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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Inheritance (part 3 of 3)

Barack Hussein Obama

All through the 2008 Presidential campaign we heard from Obama that the economy was as bad as it's been since the "Great Depression". It is now but it wasn't then. It didn't have to be. We've to linked this graphic more than once. Obama pledged to cut the deficit in half by 2013 and the graph shows how he will do it. He quadruples the debt first, simple. You will also notice that in 2013 (Obama's best deficit year) the deficit dwarfs Bush's worst year by hundreds of billions of dollars.

For this edition of our discussion I'll lump Congress and the President together, They have worked in tandem with virtually no votes from Republicans. What have they done? The health care industry, the insurance industry, the auto industry, the insurance industry and the banking industry have all had large segments of their business taken over by government. This has not helped the economy. The latest CBO numbers put to rest the lie that health care reform is deficit neutral, we knew that already and there is more enlightenment to come. The massive stimulus package did not work. With the looming expiration of the Bush tax cuts, the promise of more tax hikes and no end in sight on the reckless spending the job market has gotten steadily worse. The stock market has become incredibly volatile. States have no money. Social Security has no money, Medicare/Medicaid have no money. We've printed all the money we can. We've borrowed more. China owns us. Europe's economy is crumbling led by Greece. America is no longer able to lead them back. Obama pushed hard for the EU to approve a trillion dollar bailout. More of the same failed policy. It's not working.

What happened independently and completely out of the control of the Barack Obama and Congress that affected the economy one way or the other? They did inherit a recession. They have not fixed it and blaming Bush is beginning to loose it's credibility. Obviously, the deficit is in part culpable but Senator Obama shares the blame. Look at the graphic again. Notice the deficit was declining from 2004 (the thick of the wars) until 2007. Obama's Democrat Congress was sworn in January 2007 and the deficit went crazy. It's also of note that this graphic properly splits TARP.

The problem with the economy is Obama's agenda, a willing majority in Congress, a strategy of division, a search for any crisis to exploit and a desire to fundamentally transform America.


Wolf's Head said...

Like FDR, Obama is creating a deeper depression with his fiscal policies, and growing gov't to unprecedented size.

The left is trying their best to put as many of their policies in place before the next election, but unless the Republicans severely clean house the dems may not have much to worry about.

Johnny Rico said...

Wolf's Head you are right. The Conservatives had better put a bunch in office to repeal much of what has been implemented under Hussein Obama. If this doesn't happen, then, like you say, the fringe left will have done what they set out to do - transform American into something that is not America.

bridle said...

You do have a short memory. As Bush was Physically leaving the White House (having mentally checked out years before) he left an economy on the brink of complete meltdown.
The response of the typical Republican such as Burr, was similar to that of rats leaving the sinking ship. You may remember his idea was to pull out all of his money from the banks before they all went under.
I remember hearing a lot about the Obama stock market crash in the weeks after he took office. If he got blamed for a recession he didn't cause, and a crash that occurred weeks after he took office, how come you don't give him credit for the recovery and the fact that our economy is growing again?

BikerBard said...

Selective memory and a complete lack of honesty account for most posts here.

Hey, how about that news that the taxes in the US are at their lowest point in 60 years! Obama gets no credit for that, too.

Sarkazein said...

Don't you love it, Obama said today to STOP THE FINGER POINTING! That's all he's done since he got in Office.

Honest Debate said...


An opinion piece from New Zealand? Awesome.

After a gratuitous dig you resort to the premise that I spent three threads thoroughly thumping (for BB). Your article is describing the banking crisis and TARP. There are specific reasons for the banking crisis and they can't all be laid at the feet of GWB.

As to Obama, how do you get "...he got blamed for a recession he didn't cause, and a crash that occurred weeks after he took office..."? I didn't blame him for causing it, I blamed him for making it worse. Why should I give him credit?

bridle said...

