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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Foxx Named as "TAXPAYER HERO"

Foxx named "Taxpayer Hero" by government spending watchdog group

Receives highest score among NC lawmakers in group's vote ranking

WASHINGTON, D.C. -Taxpayer watchdog group Citizens Against Government Waste has named Congresswoman Virginia Foxx as a "Taxpayer Hero" for her record of voting to protect taxpayers, cut spending and to oppose wasteful government expenditures.  Foxx received a 98% score in the group's ratings, which was the highest score in the North Carolina congressional delegation

Thank you Virginia for all you do to get this country moving in the right direction!  

Great job Congresswoman Foxx! We appreciate your efforts on our behalf.
I would also nominate local county commissioners Miller, Gable and Blust as taxpayer heros as well!


Wolf's Head said...

Thank you Congressman Foxx.

(Yes, Congressman, I refuse to use stupid terms like "Congressperson")

Foxx Fan said...

Congressman, Congresswoman, Congressperson - I don't care what the title is as long as the holder of the title is Virginia FOXX!

We know where she stands! She stands with the majority of her constituents in her efforts to keep taxes low and to control big government! Thanks you Mrs Foxx for all you do for America!