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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why Republicans Vote Against Education

Conservative candidates say let’s get rid of the Department of Education. Today, when Obama demonizes on TV: “Every Senate Republican voted to block a bill that would keep. . . . hundreds of thousands of teachers in the classroom when our kids need them most.”  I scream “How did education get to be your responsibility!!” 

Of course I know.  I even played a minor part.  Here
is a little history.

We have all heard about why you don’t let the camel get his nose in the tent.  Soon he is all the way in.  Using crises, the Federal camel took over the tent. 

The official government webpage says:   “The original Department of Education was created in 1867 to collect information on schools and teaching that would help the States establish effective school systems.”

Using the Cold War, the first example  of comprehensive Federal education legislation came.  In response to Sputnik, Congress passed the National Defense Education Act (NDEA).  My little part was that I actually ran some of those first NDEA institutes.  To save our nation, we gave lucrative stipends to counselors and teachers.  They in turn identified the best and the brightest and using Federal money, teachers trained them in science and mathematics.  How was I to realize this was  a camel’s nose?

Before Sputnik though, World War II had led to a small expansion of Federal support for education.  School districts affected by the presence of military and other Federal installations received federal money.

The big grab came when using the intransigence of the South, the  civil rights and the anti-poverty movements of the 60s and 70s, the Federal government had the pretexts to make the big grabs.  The Elementary and Secondary Education Act was passed and amended “To  strengthen   and   improve  educational   quality  and   educational   opportunities  in  the  Nation's  elementary  and secondary schools.”  Everyone by now had  become accustomed to  a big stinky camel rling the tent.

The official federal webpage reports "Today, the Dept. of Educ. operates programs that touch on every area and level of education. The Department's elementary and secondary programs annually serve nearly 14,000 school districts and some 56 million students attending roughly 99,000 public schools and 34,000 private schools".

That same webpage then has the chutzpah to begin with  “Education is primarily a State and local responsibility in the United States.”  Somebody tell Obama.


Blogger said...

You don’t ever want a crisis to go to waste. Maybe that should have been the title.

guy faulkes said...

Most Republicans do not vote against education. They vote against waste in the field of education and the federal government getting into areas in which the Constitution has not empowered it to be involved.

Blogger said...

I worked for hours on this thoughtful article. Then Liberal POV responded with: "Blogger
I have no comment to make the Republicans running for president are exposing conservative greed, injustice, attacks on the sanctity of marriage, lack of real Christian morlity, insanity and hypocrisy faster than I could."

And he thinks we asked him to leave the blog because we are afraid to debate him? Give me a break!

Johnny Rico said...

The Department of Education needs to go away. The Federal Govt. should have nothing to do with education - that's a responsibility of the states and parents.