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Friday, January 20, 2012

Second Amendment in Ashe County?

Be aware, Ashe county residents. Be very aware. Your county commission could eliminate some of the rights you now enjoy!

From the Jefferson Post (click here)


Anonymous said...

All it took was for Blowing Rock to support criminals over law abiding citizens to get the anti-gun ball rolling. They voted for criminal protection over self defense for the rest of us.

You sort of expect crap like this from Boone and Blowing Rock, but Ashe County should have more sense.

Dog Tom said...

Ashe County is slowly waxing liberal like Blowing Rock. They are behind by a few years, but West Jefferson will be an artsy, designer coffee socialist-fest soon enough. The citizens of Ashe County need to strike while they have numbers or else they'll have town concilmen telling them the Constitution is a progressive document that the framers meant to change with the times. Blowing Rock Town Councilman Doug Matheson told a shocked audience this very thing a couple weeks ago. Amazing and sad our local politicians believe the Constitution is that temporary and meaningless.

If the apathy of local conservatives, Tea Partiers, hunters and shooters is any indicator, all the liberal socialists will have to do is show up and they win.

Your rights to lose folks. No one to blame but ourselves. The lazy, listless right is pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Supporters of the constitution will have another chance to let the Ashe County Commissioners know where they stand.
Next public hearing on this matter is Feb 6.

NewGuy said...

Why Obama MUST be defeated matter WHICH REPUBLICAN is the candidate it won't be as bad as him!

guy faulkes said...

Have you seen Romney;s record on the gun issue?

NewGuy said...

Yes, Guy. I am familiar with his 'record' and also with the record of the current president. You can't possibly consider them equivalent.


“I support the Second Amendment as one of the most basic and fundamental rights of every American.” (Governor Mitt Romney)

National Shooting Sports Foundation ( - Candidates Speak - Sep 24, 2007

“Let me speak very directly and candidly about where I stand. I support the Second Amendment as one of the most basic and fundamental rights of every American. It's essential to our functioning as a free society, as are all the liberties enumerated in the Bill of Rights...

“As president, I'll honor the right of decent law abiding citizens to own and use firearms in defense of their families, their property and for all other lawful purposes, including the common defense.”

NRA - A Celebration of American Values

NRA-ILA - Sep 10, 2007

“The Second Amendment protects the individual right of lawful citizens to keep and bear arms. I strongly support this essential freedom and I applaud the recent federal appeals court decision in Washington, D.C., which concluded that the Second Amendment protects an individualized right to keep and bear arms. As President, I will support that interpretation and protect the right of every law abiding American to keep and use firearms. With respect to gun control laws, I believe we need to distinguish between law abiding gun owners and criminals who use guns. Those who use a firearm during the commission of a crime must be punished severely. The key is to provide law enforcement with the resources they need and punish criminals, not burden lawful gun owners.” (Mitt Romney)

guy faulkes said...

And you believe his words over his actions? He actively supported gun control as governor.

Johnny Rico said...

Dog Tom, spare me the holy attitude. Your acting like your better than everyone else, and I'm a bit tired of it. You remind me of Mike D.

Wolf's Head said...

Romney was governor of the most anti- gun state in the Union.

His state has a sign at it's border warning of a mandatory 1 year jail sentence for the possession of a unlicensed firearm, which also includes the possession of even a single round of ammunition or a single BB for a BB gun.

He did NOTHING to end Massachusetts war on freedom.

Such a man deserves NO support for President of the United States.

Anonymous said...

There is only one candidate who is NOT owned by the banks -- Ron Paul.

NewGuy said...

Wolf, if you would prefer Obama's gun control policies over Romney's, then that is your choice.

You are holding Romney accountable for the restrictive gun laws of a very liberal state - yet give him no credit for the progress he made in reducing or removing restrictions on second amendment rights while he was governor.

Romney is not the best of all possible candidates, but he is head and shoulders over Obama on this (and most other) issues. I don't think you would see Romney appointing Supreme Court justices like Justice Sotomayor. What we have left of the second amendment is there by the grace of God and a 5-4 Supreme court majority. Obama will reverse that majority at his first opportunity.

I would rather take my chances with Romney.

Sarkazein said...

Governor Ronald Reagan made it illegal for a citizen of California to carry a loaded firearm of any type.

NewGuy said...

I am faced with the same dilemma I seem to be faced with in every election. That is, I can't ever seem to find the "perfect" candidate. Everyone who runs has either a flaw or at least is weak in an area where I want strength.

I have, over the years, come to the conclusion that I must make my choice from among the available choices - flawed as all of them are.

If I did find a candidate who believed 100% in everything I believe in, who had a perfect record of doing what I wanted done in every case, then - I suppose - that candidate would not measure up to the next persons expectations and would probably generate opposition from those who don't feel 100% exactly as I do.

I will support the nominee over Obama.


guy faulkes said...

I will support neither Romney not Obama, once again.

Dog Tom said...

Rico, I thougt I'd never hear that from you. I hold people accountable, and that goes for you too. Wake up.

Sarkazein said...

Speaking of Governor Reagan outlawing citizens from carrying loaded weapons----- While I was in the Army Reserve, after having served in the Air Force (Vietnam era) and the Air Force Reserve, we were going from Ft Belvoir Virginia to Ft Meade Md for the gun range. This was during the time Obama's friend and mentor Bill Ayers was active in the Weather Underground terrorist group. We had a deuce and a half loaded with M-16s and ammo. The commander was worried about terrorist attack and theft of the weapons. He chose me to ride shotgun. I said-" Yes sir, where's my shotgun?" He said take this M-16. I started pulling ammo and a few magazines from the truck. He stopped me and said- "you don't get ammo". He wanted me to ride shotgun first with no shotgun, then with no ammo. I said no.
What could be more dangerous than being in uniform and holding an empty weapon?
My point is Governor Reagan disarmed California.

Sarkazein said...

For No Balls Anonymous and Team Angry Squirrel, last month there was probably tens of shootings in California even though it is illegal since the Sixties for a citizen to carry a loaded weapon in California. How do you figure?

guy faulkes said...

Sark, it is legal to carry concealed in California. Illinois is the only state in which it is illegal.

A misstatement like this makes your other statement suspect, even though it probably is not. After all Reagan started out as a liberal Democrat until he wised up.

guy faulkes said...

Sark, you may be more practically correct about California than I am technically. While a person that holds a concealed carry permit in California can carry a loaded gun, California is a may issue state instead of a shall issue state. Unless you are a well connected liberal the odds on your getting a permit are probably slim.

However the proposed federal law that would force states to recognize other states' permits would fix this. All you would have to do is get an non-resident permit in another state if you live in Kalifornia.

Sarkazein said...

Guy Faulkes- Yes, the Sheriff could issue a permit to a citizen in California to carry concealed. But the Reagan law outlawed anyone from carrying a loaded weapon that was not granted permission by the Sheriff. Before that, one could carry a loaded long gun in public without a permit and, I think, could carry a pistol in the open. Concealed was a big thing back then. Even in Virginia one could carry in the open, but not concealed, until the Shall Issue laws. The law was passed, in California, to stop the Black Panthers, I think, from carrying loaded long guns in public. Most anti-gun laws started with Democrats wanting to stop Blacks from having guns.

guy faulkes said...

Sark, I have been told that until January 1 this year, one could carry an unloaded gun in the open so people were doing that. They merely carried the gun on one side and the loaded mags on the other. Jerry Brown changed even the ability to do this.

There must be some exception for hunting.