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Monday, March 22, 2010

Projecting Hate

The effort to demonize and discredit the tea party continues. As usual, the press and commenters on this blog are parroting the party line. The "party line" goes like this: Tea partiers (they use a different term) are mean-spirited, gun totin' racist. They mainly point to two incidents of late. One is the report of spittle and racial epithets being spewed at Democrat lawmakers. The other is the horrendous treatment of a victim of Parkinson's disease.

Before we get into specifics I want to make my beef clear. I don't appreciate decent Americans being painted with the broad brush of bigotry. I strongly believe the mainstream media pour through hours and hours of audio and video in frantic search for mere seconds of evidence. If they can find one jerk in the midst of ten thousand patriots then the jerk will make the news and the patriots will be painted as jerks. The media are parrots. They parrot to the sheep. The sheep are voters. If they can't find a jerk they will invent one. It's a mess.

Much has been made of the treatment of Congressman Emanuel Cleaver and others at a recent tea party. If this happened it's inexcusable. I can't imagine the average tea partier condoning such behavior. That doesn't stop the slander. While I don't doubt this incident could have happened, there is no video or audio that verifies it. There is video of union thugs beating up peaceful protesters but no coverage.

The jerks harassing the man with Parkinson's Disease is similarly disturbing. There is video but it's short and out of context. The crowd in the background is yelling something but I can't tell what. More than likely they put a stop to the harassment after the video was cut short. No one had their finger bitten off. No one was hurt.

The zeal of the left to portray tea party protesters as unhinged is astonishing. The tea party protesters are true patriots. They are informed. They are angry at what is happening to our country and peacefully assembling to voice their opinion. How can any freedom loving American object to democracy in action?


Reader said...

This is what we should call a shame. You can't take someone's word as gospel anymore. There are more lies being spread than truth. Some liberals and some conservatives spew their hatred...not all. I've seen more name calling on here than I would like to see. If someone doesn't agree, they test the waters to see what will push you over the line.
That way they get a response. This will get uglier before it gets better...I promise.

Liberal POV said...

HD, Tea Party Mob and Know Knowings

This is in your own words here on this blog.

Sarkazein said...
"Today is proof McCarthy was noble."


"There are just Democrats and Americans."

Johnny Rico said...
Liberal Socialist Sheep POV:

"How do you continue to support Pedophiles? ACORN sought to support child prostitution, so what do you say about that mob? LOL!!


" It may be that these people took exception to his duplicity. If so, while they was neither nice nor politically correct, their actions were understandable."


"This is about a President destroying America and the fight to save it. Obama is a lying, cheating radical. Freedom and American exeptionalism are under assault from without and now from within. The Democrats are the mortal enemy. Bi-partisanship be damned. Torpedo the bastards."


"You see, ACORN was guilty of advocating for underage prostitution which is the same as pedophilia. Since you seem to support ACORN as the victim (not the children), then you are a Pedophile. I think this is even worse than you spitting on returning Vietnam War Vets and then saying you didn't. LOL"

Note: the reality is the courts found ACORN did nothing wrong in this case.


"ACORN was guilty of advocating for underage prostitution which is the same as pedophilia. Since you seem to support ACORN as the victim (not the children), then you are a Pedophile. I think this is even worse than you spitting on returning Vietnam War Vets and then saying you didn't. What do you think is worse - your pedophilia or your spitting on real Americans? LOL"

Honest Debate said...
"It's sad what's happened to your party Bridle. Today's Democrat Party is the enemy of American values."

Reader said...
Sark, it might be a good time to start liquidating some things and stockpiling others.


"You mean by taxing hard working Americans like me to pay for inept, lazy, ignorant pedophiles such as yourself who believes the world owes them something? Yes, you are right then. "


"My wealth, what little I have, will be taken by Obama and his goons and be redistributed to you and others. You should be very joyful to hear this. I on the other hand am not joyful over this...I distribute it myself. "


"One of the written Communist take-over ploys is to show things like the looter POV's posted video. "


"Are you ashamed of being a traitor and a supporter of pedophile organizations as your posts indicate that you are?"

This all sounds like mob talk to me.

Wolf's Head said...

The left is in a panic to demonize the Conservative, Constitutional movement as extremists with the election coming this fall.

Of course they themselves are government extremists, in usurping the Constitution.

It will take time for the lefties to get amnesty passed to help them with the 2012 elections to replace the independents they are losing now.

Reading LPOV's drivel shows anyone how deranged the left has become.

Liberal POV said...


"The left is in a panic to demonize the Conservative, Constitutional movement as extremists with the election coming this fall."

Conservatives are doing a fine job of showing themselves extremist who're misinformed acting out as a mob.

The Tea Party movement has no ideas, no plans, no leadership and no agenda, just a mob acting out.


