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Friday, March 16, 2012

Democrats Change The Facts AGAIN

When the  Federal Funding for education  was reduced last year, the impact in North Carolina  was the loss of funding for 7400 Public School Positions. The Republican NC State Legislature stepped up and provided  STATE FUNDING for 4600 ADDITIONAL positions to partially offset those losses. You may also recall that our REPUBLICAN dominated Board of County Commissioners increased the Watauga County funding for our schools by nearly a Million Dollars over previous years.

Statewide, we have 7400 FEWER federally funded positions and 2000 fewer locally funded positions. A total of 9400 FEWER postions in our NC PUBLIC SCHOOLS.....well, not quite! The state increased it's funding and added 4600 new state paid positions which decreased the state wide loss to 4800 net total losses.

Now, Democrats are not going to let a chance to distort some numbers pass without at least an attempt at obfuscation. Their current propaganda campaign is to argue that NC has fewer teachers as a result of the Republican State Legislators budget. Of course this budget is within a half of one percent of what was requested by Dem governor Perdue and of course it replaced more than HALF of the positions whose funding was cut by the Federal government and resulted in a significant INCREASE in state funded teacher positions.

Democrats are hoping that the voters will be fooled by this spin. The fact is that the cuts in NC Public School employment are not because of cuts by the STATE legislature - the STATE increased it's funding! The cuts are mostly in the federal funding and in some county/municipal funding OTHER THAN WATAUGA.



Anonymous said...

Don't forget the discretionary cuts by the state that isn't included in your numbers. Oh and nearly $1 million by the county commissioners....not quite, but what is $240K among friends right (barely over half of what was requested). But you wouldn't distort facts. You sound like a candidate or party puppet...which is it?

Anonymous said...

From $10.816,179 (2010-11 county to school board) to `11.801,164 (2011-12 county to school board)

Sounds like "nearly a million" to me.

You're blindly repeating the propaganda anonymouse. Do some research.

NewGuy said...

It didn't take long for one of them to show up here and make up a few facts, did it?