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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

NC UNEMPLOYMENT RATE HITS 10.5%, Watauga also up.

January figures, which were released today by the NC Dept of Commerce show an increase in NC's Unemployment rate to 10.5% . This is up from the 9.8% reported for December of 2011 and is even higher than January of last year when the rate was 10.4%.

Watauga's rate for January was 9.3%. - up from Decembers 7.8% and even worse than last January's 8.6%!

Ashe...Jan '12- 14.2%;     December 11 was 11.6%   and January of last year -  13.8%
Avery....            13.4%                                   12.2%                                           12.4%

Obama may think we are having a recovery, but these numbers aren't showing it!



Wolf's Head said...

Just more of Obama's and Perdue's Hope and Change....

G.I.G said...

#s like this make me even more confident that I made the right choice to put my business on the market so I can leave Boone. My employees will have to ad to those %s

I have never seen a less small business friendly town and state. And i moved here from the north east over twenty years ago so that standard was hard to top.

guy faulkes said...

I hope you can be successful in selling your business, G.I.G., if that is your desire, If it has to do with building or development, you may have a hard time. I am afraid these areas are going to get worse before they get better.

As the high country put all its eggs in the tourism basket, instead of diversifying into any kind of manufacturing pursuit, the entire economy is tied to this kind of work. We are in for a difficult situation for a long time.

GIG said...

Guy my business has neither development or building as a need for its success.

I have had offers but not as much as i was willing to consider.

I am very much more willing to lower my price every time i see the close mindedness and running of the town by the School and the Churches in it.

Johnny Rico said...

How can North Carolina have a 10.5% unemployment rate when the state is overrun with illegal aliens WHO WORK? Let me say it again. ILLEGAL ALIENS are taking jobs from Americans in North Carolina. Take Chetola or the Blowing Rock Country Club for example. They both employ illegal aliens over American citizens.

The same is happening all over the United States. ILLEGAL ALIENS are gainfully employeed while American citizens aren't. And I don't hear a peep from ANY of the Presidental candidates. Not a peep. They are staying away from that issue (and the gun issue) as they have no intention of deporting illegal aliens.

ICE has been ordered to NOT deport anything other than felons and not a peep from anyone. Both Democrats and Republitards are the reason we have 10.5% unemployment with thousands of criminals (illegal aliens) GAINFULLY employeed.

If State Republican Senator Skip Stam can't support our Constitutional Right to bear arms, how can we expect him and other RINOs to deport illegal aliens that destroy the living wage and take jobs from Americans? This country is in an absolute mess, and people really don't seem all that concerned. No Tea Party rallies, acceptance of high gas prices, and ambivalence toward the current crop of RINO candidates.

The hope and change that Hussein Obama preached 3 years ago seems to be working. At least the liberal socialist sheep are DOING SOMETHING. What is Speaker Boehner doing? I haven't see the dude in months. The Republitards are their own worst enemy. Who needs liberal socialist sheep like JW, Tricyle Lard, or Shylock (Shyster) when supposed conservatives are just as bad?

Hussein Obama goes back in via a landslide. I will actively campaign against RINO Romney. What an idiot.

Johnny Rico said...

Any liberals have anything to say to my last post concerning illegal aliens? LOL!! 3 days and not a comment.

I won.

Anonymous said...

Unemployment goes up and Perdue's arrogant, insensitive answer to these continued terrible conditions is to raise taxes.

What a slap in the face to struggling North Carolina citizens!