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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Future Prototype American

Do any of you watch Onslow on the British sitcom, Keeping up Appearances? Onslow is the future prototype American under Socialism. He spends his day watching sports on the tele, yelling to his wife to bring him more beer. Onslow has great regard for himself because of his contribution to the country. As he says, “I am doing my part for the economy by spending my welfare check.”


guy faulkes said...

Onslow is behind the times. I have several entitlement baby relatives that are caught in the liberal bread and circus slavery of the left that have shared this philosophy for years.

I just saw the Glen Beck Show. He was commenting on the slavery the left has instilled on illegal aliens and others with their entitlement policies that keep these people in poverty for the purpose of having a voting block that supports liberals. We have talked about this for years. We will now probably get to hear about how we are mindlessly following Beck, even though we said it first by a factor of years.

Wolf's Head said...

Onslow sounds like the perfect democrat.

Johnny Rico said...

The prototype American that Liberal Socialist Sheep advocates for would support child prostitution (ACORN type); taking money from hard working Americans to give to those not willing to work (POV); the handing over of Watauga County Resident's jobs to illegal aliens; government intruding into the lives of Americans; higher taxes for all (except illegal aliens), and an overall Nanny State mentality.

Johnny Rico

oatz said...

I took my dog in for Health-care benefits the guy behind the counter said sir its a dog and i replied yeah he is lazy, lays around the house, doesn't know who his daddy is, and does not speak English! Well I will sign him up said the guy he must register Democrat.