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Friday, March 23, 2012

For Those Who Say Might as Well Re-elect Obama Than Romney

Romney Will, Obama Won't


matt said...

Each of those should start with "Romney Says he will..."

Lets be honest, its a campaign, we will all look back at this 4 years from now and laugh about what was said.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not arguing against the guy over Obama...but lets not view him as a God quite yet...I'm not so sure he has a great history of telling the truth (like any other politician), so don't trust him further than you can throw him.

guy faulkes said...

Romney will actually try to do few if any of the statements listed. He is an Obama clone.

Wolf's Head said...

I agree with Guy.

Romney is ESTABLISHMENT. What does that mean? He believes in government, not freedom.

IF he is elected Romney will look at all of the problems and think that the only way to fix them is with government.

The debt? Why, he'll cut some spending but will not cut taxes to any great degree. The debt will still increase beyond control, the numbers demand drastic and severe cuts in spending, he won't do that.

ObamaCare? Remember Bob "Let's Make a Deal" Dole? He wrote a letter to the NRA declaring how he would eliminate the dreaded "Assault Weapon" ban, and after getting the NRA's endorsement then wrote them another letter telling them that there was nothing he could do about it and the NRA and 100 million gun owners were just going to have to suffer.

He lost, big time. Romney will do the same with Obamacare.

Romney's running his mouth about all the things he gonna change when elected, but he is there to perpetuate the status quo.

Blogger said...

Responses to this Romney post reminded me of the mental patient who thought he was dead. The psychiatrist asked him “Do dead people bleed? The patient snorted: “Of course dead people don’t bleed.”

The psychiatrist grabbed the man’s hand and pricking the man’s finger, drew blood. The patient responded “Well I’ll be damned, dead people do bleed!”

Johnny Rico said...

How in the world does any true conservative not see the fallacy in electing a rinotard, liberal socialist sheep like Romney. He gave Mass. a health care law that Hussein Obama's current health care law is based on. There is no possible way he will be able to get over that little fact during the election. Not to mention he signed GUN CONTROL bills into laws. He supported an assault weapons ban. Romney is a big government kind of guy just like Dole, both Bushes, Newt, RINO Rick Perry, idiot John McCain, and most especially that fat little idiot Karl Rove.

Romney will not win this election, and I'm glad. Hussein Obama may very well plunge us into socialism in December 2012, but better him than a supposed alli (Romney). If the American people are this dumbed down, then they deserve what they get.

We did have a decent choice or two, but sheaple in this nation believed the news media. Ron Paul and Michelle Bachman were as conservative as one can get, but they made it nowhere. Now we are saddled with establishment favorites.

Romney will never get my vote, and I will actively campaign against him. Bloggers, look no further than John Boehner for a snapshot of Romney. Boehner promised us many things, and I haven't seen or heard the guy in months. What is he doing? NOTHING.

We need a conservative like Vince Gable who is willing to DO SOMETHING in this country. Until we get one of those, I won't ever vote for the lesser of two evils again. RINOs deserve the impending defeat that's coming to them.

Skip Stam - you will lose the next election by a landslide for turning your back on gun owners.

Johnny Rico

WhatsInAName said...

Johnny, you seem to be perpetually pissed-off (and probably only truly happy in that state). Out of sheer curiosity, can you name a president/major political figure from the last half-century that you don't consider to be a "RINO", "socialist", "communist", or "fascist"?

Johnny Rico said...

What's in an Idiot,

How about taking your attitude elsewhere you idiot. Are you pissed off that I'm right or simply miffed about me trashing once unassailable RINOs? Well, which is it?

The last 50 years gives us 1962 as a cutoff date. Not much to work with there, however there are a few. Presidents are mostly out with the possible exceptions of Nixon and Reagan (Nixon liked wage control and Reagan voted for some gun control). The rest were big government idealists bent on savaging unassuming villagers such as yourself.

But lets delve a bit deeper my challenged friend and take a blunt look at some good ones. Jesse did a pretty decent job. I liked and voted for him every time. Helms attacked special interests, big government and didn't suffer fools too well. He put power in the hands of people and stood, without any ill effects, against the liberal tide that now gives the siren call to folks like you. In more recent times we can look to folks like Rand Paul, Michelle Bachman and Sharon Angle as excellant conservative candidates.

