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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

For Our Second Ammendmenters

For Our Second Ammenders


G.I.G said...

This wont matter soon. It will be illegal to carry a gun anywhere but your home and getting it or ammo to there will require a permit.

guy faulkes said...

I do not think so, G.I.G. As a matter of fact, twelve more states are proposing to go to Vermont style concealed carry (no permit). The "assault Rifle" has become mainstream. They sell AR15s at WalMart. Also a concealed carry reciprocity law between states is being considered federally.

However, fears such as yours are once again making gun and ammo sales skyrocket. Obama and other liberals are the best gun salesmen in existence.

I have no way to verify it, but a gun store owner told me that over 100 people have recently taken the concealed carry class in ONE weekend in Caldwell County. He also told me he had shipments from two suppliers come in on Thursday and had sold almost every gun by Monday afternoon.

Thanks fo the link, Blogger. Everyone that owns a gun should read In The Gravest Extreme by Massad Ayoob. It is the definitive work on self defense, especially self defense with a gun.

G.I.G said...

Guy, when Obama wins a second term he will have no qualms about abolishing the second amendment. He will not have to worry about repercussions from his actions as he will not be able to run for a third term.

It will soon be illegal to carry anywhere on Boone owned property if the council has it's way.

Do you think they will hesitate to make gun ownership as onerous as possible if they have a lame duck Presidents lead to follow.

G.I.G said...

G.I.G said...

Sorry my last post was in the wrong thread.

guy faulkes said...

Obama will not be able to do anything in the event Romney gets the Republican nomination, there by insuring an Obama victory. He will be stalemated by Congress. Romney would be more likely to succeed with anti gun legislation than Obama.

You are correct that liberals (of both parties) try to make gun ownership as hard as possible. However this is an issue that results in the defeat of the liberal agenda.

For instance the ability for municipalities to post parks at all will likely be eliminated. The amendment that allowed them to do so was added by liberal Republicans. One has decided not to run and the others will face some interesting challenges int the primaries and the general election if they make it that far.

Sarkazein said...

Michael Moore and Barack Obama (or whatever his real name might be) have sold more guns than anyone in history. I think GIG is taking a stab at being facetious with his comments. Hard to tell for sure.

G.I.G said...

Sarc, search my posts on this site. I have been and will be a staunch proponent of the second amendment.

I also believe as most libertarians do in as little governmental intrusion in to my private life as possible .

This includes both my rights as a CCW permit holder. As well as the rights of who sleeps with who determining their legal rights as a couple.

Maybe you think the sexual preference of someone should determine their ability to posses a CCW as well as a marriage licence?