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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Support Virginia Foxx Because She Always Votes the Way I Would If I Were in That Office

“I support Virginia Foxx because she always votes the way I would if I were in that office,” so declared the president of the Republican Women’s Club. Rep. Foxx was the guest speaker today before a joint gathering of the Republican Women’s and the Republican Men’s Clubs at the Golden Corral in Boone.

Speaking to a packed audience, she both educated and listened. Foxx alerted us to the game plan published by the Democrats to make the election about Bush again. That should be interesting in that job losses began from the time Democrats took power in 2007.

Foxx said we should also be concentrating on state offices. Democrats have held power in North Carolina, all but four years, since 1880. She pointed out that if the apportioning map were an honest one, there would be at least 73 Republican counties and 32 Democrat. And if the map were fair, there would be nine Republican members in Congress and five Democrats.

Besides apportionment, the spending by North Carolina Democrats has become unsustainable.

Pointing out that John Boehner, Minority Leader of the House is a true conservative, even to the point of telling his people not to expect him to take earmarks, she encouraged us to get behind a new breed of Republicans in Washington.

Rep. Foxx talked of Republican plans to repeal Obamacare. Two members voiced their concern over Republicans’ use of the word “repeal”. One member said: “We know that you cannot repeal the bill because Obama can veto anything you do. To promise repeal thus is an empty promise and Americans are sick of those." Another speaker agreed and hoped Foxx would advise the leadership to stop using the shotgun word of repeal and start getting specific about what can and needs to be replaced and what people might want to keep.

One member said that Gingrich had pointed out yesterday that Republicans could promise to not fund parts that are abhorrent to the majority of people. That is a promise doable and believable. (One right-away example is to promise not to fund the 16,000 IRS agents.)

Foxx agreed but said they still wanted to present an entirely new bill that the president would then have to go on record as opposing a good bill.

Anyway, we could discern that Representative Foxx was hearing us. When you know your congressperson is taking in what you are saying, you begin to feel you matter.

Foxx also said she would attend The Tea Party in Ashe County APRIL 24TH at the CIVIC CENTER, pointing out that she goes when invited. At the same time she honors the Tea Partiers who want to keep their organization separate from Republicans. The two groups share the same angst over the run away spending and government takeovers. At the same time, each group has it’s unique interests.

The Tea Party caravan will leave from the Kmart parking lot in Boone at 11:30 a.m. Saturday, April 24.

One other member said she had heard that the attorney general of North Carolina was planning to join the other states attorney generals in the test of the constitutionality of Obamacare. The member said that when she called his office, the assistant there did not deny it nor confirm. Foxx said that Attorney General Roy Cooper is a smart, nice man and even somewhat conservative. However, he was such a party man that it would take something like a powerful poll of the people to make him buck his party.


Blogger said...

If you wonder why this is posted twice, you will note one of them has commenting blocked. The reason for this is that I want one of them to have for people to link without having to read a bunch of comments irrelevant to this post. The post alone is of specific interest to a lot of people without any comments.

Liberal POV said...


Like you, Guy, Johnny, HD Ms Foxx represents the current as the stereotype it seem to deteriorated to.

The new republicans have No Plan, No vision, are mean sprited, cold hearted, without justice, ethics, or compassion but plenty of greed, hypocrisy and corruption.

The Tea Party movement is just a mob witout leadership or direction, insited by the fear media.

I'm sure you could find these folks in church on Sunday as they have plenty to be guilty about.

Blogger said...

POV, every time you write “Republicans have no plan,” my psychologist antenna goes up. Several of the tests we give look for neurological gaps in the brain which cause gaps in perception. You have probably been presented at least 100 times on this blog, the same stimuli, i.e., Republican plans. Yet each time you repeat “Republicans have no plans.” Sometimes I wonder if I placed a statement of a Republican plan in front of you and as a psychologist said “What do you perceive?” You would respond, “a blank space.”

Liberal POV said...


I've searched the current post and these are the only places I see the word plan or suggestions of a plan used. Did I miss something?

The Republican plan seems to be to go backwards, turn the clocks to the fiction of Mayberry when reality was a segregated South and McCarthyism.

