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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Obama,Those Damn Founders


NewGuy said...

I agree with Matt Lauer ...I didn't vote for Obama but I did have some hope for him when he was elected. I thought that he meant what he said about reducing the political rancor. I didn't know he meant that he wanted to eliminate Republican input and put them "in the back of the bus".

Sometimes I feel like Charlie Brown when Lucy moves that damned football again.

Sarkazein said...

WOW! He had both Houses in his first two years. All that college time and he's just learning there are three branches of the government. "Turns out" his OJT is not working. He is untrainable. There is a lot of rumor about him REALLY screwing up the Afghanistan War. Boy, I just can't decide whether to vote for him or Romney.

guy faulkes said...

If you are wise, you will vote for neither, Sark.

Wolf's Head said...

"Boy, I just can't decide whether to vote for him or Romney." Sark

Two sides of the same coin.

Sarkazein said...

Wolf's Head and Guy Faulkes- That's an insult to Obama isn't it?

Sarkazein said...

We here at the Establishment decided to let Santorum win a couple more States.

Blogger said...

Our forefathers pledged their lives and their fortunes to free us from the tyranny of a king. A lot of somnolent people voted in this "man who would be king." We can only pray now that even they can see what we all have been alarmed about. This Catholic thing just might jolt them awake. Notice I did not respond to you all's attempt to take us too far afield from this very important subject.

Sarkazein said...

In that one short clip, Obama expresses his dislike for the US Constitution and places blame on others for his record.

Johnny Rico said...

And Romney will be no better. The following link is to an article and video in which Romney himself touts the advantages of Mass. gun laws. This is exactly why I won't vote for Romney:

Blogger said...

How about all of you spending a little time reflecting on the video in this thread. As Krauthammer observed last night, the attack on the Catholics plays into our worst fears about Obama. One is that he is anti-religion, remember, “they cling to guns or religion.” Secondly, that he is gung ho to override the constitution and centralize as much of the government that he can get away with. Headlines across the country, even in the old media read, “Obama tramples first amendment etc.”

Sarkazein said...

Blogger- That's a given. Most Ultra-liberals/Communist whanna-bees are anti-religion. The more organized the religion (fewer guitars) the more they are anti.

Sarkazein said...

JR- Your link doesn't deal with Romney.

Johnny Rico said...


The fact Hussein Obama is going after religion is significant. Or at least we think it is. Will it be a game changer? I am afraid it won't be. Look at all the really serious things Hussein Obama has done with NO repurcussions.

1. Horizon Disaster - Did nothing for months and then said he was going to kick someone's ass.
2. Arab Spring - claimed this was good for the Middle East. Now that the Muslim Brotherhood is taking over, he says nothing.
3. Solyndra - gave billions to already failing businesses. The story seems to be fading. Not a peep.
4. Beer summit - called the cops out for making a lawful arrest and then tries to cover it with a beer. Lost story.
5. Fast and Furious. Perhaps has the most potential to damage the President. Story is fading. Some sources are indicating Speaker Bohner cut a deal with Democrats to make the scandal go away. RINOs are as bad as Hussein Obama.
5. Taking PAC money. Hussein Obama claimed he would reform elections. Funny he is now getting ready to take PAC money. Nothing said.
6. 57 states. Enough said.
7. Guantanamo Bay - a huge election issue in 2008. Not a peep from liberals on this.
8. Patriot Act - he resigned the Patriot Act which was a huge issue with liberals in 2008. Nothing said.
9. Wikileaks - many damaging cabals. Nothing said.
10. Remarks about Sarkozy that were unprofessional. We never hear about this now.
11. Health Care - 60% of Americans oppose. Fading issue.
12. Attack on Arizona and Alabama immigration laws. 70% of Americans supported bill 1070 in Arizona. People don't seem very concerned that illegal aliens are lowering the living wage, putting Americans out of jobs, filling jails and hospitals and using our welfare.

If this short list doesn't wake people the hell up, then how is the attack on Catholicism any different Blogger? I would like to believe people will wake up eventually, but somehow the things Hussein Obama does never seems to register.

Blogger, how do you think the Catholicism event will be any different?

guy faulkes said...

Excellent points, Rico.

The only difference is that the Catholic Church is a huge political force in it's own right. If they get mad, they are already organized to do something about it.

Blogger said...

Johnny, Thanks for the great post!

NewGuy said...

JRico Let's not overlook his overriding of the Voter ID legislation in South Carolina. SC, passed a voter ID bill not any different from numerous other states already have - but somehow, Obama's Justice Department, determined that it was "discriminatory".

"Columbia, S.C. - February 7, 2012 Attorney General Alan Wilson today filed a lawsuit in United State District Court against the federal government and the head of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), Attorney General Eric Holder.

The DOJ has refused to allow South Carolina to enact its Voter I.D. law, claiming it does not adequately protect voters from discrimination, per the 1965 Voting Rights Act. However, very similar laws have been upheld by the United States Supreme Court (in the case of Indiana), and even pre-cleared by the DOJ itself (in the case of Georgia).

The state's Voter I.D. law was passed in 2011, and requires voters to show photo identification. The identification can be obtained free of charge from the S.C. Department of Motor Vehicles.

The complaint explains: "The covered voting changes in Act R54 [Voter I.D. law] do not and will not prohibit any voter in South Carolina from voting for or electing his or her preferred candidate of choice."

In fact, "South Carolina's photo identification law does not bar anyone from voting, but merely imposes on voters a responsibility to obtain an approved photo identification card and to bring it to the polls unless one of the exemptions in Section 5 of Act R54 applies."

Said Attorney General Wilson, "The DOJ has denied citizens in South Carolina protection of a law that the U.S. Supreme Court upheld in Indiana, and the DOJ itself pre-cleared for Georgia."

Read more: