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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Representative Jonathan Jordan Files For Second Term

Jonathan Jordan, First term Republican in the NC House, represents Watauga and Ashe counties. He is a resident of Ashe county and filed there yesterday for a second term as our  District 93 Representative. Jordan is seen as an "up and comer" conservative with an A- conservative rating by the Civitas organization and with a 90% conservative voting record.

He defeated Democrat Cullie Tarleton in 2010 for the seat. Tarleton has filed for a rematch this year.


Anonymous said...

We have had enough Cullie Tarleton to last a lifetime. Enough is enough!

Thanks Jonathan Jordan for representing us well for the first time in recent memory!

Anonymous said...

I second that. Mr. Jordan is one of the very few that has common sense and respect for the people.

Anonymous said...

When I think of Cullie, I think ENOUGH IS ENOUGH too! There's a reason you weren't reelected Cullie. We didn't want you! Still don't!

Anonymous said...

There is a reason Cullie wasn't reelected, slander and lies coming from Raleigh and Washington DC. I saw Cullie Tarleton more than I have ever seen an elected official in my life, and not just during campaign season! I strongly believe that Mr. Tarleton has no reason to run other than to work for his constituents, and he obviously has no other political ambitions. He was a fighter for education, and that's exactly what we need while the nut jobs in Raleigh try to de-fund whats remains of pre-k education.

Anonymous said...

Jordan will have his work cut out for him. I understand Tharleton is once again going to be financed by big money form outside the district. This was how he outspent Wilson years ago.

As anonymous 5:47 's post shows, he is going to try to bribe votes from the defacto teacher;s union.

Anonymous said...

Jordan may have his work cut out for him, I agree. Cullie has never stopped running for office since the day he lost the last election. He has lots of money behind him and the liberal establishment in this area that is willing to continue to spend money we don't have will support Cullie. And, there are a lot of them.

But, the taxpayers who foot the bills know better. Jordan and the Republican legislature has stopped the bleeding. Cullie will try to open up those arteries and spend, spend, spend!

Cullie, enough is enough!

NewGuy said...

JEFFERSON, NC: On Tuesday, February 28th, Republican Jonathan C. Jordan reapplied for
the position of NC House Representative for District 93, which after redistricting continues to
include all of Ashe and Watauga Counties. A local attorney with a regional law practice and
strong ties to the High Country, Jordan has been a strong advocate for the citizens of the district
during his time in Raleigh. His campaign theme “Promises Made, Promises Kept” sounds a
clear note about where the Deputy Majority Whip has concentrated his efforts during the tough
economic climate facing our state.
“I ran a campaign based on strong conservative principles and values, a stronger state economy
providing more jobs, a government focused on core services, and a tax system less burdensome
on our state’s taxpayers,” Jordan noted. “During my time in Raleigh we have balanced a budget
that was facing a $3.7 billion shortfall, while protecting students and classrooms, achieving a
record tax cut for citizens, and doing so without the luxury of billions in federal funds.”
“I am reapplying for the job based on my record, and I am pleased to compare my record to any
challenger,” Jordan stated.
“We have provided small businesses in our state with a $50,000 income tax credit to fuel the
primary job-creation engine in our economy. Compare that to a paltry $1,000 per year job tax
credit pushed by the previous legislature,” Jordan stated.
“The National Education Association, in its latest report on the state of education, reported that
North Carolina has improved to 42nd in the nation in per-pupil expenditures, versus 45th in 2010-
11 and 43rd in 2009-10, under previous legislative leadership,” Jordan continued. “In fact,
according to the state Department of Public Instruction, we increased state-funded public school
employees by 4,613, although you will hear the lies repeated endlessly to the contrary.”
Jordan practices law in Ashe and Watauga Counties. His primary focus is real estate, wills and
trusts, traffic issues, and business law, but he has also served as a Guardian ad Litem Attorney
Advocate, representing abused and neglected children in DSS cases. Jordan previously served on
the board of the Ashe County Home Builders Association, the Ashe County Pregnancy Care
Center, and the Local Advisory Council of Legal Aid Of North Carolina, Inc. (Boone Office); as
well as currently serving on the boards of the Ashe County Free Medical Clinic, where he is the
Immediate Past Chair, and the Ashe County Chamber of Commerce.
Jordan and his wife, Tracie McMillan Jordan, reside near West Jefferson in Ashe County and
have a young son and daughter.

POST OFFICE BOX 1473 (336) 977-8440

Johnny Rico said...

Go Johnathan Jordan. You get my vote. You DID something during your term in office.

Cullie Tarleton tried to halt Sunday hunting in Watauga County due to religious extremism. And the liberals like him? What an idiot.

Go Johnathan Jordan!!!

Anonymous said...

Jordan is doing a great job and cully should take the hint. We had a chance to elect cully back again and we chose not to.