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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Filing Period Is Closed

The filing period for candidates to file for the 2012 elections is now closed. Watauga Board of Elections said that there were no additional candidates filing  for School Board or for County Commission since yesterday.
Democrat Commissioners Jim Deal and Tim Futrelle did not file for reelection to the seats they now hold. County commissioners race will consist of Republican  Tim Wilson vs Dem, Virginia Roseman for District 1. Incumbent Republican Vince Gable is being challenged by School board member Democrat John Welch - and Republican Tommy Adams will go up against Democrat William "Billy" Kennedy for the District 3 seat.


NewGuy said...

Should be a good year for Republicans!

Anonymous said...

What about the people? You know, the people you are supposed to represent.

Or will many of the candidates do as usual; that is, use the people as a doormat and only serve powerful special interests and a prearranged agenda?

guy faulkes said...

Anonymous, you list the very reasons it will be a good year for conservatives.

Anonymous said...

Yes a good year for conservatives! From the school board up to the governor and the US congress. The president? Maybe not so good.

Anonymous said...

Tell me, guy faulkes, how has the powerful Boone status quo, which controls both 'parties', including the neo-con conservatives, represented the best interests of their people?

What has the district reps and the candidates said about how they will represent their district constituents and work to promote common sense and fiscal responsiblity? I haven't heard or read anything from these candidates regarding just who they will represent and how they plan to look after their districts.

Hey, Mr. or Ms. Candidate, do you really know who will represent, or do want to just use your convenient district's people as a doormat for your own special interests and agenda? We in the districts are frankly disgusted and have grown tired of being used and abused by lawyers, realtors, the so-called Chambers of Commerce, etc, as a stepping stone to promote their own selfish agenda at our great expense. How about some common sense, honesty, and frugality?

What say you, big shot candidates? You may say this or that when you run, but when you get in office you do an about-face and forget your people, your district.

We've had twenty years of this deceit, outrageous spendthrift behanvior, tricks, and favors for poweful special interests only.

Do you understand, guy faulkes, and your Mr. Conservative Candidates?

From the record of the last many years of 'conservatives' or 'liberals' or 'progressives', Dems or Repubs alike, and their record, I don't believe you.

Anonymous said...

nonny take your meds and go to sleep.

Anonymous said...

FYI, I don't take meds, you arrogant twit.

I prefer to be fully alive than drugged.

And it is interesting that you neo-cons cannot honestly answer me, because you know what I say is true.

Anonymous said...

what is really interesting is that with all the nonny posters here one of them recognizes themself as the nonny most needing meds.

is it just a coincidence that it is the same nonny who does the name calling?

Anonymous said...

One good turn deserves another.

If my statements upsets you, and hence, I am told I need "medications" as Big Brother would, then you deserve the "name calling".

guy faulkes said...

I don't understand your post, Jack er...anonymous.

The liberal Boone town council will help conservatives running in other races because they exemplify the lunacy of liberalism.

You are confusing conservative and liberal with Republican and Democrat. They are not the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Er...Guy, guess again.

No, you are confused.

It is not as simple as Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative. The name of the game is CONTROL.

The Boonies are promoting the same narrow agenda and economy that only benefits a powerful few. The Boonies, whether Dems or Repubs, or libs or neo-cons, are the same; this bipartisan clique has been in cahoots for many years.

Look at the candidates for the 3rd district. Either one will satisfy the Boone status quo. The arrogant Boone establishment, that transcends party or philosophical lines, does not want truly independent, local candidates.

Believe it or not.

Please think about it.

Blogger said...

Anon As you know we all wish you would take a name so that we know which Anon we are responding to. Besides that, I think it would be more interesting if you could give some specific examples of what you are talking about. That would contribute greatly to a substantive conversation. Thanks.

guy faulkes said...

Why do you think the there is no difference in the 3rd. district candidates? Please gie specifics as I have with Obama and Romney.

Anonymous said...

