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Friday, March 26, 2010


You need to sign up for this one, however for those who will be fighting the good fight this election season, we will be looking out for training materials.Dick Morris


Sarkazein said...

Has any major federal legislation ever been signed into law on a strict party-line vote? Has it ever happened in US history where a major part of the citizenry was against legislation that was signed into law on a strict party-line vote? I don't think it has, but wouldn't know where to start to research it.

guy faulkes said...

As far as I have been able to discover, there has never been a major piece of legislation that has passed that was not cosponsored by a member of both parties except for this atrocity. The only thing I knew to do was to look a various bills to see who sponsored them.

Honest Debate said...

I think this is unprecedented. I researched other major legislation on another thread ("Bi-Partisanship"). The votes are a matter of record but hard to research if you don't know the exact name of the bill. That's research in itself. Other times you may find just the no votes and have to extrapolate after figuring out the composition of the particular congress (also a matter of record). It's all there.

Liberal POV said...


Do you think you can keep selling this hyped fear until Nov? By Nov most Americans will have learned the world didn't end as predicted by the Tea Bag Know Nothings.

The elderly will have learn they get free preventive services under medicare and will pay less if you reach the gap or doughnut hole.
Small Businesses with 25 or fewer workers may be eligible for a tax credit and will be able to buy insurance for employees through new insurance markets.

Those earning less than $88,000.00 per year will be eligible for subsidies to help you buy Health Insurance coverage.

If you have a pre existing condition you will pay the same for insurance as any one else in your age group.

When Americans learn the reality of the improvements in the health care bill it will gain much greater popularity.

Republican's only hope is to sell ingorances about the new health care bill and time is not on the Republican's side.

Oatz said...

Economic Damage Of Health Bill Continues

AT&T, 3M, And AK Steel Already Report Devastating Effects Of Health Bill

“AT&T Inc. Will Take A $1 Billion Non-Cash Charge In The First Quarter Because Of The Health Care Overhaul And May Cut Benefits It Offers To Current And Retired Workers.” (“AT&T Will Take $1B Non-Cash Charge For Health Care,” The Associated Press, 3/26/10)

* “The Telecommunications Company Also Said It Is Looking Into Changing The Health Care Benefits It Offers Because Of The New Law.” (“AT&T Will Take $1B Non-Cash Charge For Health Care,” The Associated Press, 3/26/10)

“3M Company Today That It Expects To Record A One-Time Non-Cash Charge Of $85 To $90 Million After Tax… Resulting From The Recently Enacted Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act.” “3M Company said today that it expects to record a one-time non-cash charge of $85 to $90 million after tax, or approximately 12 cents per share, in the first quarter of 2010, resulting from the recently enacted Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, including modifications made in the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 passed by Congress on March 25, 2010. The charge is due to a reduction in the value of the company’s deferred tax asset as a result of a change to the tax treatment of Medicare Part D reimbursements.” (“3M Anticipates New U.S. Healthcare Law to Result in One-Time Charge of $85 — $90 Million After Tax in First Quarter of 2010,” 3M, 3/26/10)

“AK Steel Holding Corp., The Third Largest U.S. Steelmaker By Sales, Said It Will Record A Non-Cash Charge Of About $31 Million Resulting From The Health-Care Overhaul Signed Into Law By President Barack Obama.” (“AK Steel Sees $31 Million Charge From New Health Law,” Business Week, 3/23/10)

Liberal POV said...


Hype that fear, you're going to be disappoinyed when the world doesn't end.

Greed and Fear sell.

Johnny Rico said...

Liberal Socialist Sheep POV said:

"Do you think you can keep selling this hyped fear until Nov"

This is typically stupid statement by the Lemming himself.

Do you think you can keep not answering our posts until Nov?

LOL!!! It has to get pretty demoralizing to have everyone on this site able to defend what they say while you stereotype, name call, and post absolutly nothing of consequence on this site. LOL!!!

Stings don't it?


Johnny Rico

Johnny Rico said...

Liberal Socialist Sheep POV said:

"Hype that fear"

Can you prove anything wrong he says?


Your ole pal

Johnny Rico

PS I won

Ted Healy said...

Rethuglicans must be very proud. Not ONE could think for himself!

Faulkes- you are STILL a stooge.

Sarkazein said...

I guess T.Healy understands his comment.

"Rethuglicans must be very proud. Not ONE could think for himself!"-T.Healy

He couldn't be commenting on how not one single Republican misrepresented his constituency and voted for a bad bill that many Democrats said should be dumped and started over from scratch. If this is what he is writing, he's right. But his comment is as ill written as the socialist heath-care bill.

Sarkazein said...

Third World here we come, on a downhill sleigh-ride to HELL.

Liberal POV said...

Blogger and Tea Party Mob

This speaks to your movement.

Blogger said...

Not ONE could think for himself! writes Ted Healy. Unbelievable! Never in the history of this country have we witnessed a mindless group of lemmings who could so easily be bullied, bribed, and threatened into voting for something they knew would destroy their own country! Where has this guy been!

Reader said...]

What do you think of what Chuck says Blogger?

Johnny Rico said...

I see Liberal Socialist Sheep POV couldn't answer yet again!!! LOL!!!

guy faulkes said...

BB, there is no need for you to fear retaliation and try to avoid debate by posting under T Healy, Hamlet's Father , etc. You will not be treated any differently than you would under BikerBard. Man up and take credit for what you say, if you really believe it.