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Monday, February 13, 2012

More on Boone and the Second Amendment

From Boone Tea Party...

The Boone Town Council will be voting on whether to ban citizens with concealed carry permits to carry or any town property, including parks such as the Greenway. If you'd like to see what was actually said, you can watch the meeting where this was discussed here (starting at 46 minutes in):
The town attorney apparently has not yet drafted the legislation.Concealed carry owners are five times less likely to commit crime compared to the general populace, and making it illegal for citizens to defend themselves will not prevent criminals from committing acts of violence. If any of you are against this encroachment on the Second Amendment, make your voices heard. Our first step is to call the Town Council members and let them know that this would not make us safer and we do not support it. You can find their contact info here:


NewGuy said... heard it right. He said that if they added a shuffleboard court then they could call it an athletic field and ban concealed carry there!

guy faulkes said...

Thank you, New Guy, for posting this. I have several comments.

It is very interesting that Brantz made the motion to post parks. Brantz is a professor at ASU specializing in the Holocaust. As such he should know what happens to unarmed victims.

The town attorny was instructed to make the ban as expansive as possible, following the lead of Winston Salem. Winston Salem is being sued for overstepping its authority as to where it bans guns in public parks. Their law is not one to be emulated.

There is a movement underway to remove the amendment that allows municipalities to post parks from the Castle doctrine, as the omni-bus crime bill is called. We need to contact Mr Soucek and Mr. Jordan to have them sponsor such a repeal.

We defiantly need to contact all of the Boone council people. It will probably be an exercise in futility, but we have to try.

Anonymous said...

The Boone Town Council is so warped they think having a small pocket knife or a toy squirt gun should be illegal.

Wolf's Head said...

The push for banning guns in public places is not about crime, or even the potential of anything bad happening, but to chase law abiding people who believe they are responsible for themselves and their families from gov't facilities that they pay for thru taxes.

Is is an attempt to shun those who believe in freedom and make them a pariah.

This same tactic has been used with great success against smokers, who are now 3rd class citizens behind convicted felons, having laws, restrictions, taxes and open bigotry against them.

guy faulkes said...

Well said, Wolf.

guy faulkes said...

It looks like Forsyth county does not agree with Winston Salem.

NewGuy said...

Guy...that's a little confusing to me. The state law doesn't seem to give them the option to ban handguns in parks...only in those with "recreational facilities", athletic fields, ball parks, swimming pools. NOT just county parks.

I imagine what they are saying is that they will not ban the weapons in those "recreational facilities" and that is a good thing!

Here is an excerpt from a December article in the N&O which may be of interest:

"A new state law on concealed handguns is stirring local debates over gun rights and questions over exactly where permit holders should be allowed to carry their weapons.

A law that became effective on Dec. 1 prohibits local governments from banning guns from public parks. But the law allows local governments -many of which had banned guns in parks - to adopt ordinances prohibiting concealed handguns on playgrounds, athletic fields and facilities, and swimming pools.

About 20 cities and towns including Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Garner and Smithfield have adopted ordinances carving out areas where concealed handguns are not allowed. In some towns, the new ordinance passed without much fuss. In others, gun rights advocates protested. One group is threatening lawsuits."

Read more here:

guy faulkes said...

The state law gives counties and municipalities the ability to ban guns in pools, playgrounds, athletic fields, and athletic facilities *( meaning active versus passive use of parks).

Just because you can do something does not mean it is a good idea to do it.

Many political entities have rightly decided that citizens are made more safe if not denied the means with which to defend themselves and their families.

They chose not to ban anywhere that another facet of the concealed carry law does not already ban.

On the other hand, some political entities have chosen to ignore the intent of the law. They have declared every park to be an athletic facility. This would include things such as green ways, picnic areas, and restrooms.

This is why the jerk made the shuffleboard comment. Even they know there are places even inside parks where they are not supposed to ban, so they are trying to find a way around the law.

Take for instance Blowing Rock. They banned carry in Memorial Park, even though the playground is only a small portion of the park. The chairs along main street and the gazebo are not part of the playground. Both are in the same park, but only the playground portion can legally be banned. There is also the Rotary picnic pavilion. This facility has it's own entrance off the street and it's own parking although people choose to park there when attending games at Davant Field. The field could legally be banned, but not the picnic area, or the parking area. The rest rooms that serve this area are gray areas because they are buildings. It may take a lawsuit to settle this.

In all probability, the Winston-Salem suit is going to be an important test case that might make it to the Supreme Court.

This is assuming the effort to repeal the portion of the law that enables counties and municipalities to create safe zones for criminals (as the Wolf says) is unsuccessful.

The amendment that was added by anti-gun Republicans has done the opposite of creating uniformity in guns laws as far as parks are concerned. This was the intent of the law. The amendment needs to be repealed badly.

I hope this answers your question, New Guy.

NewGuy said...

Informative Guy...but I don't think I made my point very well.

The Forsyth county commissioners are saying they voted to NOT ban guns in their parks. In point of fact, they didn't have authority ban guns in all their parks anyhow. The state - as you point out - only allows them to ban in the recreational facilities.

My point is, that although they have achieved the correct objective, it's somewhat LESS than what they are advertizing it to be - small point, I know.

I do have a question though! NC is an "open carry" state. I don't need a concealed carry permit carry a handgun that is not concealed. The new law seems to give authority to the counties ONLY on banning concealed carry in certain specified facilities.

Does this mean I can "open carry" in BLowing Rock athletic fields?

guy faulkes said...

"Does this mean I can "open carry" in BLowing Rock athletic fields?"

No, Blowing Rock has banned the carrying of guns or any other "dangerous weapons" openly on any of their property. I do not know about the other weapons but the ban on open carry of guns is legal under NC law. Display bans by counties and municipalities are legal. They do it under the premise of going armed to the terror of the public.

NewGuy said...

Thanks, Guy.
So, as I see it, I can carry (with a permit) a concealed weapon in parks without athletic facilities - but I can't have the weapon visible without being charged with terrorizing the public!

guy faulkes said...

Maybe, New Guy. As I said before, some municipalities and counties are saying all parks are athletic facilities, so you cannot carry concealed. You have no way of knowing the local interpretation.

You would win in court, but it will cost you money, time, and aggravation. Local governments are taught to operate under the premise that everything they do is legal until it is challenged in court. Would you want to be the test case?

The ability to post parks and other municipal and county properties needs to be repealed.