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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Obama Threatens to Veto Parts of His Own Health Care Bill!



Blogger said...

Credit: AP) The latest posting from the Treasury Department shows the National Debt has increased over $2 trillion since President Obama took office. The debt now stands at $12.6 trillion.

Liberal POV is pinning his hopes for the 2010 election on the possibility that by November the economy improves and the jobless rate declines.

POV, we won’t have to run on those issues. The number one concern will be the debt which will only get worse by election time. There is nothing between now and November that Obama can do about it. Democrats are screwed.

Sarkazein said...

Blogger- The Democrats will now start telling us how good debt is. Just like the unemployment rate going up is a good sign that more people are back looking for jobs again. They will brag that the debt is the world investing in America under the great leadership of Obama.

Wolf's Head said...

It would be better if Obamao would veto the entire health care bill.

Sarkazein said...

It will be fun to watch Obama blame this on others.

Sarkazein said...

This is what comes with Obama care. THEY have to keep track of everyone from cradle to grave. THEY still don't know how much this will cost.

( - A bill introduced this month in Congress would put the federal and state governments in the business of tracking how fat, or skinny, American children are.

States receiving federal grants provided for in the bill would be required to annually track the Body Mass Index of all children ages 2 through 18. The grant-receiving states would be required to mandate that all health care providers in the state determine the Body Mass Index of all their patients in the 2-to-18 age bracket and then report that information to the state government. The state government, in turn, would be required to report the information to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for analysis.

The Healthy Choices Act--introduced by Rep. Ron Kind (D-Wis.), a member of the House Ways and Means Committee--would establish and fund a wide range of programs and regulations aimed at reducing obesity rates by such means as putting nutritional labels on the front of food products, subsidizing businesses that provide fresh fruits and vegetables, and collecting BMI measurements of patients and counseling those that are overweight or obese.

guy faulkes said...

Blogger is correct. The deficit will be the a principle factor in the election.

The economy and the job situation have no chance of improving enough to make a difference.

The main problems the Democrats have is that they passed health care over the objections of the citizens of this country. People do not like to be told to sit down and shut up by elected officials that are supposed to represent and work for the people. These citizens have a long memory. Many of the culprits are not even going to make it to the general election. They are either being defeated in the primaries or are retiring as they see the writing on the wall.

J. Rico said...

Excellant post Mr. Faulks. I esepcially like what you said about politicians telling the electorate to sit down and shut up. They (we) don't like it. Good post.

Johnny Rico

PS When I say "we" don't like it, I am not talking about lemming POV or Tricycle lard who love it when the nanny state directs, controls and oppresses them.