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Friday, February 10, 2012

Johnny Rico and Obama and the Somnolent

 Posted by Johnny Rico to A Watauga Conservative at February 9, 2012 9:36 PM

The fact Hussein Obama is going after religion is significant. Or at least we think it is. Will it be a game changer? I am afraid it won't be. Look at all the really serious things Hussein Obama has done with NO

1. Horizon Disaster - Did nothing for months and then said he was going to kick
someone's ass.2. Arab Spring - claimed this was good for the Middle East. Now that the Muslim Brotherhood is taking over, he says nothing.
3. Solyndra - gave billions to already failing businesses. The story seems to be fading. Not a peep.
4. Beer summit - called the cops out for making a lawful arrest and then tries to cover it with a beer. Lost story.
5. Fast and Furious. Perhaps has the most potential to damage the President. Story is fading. Some sources are indicating Speaker Boehner cut a deal with Democrats to make the scandal go away. RINOs are as bad as Hussein Obama.
5. Taking PAC money. Hussein Obama claimed he would reform elections. Funny he is now getting ready to take PAC money. Nothing said.
6. 57 states. Enough said.
7. Guantanamo Bay - a huge election issue in 2008. Not a peep from liberals on this.
8. Patriot Act - he resigned the Patriot Act which was a huge issue with liberals in 2008. Nothing said.
9. Wikileaks - many damaging cabals. Nothing said.
10. Remarks about Sarkozy that were unprofessional. We never hear about this now.
11. Health Care - 60% of Americans oppose. Fading issue.
12. Attack on Arizona and Alabama immigration laws. 70% of Americans supported bill 1070 in Arizona. People don't seem very concerned that illegal aliens are lowering the living wage, putting Americans out of jobs, filling jails and hospitals and using our welfare.

If this short list doesn't wake people the hell up, then how is the attack on Catholicism any different Blogger? I would like to believe people will wake up eventually, but somehow the things Hussein Obama does never seems to register.

Blogger, how do you think the Catholicism event will be any different?  Blogger responds:  It probably won't  The Media


NewGuy said...

The man is absolutely clueless! How in the world did he ever come to the conclusion that "free birth control" was a woman's right? In his speech today he is declaring that insurance companies will have to provide "free" birth control for the asking.
"Free abortions" next?

I am not personally opposed to birth control but I do respect the Catholic church's position on the matter. They are of the belief that using birth control is a sin; an offense against God. Whether one agrees with them or not, it is their belief and it is their right to hold such a belief. To require by government mandate that birth control be provided "free" to everyone is an insult to Catholics everywhere!

2 4 T said...

If you didn't hear Rush today, go to and read his opening monologue on the supposed Obama "cave" on the contraception mandate for Catholic institutions. There was no caving in, rather a solidification of the original unconstitutional power grab by the administration. This is crucial to understand, because we are losing our liberty inch by inch.

NewGuy said...

There these conservatives go again...clinging to their guns and religion!

Relax everyone. The government will take care of us!

NewGuy said...

The White House simply doesn’t get it”

Washington, DC—Congresswoman Virginia Foxx (NC-05) today released the following statement on the White House announcement of a “compromise” on the contraceptive mandate stemming from the president’s health care law.

"Today's announcement by the White House is not a compromise on policy, it is a gimmick masquerading as a compromise. The White House simply doesn’t get it. The president gave lip service to the importance of the First Amendment. This is simply another in a long line of actions that either ignore or assault the constitution.

“The so-called “fix” ignores the First Amendment and is government intrusion into personal decisions on religion and health care. Forcing insurance companies to provide free contraceptives does not fix anything and opens up new issues. Who will pay for these contraceptives if the institutions do not cover the cost? I am concerned that Americans who currently have health insurance will be forced to subsidize these "free" contraceptive services. This is just another reason why I have voted for and continue to support the repeal of the president's health care law."


Jack said...

Antonin Scalia, the Reagan-appointed conservative justice, authored the majority opinion in the 1990 decision Employment Division v. Smith, a critical precedent to the birth control case, decreeing that religious liberty is insufficient grounds for being exempt from laws.

