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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Next Generation Prepares Themselves for the Nanny State

Following up onOnslow, the prototype of the new American, I read an interesting Wall Street Journal op ed on the campus eruptions by students in California. The op-ed writer Peter Robinson: “In the midst of the Great Recession, California students protest in favor of themselves.” “So what were the young people demanding?” “We have here the vocabulary of the peace movement, of the struggle for decent conditions for migrants and other exploited workers, and of the civil-rights movement. Yet what did the protesters demand? Peace? Human rights? No. Money. And for whom? For the downtrodden and oppressed? No. For themselves.” “The protests did offer students a certain kind of instruction. They taught them to replace the idealism of youth with the crassest self-pleading.”


Johnny Rico said...

Why is it that the Y Generation believes they are owed something? The greatest generation paid twice for what they had (Great Depression, WWII), yet they continued to believe in personal responsibility and hard work. Education is something that should be earned like everything else - not given. That which is given has no value!!

The Whiners in Berkley (POV's offspring probably) have no inclination of becoming a productive member of society. Instead they involve themselves with schemes to take my hard earned money (I paid for my education)and give it to themselves (and illegal aliens) so they can continue to lead a leisurely life far removed from hard work, dedication, and personal responsibility.

POV is far ahead of his time. He fits the mold of today's undeserving college students intent on robbing the hard working for self promotion. Lemming POV, are you a college student perhaps?


Your ole pal

Johnny Rico

PS I see you dodged again and failed to answer ANY of my posts.



Sarkazein said...

There will be NO Nanny State for the next generation. There will not even be a "safety net". Broke is broke, we are trillions past broke.

Wolf's Head said...

Well, liberalism is now showing it's true face.

Sark is right, we are way beyond broke.