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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pat McCrory to "OFFICIALLY" Begin Campaign Today

Our Next Governor?
From Raleigh News and Observer    

Too bad the election isn't until November and the new Governor doesn't begin his term until 2013!

It seems like McCrory will be "THE MAN" for the Republicans while Democrats, reeling from Perdue's announcement that she has given up, are scrambling to find a viable candidate. Several "B" list Dems are putting out feelers while the "party leaders" seem to be encouraging Erskine Bowles to run! Bowles would probably be a strong candidate against McCrory - but my money is still on Pat!


Wolf's Head said...

Great, another establishment moron.

We are doomed.

guy faulkes said...

Wolf, never underestimate the ability of the Republican party to shoot itself in the foot.

This was the year it had the chance to return to being a party for conservatives and achieve success. It has chosen not to do so.

A third party is coming.

Wolf's Head said...

If we can hold the country and the state together long enough for a 3rd party to rise.

But there is a growing resentment towards the gov't and the "2" parties. You should have heard Wolf Pup #3 howl when the state raised the gas tax!