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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nobody Wants to Vote for The Senate Bill Says Pelosi

Wall Street Jounal


Blogger said...

A lot of commentators, even liberals, are saying that Americans are now getting more angry about the corrupt process than they are about the high taxes coming, or all the lies being told. Now that is anger!

oatz said...

Wait! I think we should all get a Dictionary for Pelosi and all Liberals. Since Mrs. Pelosi became Speaker of the House she"was going to drain the the most ethical Congress EVER!". Situational ethics do not count. We can read and understand the bill after it is passed. Parliamentary shenanigans so Democrats can pass the bill without having a recorded vote on the bill, which will enable all Liberals to say I passed Historic health-care bill without a record of my vote in case the voters should rise up and dare to hold me accountable.

Now lets review Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the U.S. Postal Service are all going Bankrupt. So lets turn over a 6th of our economy to Obama and liberals because of their great track record of balancing budgets(Please note February was another record Deficit).

Blogger said...

As usual, you are nailing it Oatz. Thanks.

Pelosi actually said that the people weren't interested in process. There are more people paying attention right now and understanding what is going on than at any time in my long life.
Congress may have pulled some of these corrupt moves in the past but the bills weren't for one seventh of the economy effecting everyone's life. They also were bi-partisan.
Congress' approval record dropped another 10 points in past month.

guy faulkes said...

Blogger, you have just stated the issue that is killing the collective soul of the left. People in this country are now better informed than at anytime in history. Thanks to Fox News, talk radio and the internet, people are aware of issues that were previously hidden or glossed over. Notice I did not say that people necessarily used any one of these outlets as their only source of news. If an issue is of concern to them, they research it and form their own opinions.

As this is a center - right country, the policies of the left cannot survive disclosure and the light of day. The far left is so used to being able to use the mushroom treatment (keep people in the dark and feed them crap), that they have no defense against an informed public.

Pressure from the public on politicians is the reason Pelosi cannot gain support. The only way she will be able to do it is if she can guarantee personal benefit to these politicians. It will have to be enough for them to kiss their political careers goodbye in many cases.

The good thing is that an aware public not only keeps the big government Democrats in line, it will do the same to big government Republicans.