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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Anyone surprised?


guy fauleks said...

I guess the question is, "What is he smoking?" due to his admitted drug use.

oatz said...

I guess averaging a party every three days for year is hard work. I guess his pledge to quit for Micheele on national tv was just like all the other promises he made, words just words.

Sarkazein said...

If he's quitting because his wife is telling him to quit, he needs a prescription for Testemax.

Remember Hillary would not allow smoking in the WH including cigars. Bill showed her.

Reader said...

That's why I've never said I'd quit smoking. I'd have to lay them down and at this point, I don't want to. How can a smoking regulation be enforced in any town, when our own President can't quit and is smoking on federal property?

Sarkazein said...

Remember, if it wasn't for tobacco there wouldn't be a United States. Also tobacco was one of the things helping keeping the troops going during WW2. You are doing your patriotic duty each time you light up.

Reader said...

That was great Sark. I needed that laugh, you are a hoot. I promise I'm not a rude smoker. I walk away from people, because I'm afraid I'll offend them. They sure don't care about offending me though. I don't make comments about others habits...would like too...bad...but try my best to be kind. That's hard. I do however believe that if I own my business, I can allow or not allow smoking. I'm gettin quite sick of people telling me what to do...and that is making me be unkind. Smoking should be the least of anyone's worries. Who else would contribute to "Carolina Horse Park, truck-driver training, pine-straw farming research and equipment upgrades at a knitting plant in North Carolina, Agriculture and Consumer Services ($74.4 million) AND Environment and Natural Resources ($205.2 million) AND Child Health ($59.4 million) AND Vocational Rehabilitation ($45.1 million) AND Education Access Rewards North Carolina ($27.6 million) AND Class Size Reduction ($37.5 million)
Public Health ($192.5 million) AND Juvenile Justice ($158 million) "?
Lib best not say, I don't contribue to our government. Bet that Head Start progam he was always yakking about is in the child health moola. I can also blow some cool smoke rings, kids love them. That was awful, I'm sorry.

Sarkazein said...


I made it late to the store for halloween candy one year. The only thing left was candy cigarettes. Little kids actually insulted me and some refused the candy cigarettes.
In my house, I have ash trays out, and matches in case a guest wants to smoke, I don't make them go out. Most do anyway.
I walked in to a commercial developers office once, and the receptionist was smoking. The first thing that came to my mind was freedom and memories of the days before the pleasure police took over.
If you get a chance, try and find Cigar Dave radio show

guy faulkes said...

I do not smoke. I never have as it made me so sick the first time I tried it that I could have felt better if I died. My solution to the smoking problem was not to go where people smoked. My smoking friends did not smoke around me after they found out I did not smoke. I never told them not to, but they would tell each other. However, most of my friends are conservative, so maybe that is why they were considerate.

Sarkazein said...

H.D and or Blogger- Congratulations on the "recent comments" column.

oatz said...

Reaction to the president’s remarks:

Congressman Mike Pence: “Well, I think it has to be disappointing to millions of Americans. It seems like the president was at the health care summit last week but he had the sound down. And it seems like this president has been ignoring the overwhelming sentiment of a clear majority of the American people who have rejected a government takeover of healthcare.

Sarkazein said...

Guy Faulkes-

I am the same, I have never been a cigarette smoker, as they make me green. I do smoke occasional cigars, but cigars are not inhaled, so no green gills, except for Cuban cigars, they make me green even not inhaled.
My parents smoked, all my favorite people in life smoked including all old girlfriends. So cigarette smoke in the air brings back good memories.
Same with cheap perfume, but that's another story.

Sarkazein said...

Joe Biden's snub to Netanyahu as he arrives 90minutes late for dinner in middle of row with Israel over West Bank houses
Last updated at 5:48 PM on 10th March 2010///

Netanyahu should have locked the door and eaten Biden's lunch.