Out of curiosity, what in the world were you thinking of asking a sophmoric question like that? A true amateur I see.

There are very few politicians who do what they are supposed to do - represent the people and uphold the Constitution.

Johnny Rico said...

What's in a dunce,

How about telling us how you feel on the Trayvon Martin shooting. Justfied or not and why? This ought to be interesting......

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico

Melissa Shepard

Melissa Shepard said...

--10 Presidents
--Hundreds of Senators
--Thousands of Representatives

And you pick a Nevada State Rep, a newly-minted junior Senator, and a blatant racist as your acceptable....sorry, "excellant" [sic] politicians.

You live in a very bleak and lonely world. I'm just glad the rest of us haven't taken up residence there.

guy faulkes said...

I wonder what Rico's opinion of Shepard's world is. Shepard certainly has some strange opinions. She gives no facts to back up her personal attack.

Paul has a very good grasp of needed improvements for the economy, as does Bauchman in respect of the economy and foreign policy. Helms was the progressives' worst nightmare as he was a very influential conservative in the Senate. This caused them to make many personal attacks against him, as did Shepard against Rico.

If you want to talk about racist Senators, how about Byrd. He was a senior member of the KKK.

Ms. Shepard should talk policies if she wants to detract from a politician.

It'sTheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt said...

Johnny can like whatever politicians he chooses. But it's interesting that out of thousands of people and policies, he can only list a few he constitutes as "good".

I asked which politicians from the past 50 years he liked. A simple and straightforward question focusing on a positive framework. Johnny's response began with a bevy of childish insults, then he proceeded to list who he didn't like. Quite the pessimist.

Johnny is a catastrophist. And like nearly every other catastrophist, his rants are quite entertaining for their lunacy and originality.

guy faulkes said...

Once again, you make no reference to any policies of any politicians, only personal attacks on Rico.

Your post is not relevant to anything but your opinion.

Say something that means something. Why do you not like Paul, Bauchman, or Helms? What about Byrd and the KKK?

BoomGoesTheDynamite said...

Guy, I neither liked Helms nor Byrd because of their blatant racism (even though Byrd eventually denounced racial intolerance). I voiced no opinion about R. Paul or Bachmann.

I asked a very simple question of Johnny. Why you felt the need to interject is beyond me.

Sarkazein said...

Boom- That's the way a political blog works, one may comment on anyone's comment. It is not called "interject" as you were not interrupted in mid-paragraph. In fact, the two comments (yours and Guy Faulkes) were a half an hour apart.

guy faulkes said...

i posted because I wanted to know why you chose to attack Rico. You still have given no reasons for ridiculing the people she said she liked. Now you are backing up on two of them.

Please give me an example of Helms being a racist.

HappyDays said...

My question caused Johnny to think in a positive sense for a brief moment, instead of her typical self-imposed zombie-apocalypse world view. She hasn't complained about it, so it must be a good thing.

But apparently Guy is very upset because, well, who knows. Maybe he's old-Johnny in disguise.

guy faulkes said...

No, HM, I wish I could write a post as well as Rico does when she wants to do so. She exhibits a mastery that I am not capable of attaining. As she has said before, she uses this blog to vent. I use it to try to discuss issues that interest me.

Just because I exposed a weakness in your change of logic, there is not reason to prove me correct by making reticulation accusations.

I also defend others on this blog. I even defended LPOV's right to post until he became so offensive that others convinced me he needed to go.

This does make the point that Anonymous was correct in that blog names largely make insecure people argue with personalities instead of statements.

I am neither Sark, New Guy, Blogger, Rico, or anyone else that posts here.

It is telling that yous till have not posted a reply as to why you do not like those that Rico said she liked. In particular, you have posted nothing that supports your claim Helms was a racist.

EverybodyLovesGuy said...

Again, I only voiced an opinion about Helms. You can go back and read it again if you'd like. I also am unaware why you would be so insulted that I would ask Johnny who her favorite politicians are. Do you feel left out? Ok.

Guy, who have been your favorite politicians?

And if you are arguing that Helms wasn't racist, then you must be living in some alternate universe. From the Helms Wikipedia page:

Helms opposed many progressive policies regarding race, such as busing, the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act. He once referred to the University of North Carolina (UNC) as the "University of Negroes and Communists".

