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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Virginia Foxx files for Re-election is reporting that Congresswoman Virginia Foxx filed today for another term!

Congresswoman Foxx
"Congresswoman Virginia Foxx filed for election today at the Watauga County Board of Elections.  She will be running for re-election in North Carolina’s Fifth Congressional District. “I am energized and dedicated to continue working hard to find common-sense solutions to the challenges facing North Carolinians. It is time we implement solutions that solve problems without expanding government and creating more debt that burdens future generations,” Foxx said." from

In the last election, Foxx easily defeated local Democrat Billy Kennedy by a nearly 2 to 1 margin.

Congresswoman Foxx is consistently ranked as one of the most conservative members of congress.


FoxxFann said...

You Go, Virginia!

Wolf's Head said...

Thank God.

Wish the rest of Congress was as conservative.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord. She didn't win her own county (Watauga) in 2008. This evil lady needs to take a long walk off of a short pier. BTW, Jesus was a liberal. Read the Bible and deal with it.

Wolf's Head said...

Did Jesus condone gay marriage?

Did Jesus condone taking people's property away by force?

Did Jesus condone banning public prayer?

Maybe you should "Read the Bible and deal with it".

Sarkazein said...

Yea, Jesus was a big government guy. He asked all to vote for Pontius Pilatus to raise taxes and pay for their healthcare. Jesus was a big pro-choice guy too.
Who was it that said-- "Be fruitful and multiply if it's convenient"?

NewGuy said...

As I recall, she won sixteen of the 20 Watauga County precincts in 2008. Anonymous is correct that the precincts which are dominated by college students voted for the Obama led Democrats.

The taxpayers voted for Virginia Foxx as they did overwhelmingly in 2010. Foxx has the support of the majority of fifth district voters.

She is a solid conservative in a conservative district and in a county that, except for the University crowd, is about as conservative as she is.

Thanks Virginia!