Guy, 'specifics with Romney and Obama!? That's has a lot of macabre humor. In short, one dies laughing. They are backed by the same big financial and corporate elite. They will both do as they are told--the same destructive agenda.

As I have told you and others several times, we in the 3rd district (and truthfully, in all the rural districts) for two decades have had to endure being used and abused by Boone area realtors and lawyers (BOC members) to benefit themselves and their bipartisan Boone area special interests and at the great expense to the rural areas.

For twenty years, the urban (Repubs and Dems) establishment think that the 3rd district only goes as far as the 105 bypass area and is the limit towards finding suitable candidates to misrepresent and ignore the rest of the 3rd district. Many of us would like someone who was born and raised in this district, even someone of modest means, not someone who grew up in and within the sphere of Boone and ASU's influence.

If ETJ could be eradicated, and the people who live in the ETJ area are counted as Boone citizens, that problem could be solved. It is obvious that ETJ was set up to enable the Boone establishment, and the elite it serves, to grab more power and money from the rural districts.

And it is obvious by now, that if one wants to run for local office, then one must be within control of (both) party officials. An independent candidate or one with differing viewpoints from the establishment agendas, whether Dems or Repubs, will get no support or the election will be maneuvered to severely minimize that individual's chances to win.

The two candidates for the 3rd districts, Adams and Kennedy, are well in tune with Boone and ASU's priorities. Kennedy may live in the 3rd district, but that is all. He was not born here, and he does not identify with native rural people. He has a specific agenda that does not agree with most rural working-class people. He will fit right in with the Boone and ASU status quo and their agenda.

Mr. Adams grew up within the influence of Boone and ASU in the ETJ area. He does not know the people in the 3rd district to any extent and is in the realty business, which is part of the problem. His and Mr. Kennedy's candidacies are just more insults upon numerous injuries to the people within the 3rd district. And like Kennedy, Mr. Adams will be very acceptable to the Boone status quo of both parties.

Blogger, you want me to accept an ID. Why should I give you or anyone else, especially Big Brother, my true identity?
Taking an ID is rather risky, especially now. I am sure you understand. I would prefer not to, if you don't mind.

guy faulkes said...

Would you be happier if Boone and its ETJ was its own district? How far from Boone can one live before he is tainted by his proximity to Boone? If you measure from the other end of the stick,how can the people from the outlying ares fairly represent Boone if you use your logic?

I agree with many of your statements, Anonymous. However, you apparently have nothing specific you can point to that would equate Adams with Kennedy. I would certainly be interested to hear them if any such issues exist. It is always good to be able to make an informed decision.

Do you really believe there are no conservatives in the Boone city limits or the ETJ?

inquiring mind said...

We live in the rural area, the Meat Camp/Sands community. And, the frustration that “anonymous” is expressing is the same frustration experienced our rural district. During the campaign period, candidates are quick to make empty promises of representation, act like they are hearing the concerns of the people and ride in on the hard work of rural activists and issues that energize the rural base. But, once they are elected, they work against the interest of the rural base. Then they act like “deer caught in the headlights” when that base complains; or, they display contempt for and arrogance toward the rural base. We have fervently backed candidates to only be embarrassed later. But, the damage is already been done. And, we find ourselves asking this question: Who do we vote for? Then apathy sets in; you can see that in the number of people voting and lack of participation in the political parties. It has gotten to the point that the party leaders are unable to rely on the rural base to get their “change agents” elected.
A prime example is the “Sales Tax Referendum” of August of 2010. Obviously, the rural base of Watauga County overwhelmingly opposed the tax. The sales tax referendum was defeated for many reasons: 1) the tax could not be earmarked for any specific project, 2) the tax meant more debt to an already overburdened tax base, 3) the proposed project was not for the benefit of the rural areas, and 3) taxes are generally never removed once enacted, no matter the propose. The Republican candidates seized the energy of and used the campaign against the sales tax to ride into office. And, the Republican Party leaders reluctantly, timidly and half-heartedly supported the campaign against the sales tax. (They didn’t want to upset the “Jim Deal Faction”. Note that Tommy Adams, the Vice-Chair of the Republican Party and prominent Tea Partier, didn’t take an active part in the campaign against the referendum. The deep long-time ties to Commissioner Jim Deal may have been the reason. )

inquiring mind said...

