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Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Debt Generation


guy faulkes said...

That needs to be shown on main stream media. However going viral on the net is pretty good also.

Mike D. said...

Cool video, though I question its honesty. The students claimed to have all voted for Obama. I find this highly unlikely. Were they all old enough to vote in 2008? We all know that college students are notorious for not voting at all. So what made these kids so motivated to participate in the political process? If they are members of the Young Republicans, then how is it that they voted for Obama? And how many kids leave high school as Democrats and turn into Republicans as college students so dramatically that they start wearing collared sweaters and joining the Young Republicans club?

I agree with the message, but to me, a message which begins with an obvious lie loses its power.

If this video goes viral, it will be because the left picks up on those lies and ridicules the video.

NewGuy said...

It's not hard for me to believe that the Young Republicans...who made the video....could find 4 or 5 Obama voters that have matured and gained some sense! Nobody is claiming that this was a random group of students who represent everyone in their generation.

It's a political ad. It's making a point and is designed to influence voters. Of course they are putting people on camera that agree with the position of the film makers.

Geeze, Mike.....You really find it "highly unlikely" that they found a few kids who voted Dem in 08 and won't do it again in '12?

guy faulkes said...

I know a person that works in the field of financial aid at a university. According to this person, the shock of loan repayment obligations coupled with few job opportunities is giving many young people that voted for Obama a reality check.

Also getting a degree in four years is becoming less and less common. There is also graduate school to consider.

It is far from obvious that a person would not have the opportunity to vote in two presidential elections while obtaining a degree.

Also, I would take issue with the statement that college students are notorious for not voting at all/ They were a significant part of Obama's support and are the reason liberals have took over government in the Town of Boone.

Maybe they will wise up.

Mike D. said...


How about this, then:

The first guy who appears in the video appears to be Keith Neely, and he doesn't hide much information on his Facebook profile. Like, he doesn't hide the fact that he graduated from high school in 2009, so he would have been too young to vote for Obama in 2008.

Also, the Facebook page for the Vanderbilt College Republicans has a whole bunch of photo galleries from recent events, and I believe that each and every student in the video who claims to have voted for Obama also appears in one or more photos from recent Vanderbilt College Republican events.

These are what one calls verifiable facts.

NewGuy said...

Lot's of kids graduate High School at age 18...which is the voting age. Not hard fcr me to believe that a kid could be 18 in November of 08 and graduate a few months later in spring of 09.

Also I don't find it difficult to believe that a LOT of Obama voters became Republicans AFTER seeing the mess Obama has made!

Believe what you's of little consequence.

NewGuy said...

Mike...I think you are going a little too far in your conclusions.

I rewatched the video. There are 3 kids who claim to have voted for Obama in 08. If I were a young college Republican wanting to make a political ad - and stay truthful, which is something most political ads don't bother with - I don't think I would have to search very hard to find 3 current Republicans who voted for Obama in 08.

I know you spend your time at ASU and it's probably hard for you to believe that there are SOME college kids - even some college professors - who aren't liberal.

Not at ASU maybe...but we are talking Tennessee here! :)

guy faulkes said...

MikeD, just what did you verify other than they were in college at Vanderbilt and are either Republicans at the present time or leaning that way?

Johnny Rico said...

Mike D.

Wrong again pardner. College students helped propel Hussein Obama to the Presidency. College kids, blacks, and hispanics voted in record numbers in 2008. Therefore, I find the well laid out video highly believable. As a socialist lemming, it surprises me not that you swallow the liberal mantra with little or no effort. Practice makes perfect I guess.

The students in the video never said they were members of Young Republicans - they simply stated they voted for Hussein Obama. Their comments however, were used by the Young Republicans to make a point. Is this contrast too hard for you to understand?

The obvious lie is your supposition; nothing else. Try thinking the truth before you write garbage like this. I knew you weren't any smarter than this but your incompetence begets a thrashing. LOL!

Mike D. said...

"As a socialist lemming, it surprises me not that you swallow the liberal mantra with little or no effort." - Johnny Rico


Actually, I'm the only one here willing to ask questions without swallowing the bait hook, line, and sinker.

"I rewatched the video. There are 3 kids who claim to have voted for Obama in 08." - New Guy

Exactly, New Guy, and all three of them appear in Facebook photos of Vanderbilt College Republican events, from counter-protests against the Occupy protesters to dinners with Donald Rumsfeld. These three students are not random kids, interviewed on campus. They are dedicated members of the club.

Got a Facebook account? Sign in, and see for yourself.

As I said, I agree with the premise of the video, but I do not enjoy being lied to. You guys may be willing to swallow whatever you hear, as long as it speaks the words you are looking for, but my BS detectors prevent me from accepting lies, whether they confirm or challenge my beliefs.

Mike D. said...

