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Friday, February 17, 2012

Congress Passes Payroll Tax Cut

 Since age 16, I paid into Social Security .  More recently we were warned that there would come a  day young people would no longer pay into the system because it is a Ponzi scheme.  However, in my wildest imaginations, I never expected a president to come along and for crass political reasons, actually encourage a whole generation to start withholding their contribution.  But here we are, long before we expected.  Even more disturbing is that this president, who no one ever thinks of as a tax cutter, was able to convince people that his opponents are tax raisers. At the same time, the cowed Republicans were unable even to explain to the elderly their support money is evaporating. The Ponzi scheme became a Shell game. 


guy faulkes said...

This is the result of decades of erosion of the Republican party. We have lessored of two evils ourselves to death. The Republicans cave over and over and over. It is time for a new party.

Sarkazein said...

We have the House only.... we don't get our way. They have the Senate and the Presidency and the MSM. Something beside running it up the middle has to be done.

Norma Jean King said...

They are taking your money and your liberty. It's coming folks!

Johnny Rico said...

Taxes, gas and food will rise. Liberty will fall. We are taxed more today than the colonists were just prior to the War for Independence. Taxes will continue to rise penny by penny until Americans are forced to work longer and harder just to pay the taxes.

And where do these taxes go to? Although unreported by the liberal news media, RINO Republitard Preidental Candidates, or RINO Boehner, our taxes go to welfare for illegal aliens, fighting unwinnable wars, foreign aid and a host of other things.

Still no one mentions these siphons of public treasure. What do you get from illegal aliens on welfare, foreign aid or unwinnable wars? Zero. Zero. Zero.

Johnny Rico said...

John Boehner is a disappointment. What has this RINO hack done for us? I hear NOTHING from the idiot. He needs to DO SOMETHING.

Anything. Just damn do something. At least Hussein Obama did something - Health Care, Fast and Furious and contraceptive mandates to churches. The idiot is tearing the country apart, while the RINOs watch like retarded mutes from the peanut gallery.