“To permit this would be to make the professed doctrines of religious belief superior to the law of the land, and in effect to permit every citizen to become a law unto himself,” wrote Scalia, an avowed Catholic and social conservative, quoting from a century-old Supreme Court decision and giving it new life. His opinion was cosigned by four other justices.

Sarkazein said...

Jack= You might have something there IF- theSupreme Court had ruled that peyote must be taken by religious people not wanting to take peyote. Or that religious people must sell peyote to people wanting to ingest peyote for religious reasons. It didn't. It said the people of that religion could not legally take peyote. You may be right. The President may issue an order saying all people must eat ham and cheese on white bread, including Jews and Muslims... and no one will be allowed to refuse... because it is the law.

Sarkazein said...

The President announced today that all Kosher delis must serve chitlins. Scalia said so.

NewGuy said...

Mandating a religious organization to affirmatively provide a service which it has long considered to be a sin, is unconscionable! Masking it by pretending that insurance companies will cover it "free" is an insult to the intelligence of any thinking person.

From the Daily Caller:

Following the announced “accommodations” from the White House for religious organizations whose beliefs preclude them from offering birth control, Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, had some tough words for President Obama.

According to Land, the adjustment in the mandate requiring all employers — including religious organizations — to provide birth control is “a distinction without a difference.”

“My initial reaction is: How dumb does he think we are?” Land wondered. “Does he think when he puts lip stick on a pig, that we don’t understand that it is still a pig?”


Johnny Rico said...

Why am I being forced to pay for a women's birth control. Talk about a nebulous subject. How about forcing me to pay for fingerpainting kits for children or steering well covers for you car.

How in the world do liberal socialist sheep figure that I need to pay for someone else's birth control? How about they do what people have done for many years now - use condoms, get pregnant or buy inexpensive birth control pills (like I do). What a crock.

But, like I said in the original post, this too might just pass with nary a worry by the sheaple. It appears most Americans are numb to losing liberty. How we got that way, not sure.

NewGuy said...

(previously posted on wrong thread! OOOOPS_)

Johnny! Nail! Head!

Exactly. Maybe we have lost this war. We are arguing about the infringment on religous freedom. Maybe we should be asking ourselves "Why in the hell is the government mandating that anyone who buys health insurance MUST have birth control in the policy?"

Some people buy insurance to insure themselves against catastrophic loss. Not to cover their routine day by day medical expenses. Now they are being forced to pay increased premiums in order to provide birth control to anyone who wants it.

And, it's not as if the marketplace decided that thetr was a market for this type of insurance - it is a government mandate. Another form of taxation!

Sarkazein said...

13. Treated Benjamin Netanyahu poorly with his announcement of his vision of the a return to 1967 Israeli borders without first telling him.
14. Had his Secretary of Defense announce Israel's spring war plans to the press.
15. Several more "Solyndras".
16. Appointed a known Communist as one of his ridiculously too many Czars. Van Jones

Johnny Rico said...

17. Failure to comment on Occupy Wall Street. Does he support defacating on doorsteps or not.

18. Keystone pipline fiasco. How in the world can the idiot justify not bringing the pipline from Canuk-country to the USA? The oil will go to China instead. Hardly a murmer.

19. Gas prices. Over twice what they were under RINO Bush. Americans must enjoy paying 3.85 a gallon for gas because the outcry is not there.

Sarkazein said...

On the price of gas-- During the Bush administration, when gas rose to once record highs, Senator Obama said he was OK with the high price. He only thought the rise was too rapid. Well, he got his way this time. Obviously he used the boiling frog method. When the price went up in 2008, the MSM was doing man-at-the-pump interviews. People said they couldn't afford to take the kids to visit Granny and had to cut back on entertainment and food. NOW? Nada. The MSM is quiet. With all the things listed (JR's post) and there are many more, it wont make a difference if the MSM continues to give him a pass.
There are liberals, like Jack, searching for reasons why Obama's actions are all oK. Even offering Supreme Court rulings twisted and contorted in to their own insensitivity to the heat being turned up to the boiling point.

Sarkazein said...

20. Mesmerized some to the point of being convinced he is just like Romney.

Sarkazein said...

21. At the helm when the US credit rating was downgraded.

Sarkazein said...

22. Sent a budget to Congress that was so bad that 1,000+ days later the US Senate still hasn't gotten over it.

Sarkazein said...