"The students in the video never said they were members of Young Republicans - they simply stated they voted for Hussein Obama. Their comments however, were used by the Young Republicans to make a point." - Johnny Rico


They don't have to! Their pictures are all over the Vanderbilt College Republicans Facebook page, dining with Donald Rumsfeld, hugging Rick Perry and Bobby Jindal, posing together with name-tags on, etc.!

Mike D. said...

These kids are absolutely not random students who voted for Obama and have reconsidered their vote! They are confirmed, dedicated members of Vanderbilt University's College Republican club. I doubt, very seriously, that a single one of the three actually voted for Obama in 2008. If they are searching blogs for mention of their names, let them come forth and prove that they were old enough to vote in the 2008 election and that they voted for Obama! It won't be any more burdensome than asking for someone to prove his citizenship, will it?

Mike D. said...

You guys think I am wrong because ideology trumps honor, in your eyes. What you cannot grasp is that I actually agree with the subject matter of the video. But to me, honor and honesty trump ideology.

Thanks for all the posts. I am flattered that you take so much time to respond to my humble observations.

Sarkazein said...

I haven't looked for flaws in the video as MikeD has. I'm not going to spend time on Facebook looking at college kids. From reading MikeD's comments, he rules out the possibility of the 2008 voters voted for Obama but early on realized their mistake, became more interested in politics, joined the Young Republicans, became informed, and got involved. So now, their pictures appear amongst the Young Republicans. They saw the light.
Just a guess.

Sarkazein said...

Three years in college sees many changes for college student's minds. The majority are pushed to the left by marxist professors, but to question even the possibility that THREE couldn't have changed their minds about Obama is pretty closed minded.

guy faulkes said...

MikeD, this video is not supposed to be of random young voters. It does exactly what it was made to do, which is to highlight the dissatisfaction of young people that voting for Obama and have since changed their mind. What possibly reason do you think there is for random students to be interviewed? Do you think ads supporting Obama use random interviews? Do you not realize many young people have changed their minds and no longer support Obama? If they have decided Supporting Obama was wrong, is it not logical they would change parties? So people that are disenchanted with the man child Messiah either becoming Republicans or attending Republican functions would be unusual?

I really do not understand your reasoning.

Mike D. said...


Lying about how one voted in 2008 is something that has been encouraged by at least one nationally syndicated political radio talk show host. I was listening to the Michael Savage show and heard it with my own ears when he said we should pretend to have voted for Obama when in line at the grocery store and we see Obama's picture on the tabloids, that we should say things like "I can't believe I voted for him" as a means of encouraging others to regret their votes as well. I think that's exactly what this video attempts to do.

I don't think, if you believe that you're right, that you should have to sink to underhanded, dishonest tactics to achieve your goals.

NewGuy said...

Mike...Your BS detector COULD be right, but the evidence you are citing is not very persuasive.

Why don't you invite the facebook folks to check us out and post their responses. They are the only ones who know.

Mike D. said...

From Students for MCCAIN/PALIN 2008!! comes this post from our friend Keith Neely, the first one in the video who claims to have voted for Obama:

Keith Neely: "Hey guys, there's going to be the first meeting for the Teenage Republican's Club Thursday October 2nd after school in Mr. Grimes room. There will be free campaign material and volunteer opportunities leading up to election day. I hope to see you guys there!"

Whoooops! Do you believe me now?

Sarkazein said...

Guy Faulkes- What you are saying is that the people in the video could be amateur actors (Young Republicans with a limited budget) playing the part of disgruntled young voters. Good point. The message is the point and not the credits at the end. Makes sense.
I just followed the scam theory MikeD was off and way on, but your theory is more likely right.

Johnny "Stinger" Rico said...

I looked on facebook and didn't see any of these bright young students. You must have done something wrong which is not surprising.

Mike D, you claim to want honesty and folks to shoot straight. If this is true, it's funny I hear no condemnation of Hussein Obama or his many lies. Yet your picking over facebook photos of college kids? Your a liberal socialist sheep in the extreme as I've maintained all along!

That was easy.

Stings don't it

Kim Rhodes

Mike D. said...


You seem to be confused about the metaphorical meanings of the words "lemming" and "sheep". You seem to think they are in some way tied to the words "socialist" and "liberal", but the truth is that they have nothing to do with a particular ideology.

What they do have everything to do with is the blind and unquestioning following of someone else's program. They have everything to do with accepting what you are told without any suspicion or question about the motives, tactics, behavior, or facts presented by its creators.

So I ask you... how on Earth do you find a way to label me with those terms when I am demonstrating the antithesis, the polar opposite of the definition of those terms?

It seems as though what you are really hoping for is that any questioning I do will be based around partisan political philosophy, not logic and reason.

I can vote for conservative political candidates without being dumbed down, lied to, and herded like cattle. I am not so sure you have that ability.

By the way, you lose. In fact, you never had a chance.

:-) Linus

Johnny Rico said...

