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Friday, April 9, 2010

Gotta Love Newt!

Newt tells it like it is at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference Leadership Conference in New Orleans.


Johnny Rico said...

Good job Newt. Seeing as how Republican leadership can't seem to get it right or promote a leader, Newt has stepped up to the plate. The Republicans have a dearth of leadership born of years of excess, waste, and apathy. I hope this time around we can vote in far right conservatives and teach ALL politicians a valuable lesson. I also hope some of the RINOs are out of a job and have trouble making ends meet.

Johnny Rico

Reader said...

I do agree with Newt...but I prefer the party goes back to true conservative values. I'm not for extremism in any party nor do I wish ill will on anyone.

Obama does think this is "his" nation and "his" alone. The liberals are jumping off the cliff, by resigning, which is the easy way out. How many more will jump ship before elections?

guy faulkes said...

Unfortunately both Rico and Reader are right. This is because what was once considered moderate is today considered far right. We have let the country move to the left much to far. We need to get back to the middle which many consider far right today. Fortunately, all we have to so is follow the Constitution nationally. It is locally that we have to start.

Johnny Rico said...

Good points Guy

Honest Debate said...

In my opinion Newt is one of the biggest thinkers out there. He also understands history and politics. His main drawback is that he is a Washington insider.

He was demonized so badly that half the country thinks he's damaged goods. Palin is going through the same thing now. I'm sick of the left telling us who is and isn't viable.