"Of course they themselves are government extremists, in usurping the Constitution."

What's being done that you consider unconstitutional? I suggest the ACLU as they are the best defenders of the Constitution if you have a case they will defend you against the Obama Admin. or Congress.

Liberal POV said...

Conservatives, GOP ( Grumpy Old People) Tea Party Know Nothings

The answers are here for your own family. Please share how you make out.

Reader said...

The mental healh issue keeps popping up when Lib makes his posts. He just doesn't understand. Light bulb, where are you?

guy faulkes said...

As Liberalproverbs18:2 is a traitor, and a supporter of his terrorist heroes and pedophiles, being part of what he calls a mob that opposes him politically with "mob talk" is a honor.

It is not hate when one speaks the truth about those such as Liberlproverbs18:2 and his heroes.

The poor idiot does not comprehend he is far out of the mainstream. As the saying goes, "All is yellow in the jaundiced eye."

Liberal POV said...

GUY and Reader

How do you make out with this reality check?

Sarkazein said...

THE DRUDGE REPORT, changed there picture of the mud fence to a close-up of Pelosi in mid cackle at my request.

Part of the mud fence


guy faulkes said...

What does an unsubstantiated calculation have to do with anything? It does not indicate how it figures taxes. It does not indicate or refer to any portion of the bill to legitimize the calculations. It does not address the costs of health care or the quality of health care. The link is meaningless.

Wolf's Head said...

"The Tea Party movement has no ideas, no plans, no leadership and no agenda, just a mob acting out." LPOV

Yep, you got it!

The Founding Fathers supplied the ideas, didn't need much of our own.

Our plans are to preserve liberty and prosperity, pretty obvious.

We're Americans, each one of us is a leader. We do things the entire world is incapable of doing. Leading in science, medicine, philanthropy, etc.

I would say we have an agenda, it's just so simple that convoluted lefty drones don't understand it. It's Freedom!

And yep, just like the mobs at King's Mountain and Cow Pens. We were called "rabble" then also.

Maybe you've actually made a decent point in one of your posts.

Johnny Rico said...

Liberal Socialist Sheep said:

"This all sounds like mob talk to me."

What you misconstrue as mob talk is actually honest to goodness answers to your inane questions. We cannot quote any of the baseless, ignorant goat-babble that you spew forth as you are never able to answer our questions. We are not a mob, just a bunch of folks with convictions they are able to back up with fact, logic, and good argeuemnts. You should try that sometime. LOL!!!!

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico

Johnny Rico said...

Liberal Lemming Socialist Sheep said:

"Conservatives are doing a fine job of showing themselves extremist who're misinformed acting out as a mob"

Is this why Brown was elected in the most liberal state in America?


Your ole pal

Johnny Rico


Reader said...

I'll say up front, sorry for the long post.

Lib, where were your nice little words, oh wait they are just down the page from the top. The words most of us posted, are facts and truth. I tire mostly of your pokey little comments Libby. Mobs, Know Knowings (whatever the tarnation that is), Tea Party Nothings, get the point. It's childish, man up. That's what is wrong with you and your spiteful bunch. The studies have been done, you're not happy...get over wanting people to take care of you, take care of yourself. Pick your bubble butts up and get to work and help people with your own money, like I do. It really makes you feel better.

And get to know God...that's your biggest fear in life. You freely give your love to a man right now should be easy. You think if Obama gives you health care, that's gonna save you. Except he can't save you, health care ain't gonna save you. He has "no power", unless God gives it to him. Obama give nothing but empty promies my friend, empty and has lied many times. Keep on the path you are on Lib, it will keep you in chains and following a person who will continue to fail you. Humans fail us, everyday. None of us are perfect. But we do come here to fellowship with one another and try to help one another.

I appreciate you guys giving me good information and giving me the opportunity to vent and offer opinions too. I appreciate having "friends" that I have never met in person. It's easy talking to you all and I trust you...even Lib, I don't think would let me lie by the side of the road. I like this blog and thank Blogger and HD for letting me post here. You are good guys.

I hope this was not "Projecting Hate" in any way.

Honest Debate said...

Nothing about you projects hate Reader. We're all privileged to have you. Thanks.

Wolf's Head said...

Well, let's see who is projecting hate.

We have unsubstantiated claims of "N" word and spitting from the lunatic left. The accusers won't even discuss what "happened". Now when has a black politician EVER refrained from slaming whites who use the "N" word?

And now we have this from Drudge:

"FLASH: Ann Coulter Ottawa speech shut down... 2000 protesters surrounding building with rocks and sticks -- pulled fire alarm in building. Cops shut it down! Blogs calling for Coulter to be hurt. MPs were banned from going, Coulter denounced by an MP in the Parliement."

