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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Watauga County Republican Men's Club Established

Tonight, the Watauga County Republican Men’s Club was established. Someone may be able to write in and tell me, but perhaps this was a first.

Twenty-four enthusiastic men gathered (many more entered late) to accept the bylaws, connect up with the North Carolina Federation of Men (an organization shooting for all 100 counties), elect officers, and listen to local, state and national candidates.

Something is in the air. Typically, first time candidates reveal their lack of experience, while the more seasoned sound mechanical. Not this crowd! Just as in the Tea Party, local candidates’ messages ring with genuineness and come from their guts. Our country as we know it is under siege and like the Minutemen of old, people are rising up to bring it back. (As mentioned in an earlier post, for the first time in years Republicans have candidates for every local and even for every state office and the candidates are outstanding.)

If any of you are interested in joining the Republican Men’s Club, call 828.719.0738 or email: and ask to be placed on the email list.


Real Life Sarah said...

Yay!! I'm excited about the coming elections!

Johnny Rico said...

I hope we can vote out the liberals. We must be careful not to choose a Republican just because he/she is a Republican. We must look to those with conservative values and the guts to stand for those values. Look at the gutless Aaron Whitener for example. He misled sportsmen in the eastern end of the county of a land trade deal he and V. Foxx cooked up and then turned tail and ran when called on it. We need conservative Republicans, not RINOs like Aaron Whitener. Funny how Whitener and gang are distancing themselves from the land grab now that Kay Hagen is a co-sponser of the Senate bill!!!

Johnny Rico

Liberal POV said...


I think you're the model of what the new Republican Party. You may be that leadership I keep say they don't have.

Johnny Rico said...

Liberal Socialist Sheep POV:

When Virginia Foxx and Aaron Whitener secretly conducted the land grab in Blowing Rock, it was the sportsmen and women of the county who found out about it. When Foxx was called on it, she first tried to ignore the situation (through the slug Aaron Whitener) and then she went totally silent on it. She knows she messed up, but even yet is unwilling to admit it. Foxx needs to go, and Smith from N. Wilkesboro need to go in (he is very pro-gun).

What I find most appalling in all this is the fact that liberals like you were given a free route to hammer Foxx with something plausible as oppossed to the usual whining. Instead, the liberals in this county went as silent as Foxx. Kathyleen McFadden (before she was fired) of The High Country Press refused to report on it at all. Not a peep from the liberals through the whole process because they were oppossed to hunting.

It shows just how off kilter liberals like you really are when it comes to seeing the big picture.

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico

Liberal POV said...


I strongly support hunting and sportsman and believe license fees and habitat preservation groups like duck unlimited are some of the best environmentalist.

I do see these groups different than gun fetish nuts wanting asault weapons and those that would trade their childrens future for the right to own a military style weapon. Please don't give me a lesson the details.

Ms Foxx and Mr Whitener are owned by Banking, Insurance and Tobacco. Ms Foxx is kept in office by fear media drivin issues. The trick is to get those that live poor to vote rich and it has worked.

guy faulkes said...

Liberalproverbs18:2, please inform me of your definition of an assault weapon and how it functions any differently than a hunting gun. Also please refer me to the portion of the Bill of Rights or any of the papers of the founders,that refers to hunting being the reason or for the second amendment.

The second amendment is your God given right to own a weapon with which to defend yourself from a tyrannical government.

You do not want a lesson in the details because you have nothing to support your opinion. You just want to chant La La La La La without being held accountable.