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Saturday, March 6, 2010


Filling the large courtroom with enthusiastic delegates, the Watauga County Republican Party held its Annual Convention Saturday, March 6. After a powerful prayer by Nannett Franklin, we settled down for business, led by Fifth District GOP Party Chair, Dan Barrett.

Fifty-eight delegates were appointed to attend the regional and state conventions. The 5th District Convention is April 17th at the Wilkes County Courthouse and the State Convention is on June 5th in Winston Salem.

In a light moment, Dan appointed burly William Byrd, candidate for Sheriff, to be Sergeant at Arms. Pointing out that in this exciting year, we have candidates for every office, so it would necessitate holding each speaker to one minute. Approximately 17 candidates or a representative spoke, and sure enough, they held the line at one minute. One candidate, a lawyer did comment that he thought it bordered on being criminal to hold a lawyer to a minute.

Pamela W. Blume is the new Chairperson of the Watauga Republican Party. In her comments, she told of how uncomfortable it is to move from behind the scenes to up front. However, that the discomfort is nothing to the discomfort we are all feeling about what is happening to our country. She asked the delegates to remember that and go out and work.

Alex Hage reported that 12 ASU students attended CPAC in Washington D.C. Also, in the news is that for the first time, there is an active Republican club at the high school. The Republican Women are always active, but this year a Republican men’s group is forming.

Candidates who spoke (or their representatives). Jeff Elmore (NC Senate 45); Dan Soucek (NC Senate 45); Jonathan Jordan (NC House 91); Virginia Foxx (U. S. Congress 5); Van Keith Gardner (U. S. Congress 5); Hal Harrison (N.C. Superior Court Judge); Gary Gavenus (N.C. Superior Court Judge); Bill Leavell (NC District Judge); Lowell Younce (Clerk of Superior Court); Wanda Howell (Clerk of Superior Court); William Byrd (Watauga County Sheriff) Nathan Miller (Watauga County Commissioner); Vince Gable (Watauga County Commissioner); David Blust (Watauga County Commissioner); Delora Hodges (Watauga County School Board); Dr. Lee Warren (Watauga County School Board); Jim Smith (Watauga County School Board).

Following are excerpts from some of the resolutions:

Appreciation for Congresswoman Virginia Foxx:
WHEREAS: We wish to thank Congresswoman Virginia Foxx for her years of dedicated service representing the people of North Carolina’s Fifth District and her strong stance against wasteful spending, growing national deficit, corporate bailouts, unreasonable executive bonuses, intrusive Comprehensive Health Care legislation, costly and ineffective Cap & Trade legislation, and liberal indoctrination;
RESOLVED: That the Watauga County Republican Party and the NC Republican Party expresses a heartfelt THANK YOU to Congresswoman Virginia Foxx as she continues to fight for ethical and moral behavior within the U.S. Congress and the people of the Fifth Congressional District of North Carolina.

NC Dept of Public Instruction Curriculum:

WHEREAS: The curriculum proposal would require that the teaching of U.S. History for two years at the high school level would incorporate only the reconstruction period from 1877 through present day history:
RESOLVED: That the Watauga County Republican Party requests that the N. C. Department of Public Instruction finalize its curriculum proposal such that the high schools of NC will have a complete teaching of U. S. History from pre-colonial times to present day.

10th Amendment Protection Protection Against Federally Mandated Health Care
WHEREAS There are many federal government mandates in both the House and Senate written Health Care bills which are in direct violation of th 10th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States,
RESOLVED: That the Watauga County Republican Party supports the proposed “Health Care Protection Act” which the Republican leadership in the NC General Assembly is introducing to protect the 10th Amendment rights of NC citizens.

There were additional resolutions that, when time permits, will be included at a later date.

Thanks were extended to Aaron Whitener outgoing Chair. Above all was the feeling that this year, Americans want back those with pride in our country, and the values of the founders of this great nation. As Rep. Virginia Foxx was expressing her gratitude for the people of the 5th District who represent so much of what is good about America, she was overcome with emotion.

Isn’t this a great place to live, or what!


BikerBard said...