HD - What exactly are you disputing in that "opinion" article? Are you disputing the fact that our entire financial system was on the brink of collapse? I can pull up some other video to remind you if you really can't remember that far back.
And how do you call going from brink of collapse to a recovery, "making things worse" ? Have you not seen this graph yet?
Granted, we are not on the road entirely, but we were pretty much dangling over the cliff when Obama took office. Please live up to your moniker and give me an honest answer to these questions. What economic signals would you need to see before you would give Obama credit for turning around a bad economy? What time frame would you consider realistic for these signals to occur?

bridle said...

Wolf's Head - You have a problem with government of an unprecedented size, but please explain how a large country with an enormously complex economy and social structure can possibly function without a strong central government? It's like expecting a large animal to function without a brain (OK, you seem to manage that, but there are always exceptions). Can you name a successful country or empire that has ever existed without a strong central government? Have you thought about moving to Somalia? They pretty much have the kind of government you so-called "conservatives" love to tout.

Johnny Rico said...

A capitalist society doesn't need a strong central government you idiots. What has the government run well? Post Office? FEMA? What? The economy is still on the brink of collapse with the only difference being that your grandkids will be paying for it!! The "recovering economy" is a catch phrase used to coincide with the November elections. Jobless claims up and unemployment rate unchanged and we are in a recovery? Come again? Where do the jobs come from when you have shipped them all overseas due to liberal unions and fringe left regulations? They won't come back. This is the Democrats fault, and Obama is the focal point of all the rage as he should be. Had Bush stayed in office, he would have let capitalism sort it out. No more GM? Great - they made trash anyway or else they wouldn't have gone out of business!!! Hard for amoeba like idiots like you to understand, but painfully true.

Conservatives have solutions, not fear pandering excused that serve only to increase government control in the personal lives of Americans!! The AZ immigration law is a prime solution brought to you by progressive conservatives. What was your solution Unbridled Idiot, Lemming POV, Mike D (ummy) and the other liberal socialist trogyldytes? Give them all citizenship perhaps? More welfare for criminals (illegal aliens)?

November is coming! November is coming!!! Hopefully we won't see the likes of McCain, Foxx, Burr, Boxer, Specter and the other fence sitters who do nothing but suck our country dry (Like Honest Dummy, Fluffer POV, Unbrideled Idiot and cheerleader tricycle lard).


This ought to be interesting!!!

Your ole pal


Johnny Rico

PS I won

Blogger said...

Bridle post two posts and each one steps on the other. Now Biker Barb gives a link that totally contradicts his point.
"how about that news that the taxes in the US are at their lowest"

The other side appears to be losing it.

bridle said...

What has the government done well? 1)Social Security -incredibly successful for 75 years and reduced poverty among senior citizens from over 50% to less than 10%.
2.The US military - when mobilized and fighting in a just war, unmatched in the world.
3. Veterans Administration health care system - The best in the nation.
4. The TVA - our nation's first and largest regional planning agency. Spectacularly successful in bringing power and employment that benefits the south even today.
5. The Manhattan Project - Developed nuclear power from an equation to reality and won the war.
6. Elimination of a disease that once devastated civilizations - The US government along with the WHO eradicated smallpox and saved countless lives.
7. Placing a human being on the moon - developing space technology that allows us to use satellites for business and communications across the planet.
8. US Government engineers built the Panama canal and discovered how to control malaria and yellow fever, which has saved countless lives.
9. Sequenced the human genome which will transform the practice of medicine.
10. Medicare - If you think it's not a good program, try taking it away from Senior Citizens. Even the most rabid teapartiers will rip you apart.
Oh my, I am getting tired of listing all the amazing achievements of the US government.
You really should take a basic history course Johnny Boy.
And by the way - The Post Office is a fantastic deal. It's the cheapest most convenient way to mail stuff and I use it all the time. They even come to my house every day!
What have you got against the Post Office?

Honest Debate said...


I just though the source you choose was unusual, that's all.

