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Monday, March 12, 2012

Money in Politics - Did Money Buy the Republican Victory in 2010?

Over and over and over again, we have heard how the Koch Brothers, or Art Pope "bought" the state legislature in the 2010 elections. Probably, if you asked the average man-in-the-street in Watauga county which candidates had the money advantage in 2010, they would respond that the advantage was to the Republican candidates.

Cullie Tarleton,
who lost his house seat to Jonathan Jordan in 2010 has recently claimed that  Jonathan Jordan didn't win the 2010 election for NC House 93. No, according to Mr Tarleton, "Art Pope defeated me."   Mr. Tarleton is, as readers here know, running again for that seat.

Let's look at a few facts....NC Democrats outspent Republicans in NC HOUSE  races by a large margin in 2010. Democrats spent $8.3 MILLION on their House elections  while Republicans spent $5.1 MILLION. The "outside" groups spent another $1.1 Million on Republican candidates and less than $100K on Dems. Even when adding the "outside" money to the candidate spending and you still have to give the spending advantage to the Dems by over $2MILLION! Yes, that's right - Dems candidates for the NC house had a $2.Million Dollar PLUS advantage in the 2010 campaign.

And, that's just for the HOUSE!
Take a closer look at the Jonathan Jordan defeat of two term Representative Tarleton. Tarleton went into the campaign with a war chest built up over previous races and was able to campaign with a $505,544.00 campaign treasury! According to the NC Free Enterprise Foundation Mr Tarleton spent more money on his campaign in 2010 than any other candidate from either party spent on theirs. Hard to believe that the candidate for a state house of representatives for Ashe and Watauga counties, spent more on his race than any candidate for any NC House seat! (By contrast, Jordan spent LESS than $100.000)

Yes, it's likely that Jordan did receive some benefits from outside groups spending...but so did Cullie Tarleton. (Keep in mind too,  that the $1 Million extra that was pumped into Republican campaigns was not all spent in Ashe/Watauga)  I don't know what portion of that money was spent in this District - but with 120 house seats up, it's doubtful that enough was spent here to overcome the more than $400, 000.00 advantage that Cullie had.

Keep this in mind when you hear or read about how the election was "bought". Dems outspent Repubs by a substantial margin, but the voters were able to determine for themselves who best to represent them.

Cullie Tarleton had a record as our Representative, that's what beat him, NOT Art Pope!


guy faulkes said...

It is indeed ironic that Tarleton is making this claim. He outspent Gene Wilson three to one when he defeated Wilson, using outside money. I hear Tarleton is planning to buy the election again.

Anonymous said...

'Wonder how much Soros will contribute to the progressives?

NewGuy said...

Tarleton is not the only one to try to make this an issue - it's become a Democrat talking point! The problem is that the facts don't support their arguments.

No matter, the Dem philosophy seems to be that if you repeat something often enough, you will have a lot of people believing you.

It would seem like a strange mantra for Cullie to adopt though...seeing as how he spent more money on his last race than any other candidate in North Carolina! He has a lot of money behind him, but wants to campaign as the financial underdog.

Anonymous said...