Bravo, bravo! Encore, encore! Virginia Foxx- bsstion of decency (if you forget that tar baby stuff), fighter for the weak (if you forget her Matt Shepard moment- awkward)holder of the tight purse strings (let's forget that whole Tea Pot Museum fiasco) defender of farmers and small (don't read her own votes here) and against any illegal aliens (unless they planted her trees or spread her mulch for Grandfather Nursery.)

Rep. Foxx- Hypocrate Extraordinaire

Just me, again. said...

That's "bastion, not bsstion. Typo.

Blogger said...

BB If that reaction is the best you have, get ready to be run over top of come November.

Liberal POV said...


"Fired Up" Isn't that an Obama slogan?

Sarkazein said...

Yes POV, right after he lit his bong.

Liberal POV said...


More invent things to debate, You're the ones following people with drug and alcohol addictions.

guy faulkes said...

Liberalproverbs18:2, has your selective memory blocked Obama's admission of being a drug user?

You hurt your credibility in almost every post.

Liberal POV said...


Obama is addicted to cigarettes and did admit to drug use.

What's your answer to America's Drug Problem?

I happy to see at least the Republicans like Obama's slogan "Fired Up"

Johnny Rico said...

Thank God that liberal socailist sheep pov (notice lower case letters) is back. I knew you were stupid enough to venture back and take another pounding!!!! Great job.

At any rate, Virginia Foxx worked with corrupt Blowing Rock Mayor JB Lawerence to trade 192 acres to the National Park Service in order to end hunting on that land. Liberals like you who hate Foxx never say anything about that. Is that because you agree with what Foxx did or you are glad hunting won't take place? This ought to be interesting!!!

Your ole pal is back!!!

Johnny Rico


Liberal POV said...


I support citizens right to hunt. I think hunting and fishing are high skill levels and can only be successful if the hunter or fisherman understands nature. I see a huge disconnect between environmentalist and hunters.
Both should have the same or very similar objectives.

I don't comment on what I know nothing about and all I know about the land deal is what I've heard on Watauga Conservative which I do not consider a reliable source.

Oh, Johnny in the future when you want to debate me, please don't make up your own stories to debate like spitting on returning Viet Nam Vets and such nonsence. I was in uniform during that period of history and know way more than you.

What you think you know just ain't so.

Sarkazein said...

POV- The fact you were in a National Guard uniform in the Vietnam era, gives you no extra insight.

Liberal POV said...


"POV- The fact you were in a National Guard uniform in the Vietnam era, gives you no extra insight."

Really? Expecting to be activated for six years from 1965 until 1972, on call out for anti war protest?

Oh, I did attend all of my training and summer camps unlike former President Bush.

You seem to be the only other person here that has been in the military. Was it the Air Force?

Blogger said...

Don't forget that Fired Up Watauga County Republicans Met.

guy faulkes said...

I believe that Rico said she served active duty in the regular army. Thus, by your criteria, Liberlaproverbs18:2, she would know more than you.

As for the Watauga County Republican meeting, I would like to know when and where any future meeting would be held. I cannot guarantee I would support all of the Republican candidates, but I probably would most of them. I have to reserve my opinion about Ms. Foxx until I can find out what her opposition thinks of the Blowing Rock Land Trade situation.

I will certainly support Mr. Blust over Mr. Thomas. Mr. Thomas is a proponent of government interference in your lives. His record indicates he is for zoning powers more stringent than do many others that favor zoning. If you do not favor zoning, he is a nightmare.

Sarkazein said...

POV you wrote-"Really? Expecting to be activated for six years from 1965 until 1972, on call out for anti war protest?"

Didn't happen. You did your training, your one weekend a month, and your 2 week summer camp and maybe a couple of call ups by the governor.
But that has nothing to do with my comment. Kerry spent time in the regular Navy and VN. Yet he verbally spit on the returning soldiers and was justly held accountable.
My time in two different branches of the military gives me no special insight on the treatment of VN vets by the public.

guy faulkes said...