The banking crisis was bad, yes. What caused it? Democrat policies. Even if you accept your theory of the repeal of Glass-Stiegel (which I don't) it was Bill Clinton that signed it into law. I happen to think TARP was necessary. Many believe it wasn't. The economy corrects itself all by itself if left alone. Obama's policies have retarded that correction. We can argue TARP but not the useless stimulus bill.

It's way more complicated than, "Bush killed the economy".

bridle said...

HD - The economy corrects itself if you leave it alone????

Talk about wishful thinking! Do you also believe in the tooth fairy? An economic crisis might correct in 100 years or after a violent upheaval or it might touch off a revolution that ends the country all together!
The Great Depression devastated so many families for so long. I grew up hearing about its tragic effect on the entire world. And contrary to the current spin by "conservatives" Roosevelt saved so many families from absolute desperation with his courageous use of progressive policy.

Have you ever heard of the French Revolution? The collapse of the German economy that sparked WW2? The collapse of the Mexican economy in 1994? The collapse of the Argentine economy in 2000?
Economies can and do collapse even in today's world. Incompetence, corruption, and greed will guarantee economic crises, if there is insufficient government regulation.
We can make a valid comparison of a society with a living organism. Both require energy and resources, create waste, grow and reproduce, and must respond to environmental challenges. The larger and more complex an organism is, the larger its brain must grow. As societies and economies become larger and more complex, we need more carefully regulated systems in place to maintain balance.

The idea that there is some mythical free market that will always maintain itself in harmonious balance is magical thinking of the most idiotic and dangerous kind.

Sarkazein said...

Social Security has to be sued for deserving people like David Gross to get their beeneefeets, it is broke, it has wobbled so far off its original orbit it is unrecognizable. A Blue Ribbon Panel has to be empaneled every few years just to take the attention off the politicians having screwed it up so bad.
Ah yes, the sign of liberal success.

Medicare has doctors running for cover, and its going broke.

The Post Office... successful?

Honest Debate said...


So you completely dismiss the idea of an economy correcting itself? Do you believe in the tooth fairy? The banking crisis may well have brought down the economy, it is not known. That's one thing. The stimulus bill, health care and the refusal to make permanent the Bush tax cuts have all prevented the economy from correcting itself.

Sarkazein said...

Add to that H.D. the uncertainty of the economic/political direction of the country has caused people (corporations) reluctance in expanding their businesses and inventories. This uncertainty is absolutely Obama's/Democrat's fault. This is slowing down recovery and turning it from the standard recession to an extended world spreading historic recession.

bridle said...

Hmmm...the mission of the Post Office is to provide a system of universal postal services at affordable prices.

I can send and receive a letter clear across the country in less time than it would take me to drive. And they bring it to my doorstep. All for less than 50 cents.

How is that not a success?

Seriously, what is your beef with the Post Office?

bridle said...

Sark - Where do you get that this was a standard recession before Obama took office?

Remember, our senator was in a panic pulling all of his money out of the banks before everything went under?

Have you really forgotten this?

bridle said...

HD- I believe that your world view absolutely prevents you from ever changing your mind, no matter what evidence confronts you. You believe that anything a Democrat does is by definition bad and wrong.
If this is not the case, if you are not totally blinded by ideology, please tell me what economic signals would you need to see before you would give Obama credit for turning around a bad economy? What time frame would you consider realistic for these signals to occur?

Honest Debate said...


See, this is what bugs me. I spent three threads giving what I believe to be an honest review of the circumstances that affected the economy one way or the other over the past 17+ years. You don't dispute what I said just the conclusion I reach. The best you can conclude is that I hate Democrats. I realize we don't agree on issues but I would hope by now you would know that I have a basis other that blindness for my opinions.

Now to answer your question, I'd like tho see an end to the recession for one thing. That would require two consecutive quarters of growth as measured by the GDP although they keep changing the definition. To this point economist are not saying it's over. I'd like to see unemployment go down instead of up. 9.9% is up from 9.7% and is not good news despite the lame spin. I'd like to see more revenue coming into the government coffers instead of record lows. I like to see confidence replace volatility in the stock market. That would be a start.