Helms called the Civil Rights Act of 1964 "the single most dangerous piece of legislation ever introduced in the Congress", and sponsored legislation to either extend it to the entire country or scrap it altogether. Helms reminded voters that he tried, with a 16-day filibuster, to stop the Senate from approving a federal holiday to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., although he had fewer reservations about establishing a North Carolina state holiday for King.

He has been accused of being a segregationist by some political observers and scholars, such as USA Today's DeWayne Wickham who wrote that Helms "subtly carried the torch of white supremacy" from Ben Tillman.

In 1996 the Department of Justice admonished Helms's 1990 campaign for mailing 125,000 postcards to households in predominantly African-American precincts warning them (incorrectly) that they could go to jail if they had not updated their addresses on the electoral register since moving.

Helms opposed "every piece of civil rights and affirmative action legislation" and blocked "black judges from being considered for the federal bench". In 1982, he voted against the extension of the Voting Rights Act. Helms opposed busing, supported the "racist apartheid regime of South Africa", and "for years blocked attempts by President Bill Clinton to appoint a Black judge on the Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals". Only when Helms's own judicial choices were threatened with blocking did attorney Roger Gregory of Richmond, Virginia get confirmed. Helms also tried to block the nomination of Carol Moseley Braun, the first African-American female senator, as ambassador to New Zealand.


guy faulkes said...

And how do you prove the reasons Helms had for voting as he did were racist? Do you think everyone that disagrees with you is racist, HM?

My favorite politicians are Washington, Jefferson, Reagan, Foxx, Burr, and Helms on the national level. I like Jordan, McHenry, and Soucek on the state level. I like Sarah Palin and Jan Brewer. I like Herman Cain and Rick Santorum. I like Gable, Miller, and Blust on the county level. I will support Adams.

How about you?

PoorUncleJesse said...

Yes, I'm sure the "University of Negroes and Communists" was a term of endearment.

guy faulkes said...

Whoeveryouclaimtobenow or Anonymous as the case may be

Helms said King was a communist. He was privy to sealed documents that he said proved it. We will know at some point if he was right when these documents are not sealed. Maybe the comment is the truth or are you saying there are no Negro communists? Are they not capable of being the most powerful force in a university?

He never said he was anti black. He did oppose communism and socialism.

Helms was not a hypocrite as is the majority of the left. He said what he meant. He should be respected for that whether you agreed with him or not.

Now, what politicians do you like?

NegroCommunist said...

Good thing I went to Negro-Communist State University then.

Go NC State!

guy faulkes said...

Well, that might explain why you will not answer the same question you asked, Anonymous.

I would expect you are LPOV3, but you are more articulate than he was and he was the best of the trio. You do use the same tactics.

Johnny Rico said...

Negro communist idiot,

I've been unable to reply to your pedantic rants for some days now; too busy working hard to pay for all the dead weight in this country. This includes most liberals, illegal aliens, and those duped into free handout servitude through nanny state entrapment programs.

As for me being Guy, no way. I'm a peace loving, defense oriented "strong" female ready to do battle with cognitive midgets such as yourself. Were you born a stupid liberal, or did you just get that way somehow? Honest question. Guy,by stark contrast, is much more savory in his tone and message - a true professional, not to mention he is a man. I have breasts (fairly large I might add) and, unless he is undergoing a sex change of some type, Guy doesn't have those appendages.

Now, down to the sheer essence of the bashing your about to receive. Ole Jesse, one of the single greatest politicians this country has ever known fought hard for the common man. His approach to big government was to dismantle it, oftne by any means necessary. This puts him in that rare class called Patriots. I know that term is foreign to someone like you, but it reasonates among folks who value things like personal responsibility, freedom, and tradition.

You say Jesse voted against the Voting Rights Act. So did Virginia Foxx a few years back. One of my first posts, ever, on Watauga Watch (they won't let me post there anymore because I took over) dealt with the Voting Rights Act. This "Act" says NC polling locations must be monitored by the Federal Government to discourage acts of discrimination. WTF? What discrimination has taken place at NC polling locations to warrant the Feds to come in and monitor? Funny how Black Panthers can threaten people in Pennsylvania, yet NC is the object of a Reconstruction Era concept. And you support the Voting Rights Act? Your even more of a lemming than I thought!