As I have said before replying to another of Liberalproverbs18:2's continuously repetitive posts, I have family and friends that suffered this indignity when they returned from Vietnam. This is enough insight for me. I can understnad one of them completely when he told me he was distressed because he killed people in Vietnam for doing less vile things than our liberal friends did to him when he returned.

Liberal POV said...


You must not be as old as you post because you're a true KNOW NOTHING. Posting crap you know nothing about doesn't seem to bother you.

The Vietnam War brought out the worst and the best of Americans serving and those that chose Canada.

When I joined I was as gun ho and conservative as any of you and fully expected to go to Vietnam.

To correct Sark, my National Guard unit had to meet twice a month because we were on alert to activate for the first 2 years.

I bought the whole patriotic communist are coming line of bullshit.

After the students were killed at Kent State as a National Guardsman I someone had fucked up big time. We were trained to never fire point blank on American citizens.

My views change 180 degrees on our involvement in Vietnam.
I could see lies of the right for the first time and those lies continue to this day. I also understand people like Wolf who cannot see these lies as I couldn't.

Guy, you have little understanding of Vietnam a totally unnecessary war.

You don't understand what happened at My Lia

If you watched this video you will see yourself and I hope I would have been among theses that refused. Thankfully I was never put in that position.

By the end of my service I knew it took great courage to refuse to go to Vietnam and go to Canada instead.

Here is a real hero of the Vietnam era.

Mush of my passion here comes from see you ( Guy, Sark, Blogger, HD, and people like Ms Foxx ) made of the same morality as those that took part in the My Lia Massacre. The majority did not take part but the same majority did nothing to stop the massacre.

Find yourself in these videos.

guy faulkes said...

Liberalproverbs18:2. Certainly I understood about Vietnam. I did so much better than you. Your accusation that I did not is both arrogant and insulting. It is typical of a Sunshine Soldier such as yourself. The majority of those that served in the Guard were patriotic Americans. There were a few (as I suspect you were from your subsequent comments) that joined the guard in order to not be drafted.

Congratulations on hijacking another thread. What does Vietnam have to do with the meeting of the Watauga County Republicans?

Sarkazein said...

POV you are, if nothing else, a consistent idiot.

Liberal POV said...


You're consistently morally bankrupt.

guy faulkes said...

This site indicates how textbooks are chosen in North Carolina. The governor appoints the people that make these choices. This is an overlooked criteria that should be considered carefully when making the choice of the person you support for governor.

Reader said...

Blogger, did William get his 1600 signatures? I'm planning on voting for him and Miller as well. Is Gable a repub? We've got a lot of people running this time and I like most of them. Wanda will get my vote against Lowell. I do hope she goes back in. She's doing a good job and I hear the employees are happy with her.

guy faulkes said...

Gable is a Republican. More importantly, he is a good conservative. I believe he is Vice President of the Watauga Gun Club. The only thing I can say bad about him is that he is an attorney. :-)

I also like Howell. It is going to require some thinking on my part to decide between her and Tom Trexler (a Democrat). Both are good people. Both would do a good job.

I can also support William Byrd as long as he does not re-import Shook.

As I said before, one of the most important races will be between Blust and Thomas. If you look at Thomas' record as a member of the Blowing Rock Board of Adjustment, you will be able to determine it is imperative that Blust win.

I have heard good things about Miller, but do not know him. Why do you like him, Reader?

Sarkazein said...

POV wrote-"Sark

You're consistently morally bankrupt."

Yeah, I'll go out and support the murder of pre-born babies, worship a pervert molester like Bill Clinton, support taking hard earned money away from working people and giving it to slackers so they can afford their vices, support Edwards, defend terrorists rights, worship the former bloated alcoholic murder Ted Kennedy, and try to catch up with your definition of morals.

Reader said...

Guy, I think Nathan is an honest person and truly wants to help people. He's a super nice guy and I've used his parents to do work for us in the past. I like Gable too, just didn't know he was republican.