Continued from above

Then, immediately after settling into office, these “change agents” proposed their own sales tax referendum; a complete disregard for the voter’s decision just months before. They arrogantly disregarded the reasons for which the previous sales tax referendum was defeated. Tommy Adams was the Vice-Chair at that time and his mother was Secretary of the Republican Party. Instead of holding these “change agents” accountable; Tommy Adams and other Republican Party leaders supported their decision. Obviously, this pleased the “Jim Deal Faction”, manna from the Republican Party leaders. The Democrat Party leaders were stunned and amazed. They had warned their Democrat County commissioners against the sale tax referendum and now the Republican Party Commissioners were repeating the mistake, more manna from the Republican Party leaders.
There was a time when the rural people could communicate their concerns with a representative from their area, one of their own, a person who knew them and was experiencing the same pressures. They could call each other by first name, talk about family, work and then express their concerns and feel like they had been heard. As ASU expanded, the growth of the campus and the accompanying pressures threatened the rural identity, the battle to maintain the rural identity has become increasingly harder and contentious. The zoning hearing of over 10 years ago is a prime example. Over 300 people arrived at their County courthouse to find a sign, FOR, pointing to seating to the left; and a sign, AGAINST, pointing to seating to the right. Anyone with common sense would have known that this was the wrong thing to do. However, the County staff, media and community leaders propagandized, used fear and division throughout the campaign for county-wide zoning. A handful of rural activist took copies of the full proposed zoning ordinance to the rural community grocery stores and gathering places. And, County staff, media and community leaders prepared a one sheet fact sheet that spot-lighted high impact industry for Boone and ASU. They even called the ordinance the high impact land use ordinance. With the room divided, the hearing began – cheering and jeering on both sides of the aisle. An ASU student, armed with the one-page so-called fact sheet, could not fathom why those people on the right would want polluting smoke stacks. In response, a rural resident, armed with a complete copy of the ordinance came before the commissioners. He said to Commissioner Dr. Lawrence, his representative, “Jack, have you been coon hunting lately?” And, after catching up with how the family was doing, he asked Commissioner Lawrence to take a look at the document he was holding and to confirm whether it was, in fact, the document that was being discussed that night. Commissioner Lawrence looked at it and asked his staff to confirm that it was. With that confirmed, the speaker said to the Board, I would like to read something to you. And, he proceeded to read the preamble to the ordinance: “This ordinance covers all land and all buildings and the uses of all land and all buildings in the jurisdiction of Watauga County.” He stopped reading. And, he said, “I may not be the most educated man in the room; but, gentlemen, that covers my dog house.” Before the meeting, County staff was heard saying, those people out in the County won’t come to the Courthouse; they never do. ASU staff was heard saying as the Courthouse filled to capacity, the opposition is well-organized. This statement is prime example of the lack of understanding of the rural people. They were not organized and they were not the opposition; they actually came with the same goal – to protect Watauga County. They were protecting their property, their livelihood, the community and the family – the future.

inquiring mind said...

Continued from above

The problem is finding representation to run. Greed, corruption and the disrespect for citizens and other board members, exemplified by the Boards in recent years, hasn’t made the prospects of serving appealing. And, accountability has turned the stomachs of the self-serving/agenda driven candidates. A current Board member quipped at me recently, “Why don’t you run?” When I answered that I had every intention to do so; and, if elected, I would be transparent and expose unethical behavior, I was told: “You will do what you are told to do!” That is an invitation too good to be ignored; don’t you think?

Reader said...

Inquiring Mind, you will get my vote.