Mike D,

My point exactly. Metaphorically, I use the term "lemming" to mean follower. I find you're a follower Mike D. You bypassed a key componet of why I believe this. So I'll say it again - you never seem to question the lies of Hussein Obama and gang. Instead you pick over Facebook photos of a couple of college students making a valid point.

Take the Gulf Oil Disaster for instance. I heard not a peep from you on a glaring environmental tradgedy that liberals failed to act on. I heard not a peep from Hussein Obama on it either. Two peas in a pod.

Then we have the infamous Blowing Rock Land Trade. Virginia Foxx, acting in concert with the Blowing Rock Town Council (remember what they did two short weeks ago) to defraud local sportspersons of 190 acres to hunt on. You said nothing that politicians purchased 190 acres of land with taxpayer money to protect the scenic views of a town councilperson who lived directly above the 190 acres.

VIRGINIA FOXX HELPED WITH THIS ILLEGAL ACT. You and the liberals who claime to hate Foxx so bad were eerily silent on the issue. Your friends on the Watch wouldn't even allow posts on the subject as it exposed their (your) hypocrisy. What a bunch of idiots you LEMMINGS are.

Another easy victory for me over you Linus. In fact, call me Lucy.

Your ole pal

Johnny "Lucy" Rico

Mike D. said...


I don't live anywhere close to Blowing Rock. I knew very little about the issue, but I believe I still did participate in the discussion, offering views on biological consequences of altering the ecosystem (I seem to recall something about clearing forest to create meadows). I could certainly be wrong, as it has been a while, and as I said, I do not live anywhere close to Blowing Rock, nor do I own a car, so I rarely even go there.

Perhaps you think people in one town ought to be able to dictate how people in another town ought to operate their town? Geez, I thought you were in favor of states' rights and decentralization of power. Perhaps instead of "Lucy", you should call yourself "Tipper Gore" or "Nancy Pelosi".

As for the gulf oil spill, it was tragic, and it was poorly handled by the Obama administration, but what did you want me to do, boycott BP? I don't own a car, so how am I supposed to do that, Ms. Pelosi?

So good job bringing up issues that are generally irrelevant to me to make the point that you think I'm a follower, Tipper. And how exactly, by the way, does not engaging on an issue which does not affect you constitute being a follower?

I think you defending blatant liars because they speak the words you want to hear constitutes the textbook definition of blind following, Ms. Pelosi.

Mike D. said...


P.S. Stings, don't it?


Yours truly,
Andrew Wiggin

guy faulkes said...

MIkeD, how do you think dodging issues that you say are irrelevant to you is checkmate? Rico's point is just that, You did not involve yourself with them at all and they were relevant to Rico. The Blowing Rock land trade may not have been relevant to you, but the oil spill was big news. I cannot believe you had no opinion on it.

You seem to be getting desperate in what has been an entertaining debate.

In any case, the ad was very effective. I am surprised Fox News has not aired it, as it makes a very valid point.

Johnny Rico said...

Mike D,

You've worked yourself into a corner. At first I felt a sense of altruism towards you, but the moment quickly passed when I thought about your outright lies.

You siad:
"I don't live anywhere close to Blowing Rock. I knew very little about the issue, but I believe I still did participate in the discussion, offering views on biological consequences of altering the ecosystem"

Funny Mike D, you claim not to live anywhere close to B.R., yet you sure pounced on the concealed carry issue a couple weeks back. Yet when 190 acres of public land that YOU can hunt on is being transferred to the Park Service (no hunting) in order to protect the scenic views of town council members living above the 190 acres, not a peep. As for your supposed comment on meadows vs woodland, that was not the issue. The issue was an illegal land trade that benefited politicians, not the proletariet.

You deepen the hole when you say you didn't know too much about the land trade. Is that your excuse? Funny, that was liberal POVs EXACT excuse when I was pounding Watauga Watch over this very same issue. Birds of a feather I guess.

Decentralization of power? So let's get this straight. I fight town hall, and you believe this supports big govt? You go on to say that since you don't live here, you have no say. So you shouldn't have Constitutional Rights because you don't live in a certain geographic location? So you should lose 190 acres to the Federal Govt. because you don't live there? Sounds pretty apathetic to me. Or then again, you can take the easy way out by claiming ignorance.

You say these issues are irrevelant to you. If they were irrelevant, then why were you quick to jump onto the concealed carry in Blowing Rock Parks discussion. And why were you hesitant to jump into the land trade issue.

It doesn't add up Mike D. This contrast is exactly why I call you a big govt. loving liberal.

You fell right into this one - I thought you were smarter than that!

Johnny Rico said...

Oh and Mike D - I won that one. It will be interesting to see you try and defend two directions at once!

Your ole pal

Johnny Stinger Rico

Johnny Rico said...

Mike D,

Hard to dig out ain't it. Your messiah is getting ready to tell us how great he is. Are you getting a tingle down you leg yet?

I won. I won.

Easy win, easy win.

Your ole pal

Ginger Spainhour

Johnny Rico said...

True smokage! I won. Silenced I see!