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Friday, February 3, 2012

No Deal on Next Years Watauga County Commission

According to an article in today's Watauga Democrat, Watauga County Commissioner Jim Deal will not run for reelection to the Board . Deal has been rumored to have his eye on the State Senate seat currently held by Dan Soucek.   

Local political wannabe Billy Kennedy, defeated by a 2 to 1 margin in his 2010 race against Congresswoman Virginia Foxx, has apparently lowered his sights somewhat  and plans to run for the vacancy Jim Deal will leave.

Vince Gable, current Vice Chair of the BOC says he will run again. Gable won his seat last year on a platform of "tearing up the county's credit card" and has pretty much delivered on his promise  to reduce county expenses and not increase taxes. Gable did push for an increase in salaries for county employees and voted for an approximately $1 MILLION increase in the county's allocation to our schools.

The remaining seat up for election this year is the one held by Tim Futrelle who has not indicated that he will seek reelection.

We won't know for sure who is running until the filing period later this month.


Johnny Rico said...

Vince Gable should certainly run again. He really let the liberal socialist sheep in Blowing Rock have it a couple weeks ago. Unlike Soucek, he stood up and spoke for independence, personal responsibility and the Constitution.

Vince Gable gets my vote.

Johnny Rico

NewGuy said...

Mine as well, Johnny. Just like in every other race that I look at, I can find things he has done that I am not 100% in agreement with. But, I doubt there is anyone available who would do a better job representing the people who voted him into office! He has consistently questioned every expenditure that has come before him. I think he and the Republican leadership on the board have held the line on spending.

That's what they promised they would do - and they have, so far, done it!

Johnny Rico said...

I was down on the Republican Commissioners for a while as you may know. I wanted them to propose a right to hunt, fish, trap and shoot amendment to the NC Constitution. They didn't do it, and I was mad.

Vince Gable made up for it by confronting a hostile crowd of liberals idiots in Blowing Rock a couple of weeks back.

I was especially proud of Gable as his eloquent speech was in stark contrast to Blowing Rock Town Councilman Doug Matheson who tried to bypass his lack of education by saying he alone knew what the founding fathers meant when they drafted the 2nd Amendent. Gable opined the originalist meaning of the Constitution and came across as educated and factual.

Gable DID SOMETHING! This is what people in America are hungary for. They want to see a politician in action - for personal freedom and liberty. The reason RINO Newt did so well in SC is because he came across in a way that connected with people. Vince did the same thing the other night in Blowing Rock (Vince isn't a RINO).

Although the fight was lost, Gable actually gained considerably in popularity. Folks were waiting for these Commissioners to "take action" for a while now.

Gable took action, and we are all better off for it.

I'm voting for Vince Gable and any other Commissioner who takes similar action. This is exactly what we want to see out of our politicians.

Anonymous said...

deal is going to run for NC Senate?

Blogger said...

We have our work cut out for us.

NewGuy said...

It will be interesting to see who comes out for county commission seats....Will there be any competition in the primaries? We have Gable's seat up for election and the two seats currently held by Democrats. Deal says he isn't running so that COULD be a pretty wide open seat - if there is a good candidate that comes forward for the Republicans.

Still haven't heard if Futrelle is interested in running again - if so, I don't think he will have a lot of support.

Of course the rhetoric hasn't started yet!

Johnny Rico said...

Go Vince Gable! Your THE man.

Johnny Rico said...

Hey Vince Gable. Fantastic job in standing up for freedom, liberty and the Constitution over in Blowing Rock a couple of weeks ago.

We will remember you as a Patriot during the next election.

Vince Gable - a true American