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Friday, March 19, 2010

ObamaCare, a War That Has Just Begun

America will be in a constant health-care war if ObamaCare is enacted. Passage wouldn't end the health-care debate. Rather, it would perpetuate ObamaCare as the dominant issue for decades to come, reshape politics, create an annual funding crisis in Congress, and generate a spate of angry lawsuits. Yet few in Washington seem aware of what lies ahead writesFRED BARNES WSJ


Liberal POV said...


If and I think it will the Health Care bill passes once in place to public will demand it remain in place and know Nothing Republicans will retreat as they did with Social Security and Medicare.

You may find you children or grand children are greatly benefited by this land mark bill as you personally are with Social Security and Medicare.

What blogs do you go to to get so worked up on this silliness?

The United States is the only developed country without similar health care coverage. What the hell are you afraid of?

Wolf's Head said...

Death panels. Increased killing of unborn children. Debt that WILL swallow the country's finances. Gov't control of our very lives. Gov't mandates to individuals and states.

The left is always preaching about "a woman's right to control her body" which will be gone under Obamacare as well as for all us.

Your ignorance must be a put on as no one could possibly be that stupid.

Sarkazein said...

Dow Jones Newswires | Caterpillar Inc. said the health-care overhaul legislation being considered by the U.S. House of Representatives would increase the company's health-care costs by more than $100 million in the first year alone.

In a letter Thursday to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and House Republican Leader John Boehner of Ohio, Caterpillar urged lawmakers to vote against the plan "because of the substantial cost burdens it would place on our shareholders, employees and retirees."
Caterpillar, the world's largest construction machinery manufacturer by sales, said it's particularly opposed to provisions in the bill that would expand Medicare taxes and mandate insurance coverage. The legislation would require nearly all companies to provide health insurance for their employees or face large fines.

The Peoria-based company said these provisions would increase its insurance costs by at least 20 percent, or more than $100 million, just in the first year of the health-care overhaul program

Liberal POV said...

Tea Party Mob

Find yourselves in this video. Your kind seems to get very angry when faced with reality.

Wolf's Head said...

I see that you, as usual refuse to debate the facts and immediately resort to insults and inane comparisons in an attempt to deflect our attention from your inadequacies.

It doesn't work.

Try to do better next time.

Sarkazein said...

16,000 new IRS agents to monitor on a monthly basis that everyone is keeping up their government approved heath-care policy.
This marks the end of freedom as it is guaranteed by the Constitution.

Liberal POV said...


Want a debate?

There's no such thing as a death panel this pure bull shit from quick buck beauty queen Palin.

Liberals and Democrats get old and have parents just like conservatives so why the fear and insanity of the death panel silliness?

"Increased killing of unborn children. "

I may be giving you too much credit for being smart.

A woman's right to choose is and has been the law of the land for over thirty years.
A working poor or young teenage pregnant woman will be in better shape to choose not to have an abortion if she doesn't have to worry about health care for that child and those she may already have. Family health care should reduce the number of abortions.

"Debt that WILL swallow the country's finances. Gov't control of our very lives"

The cost should go down as more preventive care and less emergency room care becomes the norm.

The American people should become a healthier society.

Everyone who can should pay into the American Health care system just like everyone should pay into the American education system. This will make us a stronger and healthier nation.

Wolf no matter how smart you maybe if you input misinformation to your mind you remain misinformed.

Johnny Rico said...

Libera Socialist Sheep POV,

Where do you get off believing you or anyone else is entitled to health care on my dime? Get a job and work for it if you want it. Don't take my money because you are lazy.



That was easy!!!]

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico

Liberal POV said...


You can relax as none of your medicare tax dollars or general tax dollars goes top pay my medical bills at this time.

The same is not true for Blogger as he receives socialist government Medicare, which I believe to be a very good deal for everyone.

Blogger paid into medicare over his working life time and now as he gets older medicare is there to help with what ever health issues come his way. Blogger only has to worry about staying healthy or healing.

Johnny, I doubt you have enough resources to never worry about having to work for a living.
What happens if you lose your health and with that your job or business and your health care coverage? How will you then pay for the health care you will desperately need at that time?

Lots of folks in the South live poor and vote rich.

Liberal POV said...


"Liberalproverbs18:2, it was Obama that said old people should be given a pain pill and let die. He is the proponent of death panels."

What you think you know just ain't so!

Backup you crazy comment with some facts and a link to that speech.

guy faulkes said...

Liberalproverbs18:2, you have discussed Obama's "Take a pill and die" comment before. Are you suffering from information retention disorder again, or is your memory selective?

Liberal POV said...


You call that reliable links?

I didn't here Obama say anything much less the comment you claim.

"It was Obama that said old people should be given a pain pill and let die. He is the proponent of death panels."

Do you think dying patiences should be given hip replacements because insurance or Medicare will pay for it? Would you want your mother or dad spending their last months or weeks recovering from hip replacement?

Find some reality.
Admit you were wrong.

Liberal POV said...


I should've added this.

"Liberalproverbs18:2, it was Obama that said old people should be given a pain pill and let die. He is the proponent of death panels."

What you think you know just ain't so!

Backup you crazy comment with some facts and a link to THAT speech.

guy faulkes said...

Liberalproverbs18:2, a video of Obama telling someone that they need dot take a pain pill and die is a very reliable link. You have it. Watch it. Come out from the influence of the Kool Aid.