Johnny "Stinger" Rico said...

The Civil Rights Act was indeed very dangerous. Helms understood that interpretation of the Civil Rights Act by liberlas might lead to even more acts of discrimination. He was right. Race based quotas are just as discriminatory as blacks sitting in the back of the bus. Ask the firefighters in New Hampshire about quotas.

Creating a divide based on race, not on the most qualified, has led to many types of problems, including the recent disparagement of an innocent Florida man defending his life via the 2nd Amendment (Zimmerman was attacked by a black, and now Civil Rights leaders like Jackson and Sharpton are creating a racial divide over the incident - with help from Hussein Obama).

Then we have your use of the word "Negro" as if it's something less than accepted. Does this mean the Negro College Fund is a racial organization? By your liberal philosophy it must be. Funny, I donated to the Negro College Fund at one time in order to help young Negros attend college. And this was wrong somehow? Please explain. This ought to be interesting.

Helms did block many folks from political appointments. Many of those appointments were made based on skin color, not qualifications, which is a defining virtue of racism. By default, your a racist then if you supported the appointment of Negros based on skin color. As for South Africa, tell me something, and this one always stumps idiots like you, why did they do away with South African nukes immediatley before aparteid ended? A fabulous question that even the most ardent liberal socialist sheep has an extremely hard time answering. Well, hotshot, how about it?

Tough questions, tough questions

I doubt I'll get an answer from you on any of this, but then again, we've come to expect racism, emotion before facts, and a confused sense of altruism from liberal socialist sheep such as yourself. LOL!!

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico

PS It's so nice to have someone to bulldoze into a pile of rubble that I fear I've done too good of a job (again). Your remind me of another vanquished idiot named Rainsford (Mike D). He made the mistake of going up against me and he had to quit this site in shame. Same for POVs, Tricycle Lard, Shylock, and a host of other idiots.

Sarah Lockwood

Stings don't it?

General Zarrof said...

On guuuaaaaaaarrrddd Rainsford (English accent spoken).

Sarkazein said...

To say nothing of the historical fact that Communists infiltrated and were part of the Civil Rights Movement. Including one of the founders of the NAACP in one Mr. DuBoise, a hero of Obama's.

Sarah Lockwood said...

Johnny, good to see that you're back to your ulcer-inducing self. Down with everybody!

Why you've automatically labelled me as a "stupid liberal" is amusing. Is it because I didn't like Jesse Helms? I also didn't like Robert Byrd, does that make me a conservative slug? Or maybe I'm a Communist, I mean, I did like JFK and I have some "book lernin'". Hmm, but Fidel and the North Korean Kims aren't my role models. Now I'm confused. I despise Hilary Clinton. Maybe I hate women. But I support Virginia Foxx. Does that make me a feminist? Oh, I know, maybe it's all about race. I can't stand Jessie Jackson. No, that can't be it. I like Alan West and Condi Rice. Perhaps I'm a "Negro-lover"?

Speaking of "Negroes", you ask why it is sometimes acceptable to use the word and other times not. Well, it's all about context. You may find it difficult to digest, but not everything is a finite black or white (no pun intended). In your apocalyptic world, people are either socialists or patriots, liberals or patriots, gun-haters or patriots, wombats or patriots, and so on. Your four-horsemen have no concept of grey areas or contextual variances.

In context, saying "United Negro College Fund" is not charged with racially provocative undertones. In contrast, saying ""crime rates and irresponsibility among Negroes are a fact of life which must be faced." (A TV editorials at WRAL in Raleigh during the Civil Rights movement, which Helms also described as filled with "moral degenerates.") or "White people, wake up before it is too late. Do you want Negroes working beside you, your wife and your daughters, in your mills and factories? Frank Graham favors mingling of the races." (an ad created by Helms for the Senate campaign of Willis Smith in 1950) not only conveys undertones...but has blatant overtones of racial bias and negativity. Context my dear, context.

Again, glad to see you fixed the WiFi connection in your doomsday bunker.

PS: Boo!

guy faulkes said...

It would be interesting to see which had the most book learning between Rico and Anonymous. I beleive Rico once said she had multiply master's degrees. What do you have, nameless one?