"Rep. Foxx talked of Republican plans to repeal Obamacare"

"Republicans could promise to not fund parts that are abhorrent to the majority of people. That is a promise doable and believable. (One right-away example is to promise not to fund the 16,000 IRS agents.)"

BikerBard said...

Foxx and the Rethugs have offered nothing to move us forward. She is only a roadblock. When you say "No" to everything, you stand for nothing.

Johnny Rico said...

Foxx doesn't seem so conservative to many voters in the Blowing Rock area after she misled local sportspersons in regards to the now infamous Blowing Rock Land Grab. Virginia Foxx was approached by several outdoor enthusiasts wanting a voice in the land grab. Foxx and Aaron Whitener ignored the taxpayers and instead worked behind the scenes with the Town of Blowing Rock to trade 192 acres to the Natl Park Service. Something Foxx doesn't want known to the electorate is the fact that a town councilwoman owns a 1.3 million dollar home overlooking the 192 acres! This councilwoman wanted to ensure HER home and its precious view was protected, even if it meant buying the half million dollar parcel with hard earned taxpayer money without even knowing if it could indeed be traded to the Park Service! Quite a risk to take with taxpayer money isn't it? And Foxx supports politicians like this?

To add injury to insult, Foxx and the Town of Blowing Rock negotiated to send the Blowing Rock Town Manager to testify in front of Congress as to why the Land Trade was good for Blowing Rock. Foxx didn't notify interested sportspersons until 5:00PM the day before - far too late for them to have a voice. When Whitener was called on this obvious dereliction of public trust, he declared that he was no longer handling the issue and to call Foxx's DC office with any questions!!!!

Foxx represents government for the government by the government - not government for the people by the people.

She reminds me more and more of Liberal Socialist Sheep POV and his saviour - Hussein Obama.

Jeff Smith, Independent from N. Wilkesboro is a better fit than big government Foxx!!!

Johnny Rico

Johnny Rico said...

When the liberal socialist sheep (POV and Cheerleader) learned of Foxx's deception, they mysteriously went silent and wouldn't comment on the situation. Is this because they are against hunting or because they actually like the big government part of the deal? LOL!!!

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico

No Compromise said...

If the Dems. were serious about replacing Foxx, they would run somebody who actually had a bat's chance in hell of beating her. Billy Kennedy? Who the hell is he? Never heard of him, and I live in Watauga County! I think the Dems. actually want Foxx in office, so that they will have something to whine about.

RT Sender said...

How many times have you heard that ignorance of the law is no excuse? Yet, each year, Congress passes over 75,000 new regulations. We know now that they don't even bother to read them and as in the healthcare law, Congress makes itself exempt. In addition, we are also responsinle for complying with state, county and municipal regulations, old and new. On the TV news, I have seen one Democratic Congressman state flatly that he does not care about the Constitution. I saw another comment on controlling the people. Another is concerned about islands tipping over. Congress has spent our grandchildren into debt and shows little sign of slowing down. We have a President that wants us to shut up while "he cleans up the mess". Forget the 1st Amendment and your right of free speech and redressing grievances. The average government worker makes a third more on his paycheck than the average private sector employee. The straws keep adding on to the camel's back. I think I know why the Tea Party movement exists and the GOP would do well to listen. Look at the scorn that the liberals have for the very people they are robbing and the direction that Republican Congressional candidates need to go becomes clear.

Reader said...

Very well said, RT. They don't have long to come up with a plan.

guy faulkes said...

Blogger, Liberalproverbs18:2's problem is not that he does not understand there are many plans on the issues by Republicans (conservatives). His problem is that he understands that these plans are from Republicans (conservatives). With this being the case, he has to oppose them out of religious convictions.

To illustrate this point, I once posted several opinions on Watauga Watch under another name. The majority of the the people there agreed with these opinions, at least in part. This even included BB.