The best Obama and his sheep have been able to say is "it could have been worse". Well, it could have been better.

Blogger said...

Bridle. I have a great advantage on you. As a kid, I was once a raving liberal like you. I risked my life in Mississippi during the segregation sit-ins. I risked my job and almost was arrested during the March on Washington protesting the war. I think I may have hired, if not the first, one of the first blacks to teach in an all white faculty southern university. I served in the Peace Corps. I could go on and on, but I won’t.

Then I grew up and like all grown ups, I am a conservative. (You know the old saying: “If you are a youth and not a liberal, you have no heart and if you are mature and are not a conservative, you have no head.”) I am a living example. I am not blinded by ideology. Where you are, I have been there, done that. Where I am, you can’t say that. So yes, you would be wasting your time trying to change me.

Blogger said...

“what economic signals would you need to see before you would give Obama credit for turning around a bad economy.” Bridle, the problem is that we will never know if the economy might have turned around by itself , like it always has. And, obviously there is no way we can ever know.

What we do know without a shred of doubt, is that the so-called stimulus act has thrown us into a trillion dollars more of debt. We also know that because of this debt, we probably have lost our credit rating around the world. We also know that the stimulus cost us from $150,000 to $500,000 per job (depending on whose estimates you accept. We also know that if a really well thought out and targeted program were to be devised, it is too late. We could never find the money to pay for it. Obama has screwed us big time.

Blogger said...

I could add to my last post, that we also know that a large number of the new jobs were government jobs. States and municipalities, facing real financial crunches, will not be able to sustain most of those jobs when the so-called stimulus money runs out. As to Federal jobs, they face both a financial shortage as well as the possibility that down the road a more fiscally responsible congress will be elected. Bottom line–a lot of the jobs will go bye-bye.

P.S. I blame Obama, but we also know that he outsourced the job to some very sorry characters. But: Obey is gone. Dodd is gone. Reid will be gone. Things are looking up.

bridle said...

Blogger - So what I'm hearing you say is that Obama will certainly get blame for creating jobs that don't meet your specifications, for any thing that goes wrong in the economy, and for anything that goes wrong period. But there is no scenario in which you would allow that he deserves credit for any of the good things that happen. Is that correct?

bridle said...

Blogger - So what I'm hearing you say is that Obama will certainly get blame for creating jobs that don't meet your specifications, for any thing that goes wrong in the economy, and for anything that goes wrong period. But there is no scenario in which you would allow that he deserves credit for any of the good things that may happen. Is that correct?
If by this time next year, we are still creating jobs, and the economy is still growing, and the debt is slowing its rate of increase, and our credit is improving - even then you would not admit that Obama has done well?
Remember - Dick Cheney told us all that "Reagan proved that deficits don't matter."

Blogger said...

Bridle: "But there is no scenario in which you would allow that he deserves credit for any of the good things that happen."

I don't know the answer to that because everything he has done so far has been wrong. He was not ready for prime time.

I have praised him for the drones. Drones are so uncharacteristic of his personality and he is catching a lot of flack from his left. Therefore, I am willing to believe that he wants to protect the lives of our troops and not send them into danger if he does not have to. Clinton in Bosnia also liked to fight at high altitudes to protect our pilots.

Sarkazein said...

Bridle asks-"Sark - Where do you get that this was a standard recession before Obama took office?"

All recessions have their different triggers, but they are still recessions. All usually correct in a reasonable time. Obama is trying to CHANGE America, the CHANGE may be that we no longer recover from recessions.

Sarkazein said...

"Bailout or no bailout, the U.S. stock market can't escape the economic pain sweeping the rest of the world"- from Bridle's link

What's your point? Most conservatives are against bailouts. If you are saying government interference through the bailout might have prolonged the recession, you might be right. If you are saying the government needs to interfere with more mandates and bailouts, as they have done, then that wouldn't make any sense would it?

Honest Debate said...


I can't say it better than Blogger. I'm not as experienced in life as he but I've also been there and done that as far as Liberalism goes.

