people, cunsumers, and Republicans being pro war and a party without ideas.

Honest Debate said...

To me it shows partisanship by a supposed post-partisan President on a scale not seen in major legislation before.

The only bipartisanship is in the opposition.

Blogger said...

That awful woman editor of The Nation declared to Joe Scarborough this morning that the Republicans tried to kill the Civil Rights Bill. Joe creamed her, but it still demonstrated how so-called progressives' doctrines cause major brain damage.

Thanks to Honest Debate for this post. Also, look how our own commenting progressive illustrates how distorted their minds can become.

Liberal POV said...


Do you deny Republicans Nixon and Reagan set about to exploit southern segregationist anger after the civil rights bill passed?

The Nixon Law and Order presidential campaign was a code word for anti black.
Reagan's references to the myths of the cadillac welfare styerotype.

Willie Horton ads, Jesse Helems, Strom Thurman?

How many Southern Segregationist Democrats switched to the Republican party?

Liberal POV said...
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oatz said...

Liberal POV I have seen the photos of the Tea Party protest in DC in which you claim the hate filled mob chanted slurs and insults at the members of the Black Cacus. In those photos 4 members of the Black Cacus were carring video camareas including Jesse Jackson Jr, yet not one of those videos have a racial slur on them. Because if they did it would be on all the networks, but not one video has surfaced. Wonder why that is?

Blogger said...

Because no one has proved someone used a slur, maybe what really happened was someone said "Hey congressman." You can't call someone a worse name than that.

Liberal POV said...


That's not my fight I got plenty of others. My post was of the Tea Party mob attacking the man with Parkinson's Disease and there's a video of that.

Sarkazein said...

POV wants to know why the Tea Party people did not treat the Parkinsons guy like a moron or a child even though he went way out of his way to get there and he takes himself seriously.
If I was there, and he took a regular parking place, I would have kicked his ass.

Blogger said...

pOv, You posted duplicates of two posts so I deleted the duplicates. It looks like however, even the original was deleted. That was not intentional so if you want to do it again, I will be careful.