These people do not have the ability to give any credit to a plan by someone that is in opposition to their ideology in any way. MikeD is a prime example. He is conservative in many ways, but also supports liberal ideas, at least in limited ways. They give him no credit for these actions, although he is what comes to mind when I think of a moderate. They have branded him a conservative (for which he should thank them. :-) )

While I agree Foxx is very conservative in most instances, I also agree with Rico that she did drop the ball in a major way concerning the land trade in Blowing Rock. It would have been better if she had admitted she made a mistake by not asking the land be traded as a Federal Recreation Area instead of trying to hide her actions and run from them. Emulating Liberalproverbs18:2, by running from questions is never a good idea.

Speaking of the questions, Liberalproverbs18:2, how about some answers?

Anonymous said...

Blogger: Were you "in that office," I trust you would, unlike Ms. Foxx, actually have the moxy, independence, intelligence and drive to introduce an occassional piece of significant legislation and not just serve as a rubber stamp "no." As much as I constantly disagreed with his position on nearly every subject, I could at least respect Jesse Helms for having a mind of his own and for presenting legislation. Sadly, it appears that Virginia is either incapable or unwilling to do anything but blindly tow the party line without offering anything of substance.

Anonymous said...

BTW, I readily admit there are many rubber stampers on the other side of the aisle, as well. They're just not people whom I hold in high regard or proudly vote to re-elect.

guy faulkes said...

I find your reasoning interesting, Anonymous. In my opinion, Ms. Foxx is rather more conservative than the run of the mill Republican. She has co-sponsored several conservative bills. Maybe you cannot believe that this is different than saying "no" as you do not believe in dissenting ideas.

It is for this reason that I find her conduct in the Blowing Rock Land Trade so inexplicable.

Johnny Rico said...

Virginia Foxx did not represent well in Watauga County when she proposed a bill to end hunting on land that had been hunted on since humans were hunting. That coupled with the fact that an outspoken anti-hunting councilwoman owned a house overlooking the land does not sit right with many.

Anonymous said...

Anyone can glom onto a bill as a co-sponsor. I should have been more specific and spoken about her refusal or inability to muster enough originality, ingenuity and drive to actually author some legislation.

To the best of my recall, in all her years in office, she's penned only one bill, and that had something to do with direct paycheck or benefit deposits. At any other time, she seems to have done little more than hop on bandwagons or vote as directed.

Of course I believe in dissenting ideas, Guy, as evidenced in my statement about my respect for Helms. I just can't respect someone who does nothing but mug for the cameras and occassionally shout or vote "me too."

Honest Debate said...

Okay, I'll take the bait Nonny.

What legislation did Obama introduce as Senator?

Also, you are describing Obama here: "I just can't respect someone who does nothing but mug for the cameras and occassionally shout or vote 'me too'."

DavidG said...

It doesn't surprise me that you would support a BITCH like her I have called her local office numerous times to try to make an appointment to see her and every time I do she is "unavailable at this time to speak to one of her constiuents" she'll make herself available to business groups but never to individual voters like me.

Honest Debate said...

How many DavidGs does it take to change a light bulb?

Just one. He holds it up and waits for the world to revolve around him.

Johnny Rico said...

David G,

And what were the issue you wanted to address with her. Enlighten us please.

Sarkazein said...

DavidG wanted to complain about how long it took him and his lawyer to screw the rest of us out of his disability money.
Assuming it is the same David G.

Blogger said...

“Anyone can glom onto a bill as a co-sponsor. I should have been more specific and spoken about her refusal or inability to muster enough originality, ingenuity and drive to actually author some legislation.”

Where have you been Anonymous? As a Freshman Congresswoman, Foxx did something rarely seen in Congress. She was the first freshman legislator in her class to get a substantive bill passed. Her bill, called the HERO Act, allows military service members to put non-taxable combat pay in retirement accounts. I became a fan of hers when I use to represent the disabled in Raleigh. She always had time for me and treated me with great respect. Foxx was known as one of the hardest workers in the General Assembly. She still has that reputation in Washington. And DavidG, I have never known her not to respond to me, many times in a matter of minutes.

guy faulkes said...

I never had any problems with immediate contact with Ms. Foxx until I tried to find out about the land trade. It was as if I was dealing with a different office and different people. I received very little response and that I did receive was conflicting. On every other issue, she even called me back personally.