I can't for the life of me figure out where you get your opinions of us. Maybe this is what you are trying so hard to get us to say:

I believe he wants debt. I think he wants America to loose its credit rating and be knocked down a few notches. I believe he is not comfortable leading a superpower. I believe he wants a VAT tax and the debt will be the excuse. I think he wants there to be a bigger government than private sector.

I hope he fails.

bridle said...

Blogger - I have vivid recollections of hearing my parents talk about the Depression, World War 2, the McCarthy era. Their recollections included stories of slavery,lynchings, the civil war,and a way of life that has gone by forever. My memories include Jim Crow, Vietnam, and the social upheavals of the 60's, including fallout shelters, and hiding under our desks in nuclear bomb drills (!!!). What I take from these memories and stories is that societies change, always, but human nature does not.There will always be people who profit from war, and send other people's children to die in them.
There will always be those who perpetuate injustice, who justify their privilege and the oppression of others. And the ultimate cost of social inequity is terrible for everyone in the long run.
But you interest me Blogger with your history. Are you saying you were wrong to protest the injustice? That you wouldn't do all that again if you had the chance?

Honest Debate said...

To protest injustice there must be injustice. That little fact matters. Ideology trumps truth for many.

The Tea Party is protesting injustice.

Sarkazein said...

Bridle wrote-" I have vivid recollections of hearing my parents talk about the Depression, World War 2, the McCarthy era. Their recollections included stories of slavery,lynchings, the civil war,and a way of life that has gone by forever.."

There could be a Guinness record here. Bridle's parents were somewhere around 150 when Bridle was born. I remember FDR and the Emancipation Proclamation after WW2 (the war between the states).

Honest Debate said...


There's a little tavern in Blowing Rock called "Canyons". When the Iraq war started someone wrote on the bathroom wall: "Visualize world peace". Someone else wrote underneath: "Fake hippies make me sick". I think there is a big faction that pine for the day and want very badly to draw parallels when there are very few.

Blogger said...

Bridle, you asked: “Are you saying you were wrong to protest the injustice? That you wouldn't do all that again if you had the chance?” Over the years as a psychotherapist, I learned that much of what is done for people is counterproductive and disempowering. When I was in the Peace Corps we learned to help people define their goals and then help them find resources to reach their goals themselves. I believe that is a good model for helping people–the old adage, not provide a fish, but teach to fish.

The big turning point though for me was my Damascus Road experience–a direct encounter with a powerful God. Like St. Paul, I was literally knocked to the ground by a supernatural power. That experience of power was instantly internalized. From that day on, I knew it was best that people be empowered by God and to know that together with Him nothing is impossible.

You asked. That’s the skinny.

guy faulkes said...

Blogger, there is indeed the earthly side to your experience and your point. It is exactly the old adage about how it is superior to teach an man to fish (support yourself) than to give him a fish (live off entitlements).

How can any even moderately intelligent person fail to recognize this fact?

The same thing is true about giving your children to much. If they do not earn what they have, they do not value it.

This is true materially, philosophically, and politically.

Thank you fro your reasoned response.

Sarkazein said...

Texas doctors opting out of Medicare at alarming rate
May 17, 2010, 11:02PM

Eric Kayne For the Chronicle
Houston retiree Kathy Sweeney has trouble finding specialists who take new Medicare patients and is worried about the possibility she one day could lose her regular doctor.

Texas doctors are opting out of Medicare at alarming rates, frustrated by reimbursement cuts they say make participation in government-funded care of seniors unaffordable.
Two years after a survey found nearly half of Texas doctors weren't taking some new Medicare patients, new data shows 100 to 200 a year are now ending all involvement with the program. Before 2007, the number of doctors opting out averaged less than a handful a year.
“This new data shows the Medicare system is beginning to implode,” said Dr. Susan Bailey, president of the Texas Medical Association. “If Congress doesn't fix Medicare soon, there'll be more and more doctors dropping out and Congress' promise to provide medical care to seniors will be broken.”///

More liberal signs of success.