Well now we KNOW who are the haters, don't we LPOV?

aDaughterOfYaHWeH said...

Don't you love the double standards promoted by the liberals? haha they can use hate and fear yet point fingers at the conservative right as the hate propagators and fear mongers... it has become simply hilarious to me... :)

Michael- said...

Here is something to help all you teabaggers be a little less retarded:


I know your health care concerns all revolve around your fears that it will take you a little longer to get your nuts shaved at the local clinic, but guess what you backassward, "individualist" mutherfuckers: 33 million more americans will have healthcare because of this bill.

I know you don't care about the poor or, even whether or not someone else goes bankrupt trying to buy their 6 year old insulin for their diabetes, but at least look at it this way: now you can openly project all your hateful frustrations out on a (half) black man in public without getting beat-downs from the more educated members of your town. It's cool to hate poor people You've been waiting for this chance to HATE openly! SO enjoy!

go grab yer hoods! break out those yankee songs and let the world know that you don't care about other americans (millions of children without coverage), or even about anyone else other than "yer people".

But please do check out my blog - if for nothing else, just swing by and spread your self-centered values and hate so the whole world can continue to laugh at you...



PS- fact is Canada and many European countries have had government health care for decades and they don't have near the debt and social problems as the U.S, and they have rated much much higher all objective 'standard of living' indexes for years... But we all know facts don't matter as much as the ideology of "individualism" blackening the heart of many americans...

Sarkazein said...

Michael~ is a perfect example of the Left.

Honest Debate said...

I have a question for those who continue to use the term "teabaggers" to describe America loving patriots. If a gay man was savagely beaten by a homo-hater who called him a teabagging faggot would you call for the attacker to be charged with a hate crime?

Sarkazein said...

"I said the F-word to the President TEEHEEHEEHEE",said JOE. "We beat the Americans on this Mr. President", said JOE.

Sarkazein said...

Foreclosure problem SOLVED by Obama, time to solve health-care.

guy faulkes said...

Michael, the only hate being posted here is by you and Liberalproverbs18:2. On second thought, maybe it is just by you. Are you the same person? The writing styles, typing skills, and grammar are similar. By the way, that is not a complement.

Sarkazein said...

If they keep it up, with the "teabagger" thing, Barney Frank and BikerBard and a couple of A'mouses will be switching Parties, thinking it is a party.

Liberal POV said...


"The words most of us posted, are facts and truth. I tire mostly of your pokey little comments Libby. Mobs, Know Nothings (whatever the tarnation that is), Tea Party Nothings, get the point."

If I'm debating you I use the word reader, If I'm debating a wide spread myth, lie, ideology or hate radio groupies I use the broader terms. I do believe the Tea Party movement at this point is just a mob with no agenda, no plan and no real leadership fanned by Fox News and Hate radio.
I call you Know Nothing because you will except nothing that does not support your cult myths.
Reader, you maybe the church lady and be a good hearted woman but you support political positions that are mean spirited, cruel, short sighted and drag down society. You believe in an ideology that over simplifies, stereotypes the poor, liberals others cultures and other religions as less human than you. Your ideology take a small world view that its American against the world and only Americans can be right and Americans can never be wrong.
As a REAL patriot you shop for patriotic symbols rather than defend the real values of America. With your flag pin on you attempt to parade around with a hugh American flag so large you can't see where you're going and continue to soil the American flag by stepping on it with patriotic zeal.
You have been filled with fear by right wing strategist that you now support not only un American but uncivilized human rights abuse thinking that will make you safer.
Try to wean yourself from your fear inputs.

guy faulkes said...

Liberalroverbs18:2, you never debate. You present talking points given you by your socialist masters. On the few occasions you present an original thought, you stick your foot in your mouth.

Honest Debate said...


You have pegged LiberalPOV perfectly. I have never seen more hateful, delusional and just plain stupid comments than his. It's pitiful.

Liberal POV said...


I see you repeatedly make post you can't support with facts or links to real facts.

The best you ever do is post a right wing extremist opinion.

I a very liberal Democrat posting here know I have to support anything I post with links to the source of the facts.

You on the other hand post what ever some right wing nut pulled out of his or her ass or your own with no reality.

Blogger said...

micheal They are tea partiers not teabaggers. Teabaggers is a nasty word. Shame

guy faulkes said...

Liberalproverbs18:2, you have yet to post any original thought with a reputable source to back it up. You post the opinions of your socialist masters as fact or refer to their talking points. When you speak for yourself, yow reveal yourself to be a traitor and a supporter of your terrorist heroes and pedophiles. You do not even believe videos showing Obama and ACORN proposing objectionable policies in out of their own mouths and in their own words. Those are not right wing opinions.

The truth must be starting to bother you again as once more you are becoming vulgar.