I am so turned off by democrats this past year, I just can't vote for one. I like Tom too, but he's not getting my vote. If his beliefs are anything like one of his family members, I wouldn't touch him with a ten foot pole. By watching our commissioners spending frenzy, we have to get conservative people back in. 50,000 people can't pay for all the dems are wanting. Can't afford to pay for a high school and now they want to build a recreation center? The conservatives are going to get my vote this time and we would all be smart to do that.

guy faulkes said...

Reader, I went to school with Miller's aunt and always thought his dad was the best lawyer in the state. However, his mom always appeared anti-gun to me. I guess none of this matters because he is the person running for office. Do you know his feelings on the gun issue? Your endorsement means a lot.

Reader said...

I haven't a clue Guy...maybe Blogger could find out for us.

Anonymous said...

Guy: You state that you have either a family member or friend who admitted that he "killed people in Vietnam for doing less vile things than our liberal friends did to him when he returned."

I'd be interested to learn just what it was that happened upon his return to spark such a comment. Unless protesters presented a clear and present danger to the life of your buddy or to those around him, I shutter to think of just how low a threshold he set for killing people in Viet Nam.

guy faulkes said...

They spit on him and accused him of war crimes. This was much worse in his mind than the soldiers of another country shooting at him. In his mind these soldiers were doing their duty as he was he. That is a very high standard for killing.

My cousin did not kill this jerk. He merely said that the enemy soldier was a more respectable person than the protester that knew the law would prevent him from getting what he deserved (a good ass kicking).

It is not surprising that one such as you fails to understand that one can respect his enemy and despise a cowardly traitor that physically disrespects his country's troops.

There is nothing wrong with protesting your country's involvement in a war. There is plenty wrong with spitting on our troops.

This leads to another issue. Liberproverbs198;2 has long been a supporter of terrorists, and a traitor. I am having a hard time deciding if he is possibly evolving into a contemporary of this person or is just a kindred spirit.

Liberal POV said...


"This leads to another issue. Liberproverbs198;2 has long been a supporter of terrorists, and a traitor."

I'm neither,what your simple Fascist mind can't conceive is because I refuse to be a part of your illegal and immoral mob and condemn your support of human rights abuse and torture as not only un-American but makes you no better than those you want to abuse. There's no difference between your character and those in Al Qaeda both are indifferent to innocent by standers being killed and want to acheive political objective through terror. Americans that stand for justic and oppose human rights abuse and support freedom are the true Americans not you right wing nuts and candiates for the KKK.

Extremist like yourself hopefully will prevent republicans from regaining political power in the near future..

guy faulkes said...

Liberalproverbs18:2, you sound just like Jihad Jane's claims early in her terrorist career. Hummmm????

Liberal POV said...


You sound like little man with few morals and no ethics. If you build homes I pity the poor owners.

You have just proved again you will lie for no reason other than to just lie.

We see you look for mobs to hide within.

guy faulkes said...

Exactly what lie have I told? I said you sound like Jihad Jane. You do.

No wonder you are ashamed in spite of yourself.

Johnny Rico said...

Yes Guy, I served in the Regular Army. The Nasty Guard as they are known amongst professional soldiers, were good as placeholders until they trained up enough to influence the mission at hand. About the only N.G. units ready to go right out of the box were the Special Forces Units who were pretty much on full duty throughout the year anyway.

Liberal Socialist Sheep POV knows nothing and speaks like an idiot. He was busy spitting on soldiers returning from Vietnam.


Johnny Rico

Johnny Rico said...

Liberal Socialist Sheep POV said:

"After the students were killed at Kent State as a National Guardsman I someone had fucked up big time. We were trained to never fire point blank on American citizens."

And nary a word from the fringe left on the Waco massacre. Remember POV, children died at the hands of an out of control Clinton led FBI on that day. They were not protesting, they were not causing a ruckus, the FBI knew they were there, and they were burned to death.

Johnny Rico said...

Reader said:

"I like Tom too, but he's not getting my vote. If his beliefs are anything like one of his family members, I wouldn't touch him with a ten foot pole."

Reader, I am curious about the beliefs of his family members. What beliefs are those. I too have had some weird experiences with him and his family members. Any information you can provide will allow me to achieve some granularity on when and how I decide to campaign against him. Thanks