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Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Message For The Liberals At Watauga Watch

I had my little fling, now I'm done. Many commenters refer to Watauga Watch so I finally got around to checking them out a few weeks ago. The comment moderation is cumbersome and the filtering of opinion is not honest. I responded, politely and on-topic to BikerBard but did not get through the filter while other supporting post did. This morning I went back and the moderation had been disabled. I pointed out, politely and on-topic, glaring disinformation. "Bridle" took exception to something I said and when I replied the comment moderation was back on. I don't know if my comment will get through the filter and frankly don't care. It's a waste of time. It's their right, it's their blog but the arguments and positions can be defeated easily. They have to cheat to appear correct. It's propaganda.

My message: Liberals are welcome here. You will not be filtered but you will be challenged. We are mostly very respectful here and eager to discuss the issues of the day from all sides. Maybe you don't realize that common sense, polite rebuttals are not getting through. Don't be fooled into thinking absence of honest debate means you are scoring points. It's self-delusion. This is the place to be.


oatz said...

Watauga Watch is the supermarket tabloid for the Liberal to the extreme. JW is bitter that his "fellows" at ASU denied him tenure.

Sarkazein said...

I went over there too after seeing it mentioned. I didn't get filtered, I don't think, but Biker Bard wrote that I didn't belong there and to go a way.

Honest Debate said...

They did finally post my response to Bridle but I'm not going back as long as the comment moderation is enabled... or ever, whichever comes first.

Bobby Coggins said...

Most Liberal(Progressive) and Lefty Libertarian blogs are ALWAYS about controlling speech.

If you feel you need to answer them, answer them on your blog, then link to what you are commenting upon...that way, you are free to go on as long as you like, even to add supporting photos, video and audio.

You are doing a fine job, keep up the good work!

Cinncinatus said...

I read both blogs regularly. I enjoy both. I think your criticisms are fair.

I think the regular commenters here treat opposing viewpoints more respectfully.

I won't comment on WW (I rarely comment here). The people commenting on Watauga Watch tend to be more degrading and insulting in their responses and they go that route quicker than people do here. Although both blogs at times go there.

This blog does a very good job of representing conservative viewpoints and I appreciate what you do.

guy faulkes said...

I used to post there all the time. The threads have become boring as they are as repetitive as Liberalproverbs18:2. Mr. Williamson posts three threads bashing Ms. Foxx, two bashing religion, two bashing conservatives with personal attacks and then starts over. He has not been allowing anyone to post with disagreeing opinions. As Sark says, even if your post is allowed, mental giants such as BB want you to leave the blog as they are not comfortable actually having a debate. In BB's case, he can't. All he can do is use personal attacks.

The entire blog is a waste of time except that it is amusing to watch them scream "Me too! Me too!" Their mental masturbation is pitiful.

Liberal POV said...


I don't know what's going on at ww but it took several hours for my comments to post.

Don't forget the time you deleted several of my post, but to your credit that has ended.

I try to ignore the more insulting personal attacks aginst me here.

I suggest you go back on WW and try playing my role over there. You could explain how capitalist idealogy is more important than children's education and its the poor's own damn fault for not being well enough to have a job and health insurance. Explain how it was the mill workers fault for their jobs being shipped to Asia because they wouldn't work for $0.25 per hour. Now that they are out of work they should go hungry and without health care.
Explain how BP has a right to risk the entire Gulf stream to make oil profits and your approval of Haliburton writing the safety regulations for oil rigs is what capitalism is al about.
Go share the conservative values with those liberals over there and see if your ideas can stand up with multi attacks in return as I have here.

PS: Please explain Ms Palins leadership skills and world view.

Honest Debate said...

It's good to hear from ya'll Thunder Pig and Cinncinatus. Thanks.

Honest Debate said...


When I deleted your post it had nothing to do with your opinions. It had to do with your hijacking threads from their beginning with whatever agenda suited your fancy and I asked you nicely to stop... twice... and the threshold for tolerance had been reached far before that. I reject any association with the tactics at WW but again, WW is free to run their blog as they see fit. I prefer honest debate.

Wolf's Head said...

Nice to hear from you again Cinncinatus!

Blogger said...

We have all heard of the preacher who would write in the margins of his sermon “Weak point. Shout loud.” Having been a certified liberal myself, I know the liberals’ problem is that in their heart of hearts they find it impossible to sincerely believe, even for themselves, what they try to sell to others. For that reason, they are always shouting loudly.

By the way, on the part of Honest Debate and myself, thanks for the accolades. Also, thanks to all of you who make this blog what it has become.

Nobody said...

I used to post on WW as well -- mostly to annoy Craig Dudley, who I haven't heard from much lately. I really was irritated by his constant letters to the editor at Watauga Democrat, where regular letters attacking conservatives now seem to be the job of Matthew Robinson (if you haven't seen his latest installment, check it out). I haven't been to WW in months until reading this post, and don't like the changes. For lack of a better word, the whole site is snarky. It was a while back and still is. I agree with Guy's summary -- the site is blatantly anti-Foxx, anti-Christian (since you never see attacks on other religions) and anti-conservative.

Blogger said...

Yes, I saw Matt Robinson’s article where he gets all knee wobbly about drones. It was irritating. The other day, I was trying to think if there was anything Obama had done right since taking over our country. All I could think of was the use of drones.

Obama backed himself into this war in Afghanistan because he had attacked Bush over and over about fighting the wrong war. So, once president, he had no choice but to belly up to what he had said was the good war. But to his credit (and it is all he has ever done right), the drones are being very effective. And, as onerous as it is, he is saving lives of our young men and women.

And he has done it in the face of the Matt Robinsons in his base.

Nobody said...

Actually, I was mentioning his most recent letter where he ridicules the Tea Party Movement. It's here:

Infuriating the way he cherry picks his numbers and constantly refers to the tea partiers in quotation marks. The most humorous part is how he signs the letter as an "unaffiliated voter."

Wolf's Head said...

I don't worry any about the Watauga Watch. I occasionally post there just to irritate them but apparently JW is tired of being shown as a petty, obsessed idiot and the 7 or 8 people who regular read and post there are just as worthless.

The fact that JW goes to such effort and expense to bash Foxx and spout his lunatic drivel to practically no one shows how deranged he truly is.

guy faulkes said...

The thing that amuses me about Robinson is his obsession with his title. I am sorry, but if you can't write a prescription for medicine, you are not a doctor as far as I am concerned. You may be very well educated in a particular field, but you probably know little to nothing in other fields. Also, there are certainly people with equal qualifications in your field of expertise that disagree with your professional opinions.

As that great philosopher Burt Reynolds said in Smokey and the Bandit, how smart you are depends on where you are standing and what you are doing.

The more one demands respect, the less he probably deserves it. Respect is earned, not received as a gift.

Oatz said...

Dr. Robinson was a professor to avoid during the Bush years because all you got during lecture time were his anti-Bush rants. I wonder if he will write letters to the editor explaining to his kids "How Obama has indebted them to the tune of $117,000 for each taxpayer in America"? Although if he keeps only writing for WW and not getting publish he will follow his leader JW in non-tenured status at ASU.

Wolf's Head said...

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Maybe then he and JW could start a club.