Of course either of you can claim anything, but Rico has in the past posted very articulate statements that were backed up by sources. The nameless one finally partially answered the question he asked others, after much prodding. One does not have to prod Rico. This gives her more credence, IMHO.

Nameless One, do you believe the Civil Rights Act was influenced by communists?

Johnny Rico said...

Sarah Dimwood,

If I give you ulcers, that's your problem. As long as you don't use my hard earned taxpayer dollars to treat your ulcers, then I might be inclined to give you some sympathy and moral support (which has worked for mankind for the past several thousand years). As for your love list - I'm mildly unimpressed. Those you mentioned, with the exception of Patriot Jesse Helms, are hardly worth their weight in saltpeter. As for being a negro-lover, that again is your choice. The great thing about a conservative is they are the most accepting bunch in the world as long as it doesn't mean having others views forced upon them. If you have intimate relations with black people, then I hope it's fun. If you procreate with a run of the mill muslim who forces you to wear a veil, beats you, and doesn't allow you to attend school - that's on you. Just don't force me into accepting those very same things which has become the hallmark for a liberal socialist sheep such as yourself.

As for your contextual variation theory, it is weak. You say Negro can be used as a bad word in a certain context. In every scenario you listed, the words white, African American, Indian, Jap, Red Dot Indian and any other nationality can be inserted for intended effect. This is lost on radicals like you who insist that Negro, black or other such descriptors are all bad.

This has to do with a concept born of liberals like you. It's called political correctness. Talk about an oxymoron; how do you have the words political and correct in the same sentence? Yet you liberals love to social engineer what you think the world should be.

Use Negro here and not there. Kids shouldn't hug other kids. Animals have the same rights as humans. Children shouldn't be allowed to sled ride without helments. The 2nd Amendment is meaningless. The list goes on becoming larger each day. Yet you liberal troglydytes keep it up.

Funny how Senator Byrd was given a pass by liberals on his KKK days, yet Helms is villified. Why the disparity?

You still never answered the nuke question. Told you it always stumps a liberal. Helms asked that very question one time - drove the fringe left (you) absolutely nuts!!! LOL!!!!!

My doomsday bunker doesn't have Wi-Fi - why would you need it if the world came crashing down. I do have a Farraday Cage capable of protecting automobiles. A Carrington Event will occur sometime in the future. What will YOU do? LOL.

Your dearest ole pal

Roger Martin-Rich

Johnny Rico


PS Know how to scare a liberal? Mention the word personal responsiblity! LOL!!!

Johnny Rico said...

Mike D (Rainsford) is back posting again. I must have brought him out of hiding. We had a brain connection last night (I thought something was wrong with my head and breasts), but it was just Mike D calling in from long range. Our dear Rainsford is back with us, if only for a short while. I so much enjoy this chap. He is intelligent to a fault, thinks highly of himself, and evinces fleeting, episodic vignettes of amiability. Too bad I am forced to bulge slap this man into shape from time to time. He does however screw with the senseless idiots over on the watch. At any rate Mike D, welcome to
A Watauga Conservative. We hope your time here is well spent, fruitful, and, above all, fun.

Who, Mike D (Rainsford) will YOU be voting for in November? This ought to be interesting........

Your ole pal

Gary Hornady

Johnny Rico

Johnny Rico said...

Hussein Obama is such an idiot. He keeps screwing up. I don't think he will have the students behind him as much this year, nor will blacks be as eager to make it to the polls (the ones that do will of course vote based on skin color as evidenced by exit polling in past years). He's pissed off the Catholics. Gas prices are high. Housing prices remain slumped (they can't lie about house prices like they can unemployment). He pissed off people in the Trayvon Martin shooting (Justified shoot by the way).

How can the Republitards lose this one is the question. Although I won't vote for Romney, I still hope the guy beats Hussein Obama. Obama is a race baiting socialist who couldn't lead a bunch of special needs children out of a 10 foot cirle. To think we elected such an idiot is beyond me. Then again, our country is filling up with illegal aliens, deadbeats looking for a handout (liberals, pov, jack, and Jw), and criminals.

Karl Rove is an idiot too. What a RINOtard. Still like him better than Hussein Obama. Where's the Tea Party?