23.Didn't take his General's recommendation on troop strength in Afghanistan and may now be loosing it.

Sarkazein said...

Should read: losing

guy faulkes said...

No mesmerizing about it, Sark. There is no difference in Obama and Romney. multitudes of conservatives see this. Why can not you?

NewGuy said...

No difference Guy? Really? What is Romney's position on forcing the Catholic Church to offer free birth control to it's employees? Does Romney feel the same way?

What is Obama's position on the "dream act" and of amnesty for illegals? Certainly not the same as Romney who is opposed to ANY amnesty whatever. Look at Obama's fiscal record and compare it to what Romney has done in business, in the olympics, and as governor of Massachussetts where he eliminated the Mass deficit after a little over a year in office!

You oppose Romney because of what you say is his stance on gun control. I asked you before what legislation (other than the assault weapons ban extenstion) did he approve as governor. Your response was not to offer any specific bill signed by him, but to make a vague assertion that he "didn't do enough".

If you want to take the position that he is not conservative enough, fine. But to insist that those who might support him are somehow not as wise as you are is ridiculous.

I've looked around - I can't find the perfect candidate. But, every one of them in serious contention is a thousand times better for this country than Obama.

Yes, many in the party are not thrilled with Romney, but if he doesn't get a majority of Republicans to support him, then he won't be the candidate.

That's what primaries are for.

NewGuy said...

Raleigh, N.C. – A new Civitas Institute poll shows Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney leading Democratic incumbent Barack Obama by nine percent among North Carolina voters.

Romney is the choice of 48 percent of North Carolina voters if the election for President of the United States was being held today and the candidates were Mitt Romney the Republican, and Barack Obama the Democrat. Thirty-nine percent said they would vote for Obama, and 11 percent said they are undecided. Romney has the support of 80 percent of Republicans along with 55 percent of unaffiliated voters. Democratic voters would vote for Obama by a 65 percent to 22 percent margin.

Sarkazein said...

This rather than Romney? Really?

Blogger said...

Guy wrote to Sark: "There is no difference in Obama and Romney" In the post on
"We are winning", I hope first that you know who Grover Norquist is and his significance among conservatives, and secondly that you understand what he is saying.

Blogger said...

New Guy on NC poll. As you are aware, we are the battle ground. Which ever side wins NC will probably win the nation. We must all work our butts off to save our country. I hope you can soak in what Norquist is saying in the clip I posted.

Johnny Rico said...

Folks, the 2nd Amendment is a litmus test, and I think this test is what Guy is referring to. Romney supported gun control in Mass. Watch the video link I sent a few days back and tell me isn't anti-2nd Amendment.

If he slides on the 2nd Amendment, he slides on everything. If you don't have the 2nd Amendment, you have nothing. Big brother politicians like Romney understand this and work to take guns away from you and I. Romney is a RINO. RINOs have taken as much from us as Hussein Obama. Patriot Act, incremental gun control, and nanny state government are all products of RINOs as much as they are liberal Democrats.

Romney won't beat Hussein Obama, no matter how much some want him to. We've turned a corner in this country. Too many on the dole to elect someone who could turn it around.

Too bad Romney didn't have the guts to stand up for the 2nd Amendment during his reign in Mass. Had he supported guns, I'd be voting for him come November. Right now, I'll write in Ron Paul.

By the way, Paul was only a few points behind Romney in Maine. The lamestream media was strangely silent on that one!

Johnny Rico

guy faulkes said...

Rico is correct. Romney cannot beat Obama. Liberal lite (McCain) could not beat Obama and liberal litte (Romney) will lose even worse this time. Multitudes of conservatives will not support Romeny. You can count me among them.

If the Republicans want to win, all they have to do is nominate anyone else, even Newt or Ron Paul.

It should be noted many Republicans are far from conservative.

Ialso oppose Romney oveer his starting government controlled health care and his support for murdering unborn babies. I have said this many times, but some of you cannot seem to remember it. And, yes, Romney did support abortion as a form of birth control as most such supporters do.

Reader said...

Guy, that's why I'm not supporting him.

Sarkazein said...

CPac no longer in the magnitudes of Conservatives"