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Friday, March 23, 2012

Tim Wilson Withdraws from County Commission Race

"In The Know" posted the following comment a few minutes ago:
"In the Know said...
Tim Wilson tendered his letter of resignation of his intent to run for the office of county commissioner on Thursday, March 22, 2012. The republican executive committee will now have to meet and see if they can find someone to fill the vacancy."


I checked with the Watauga Board of Elections and they have confirmed that he has, in fact withdrawn from the race as of yesterday and also that the local Republican Executive Committee can select another candidate.

Thanks, "In The Know" for the info.


NewGuy said...

G.I.G said...

Mr Wilson did the only acceptable thing by not running. The decisions leading to his legal dilemma render him non electable at this point.

(G.I.G. Hope you don't mind, I added your comment to this thread as well.)

Anonymous said...

I was told at an event the other night that Perry Yates was going to appointed to fill the seat.

Anonymous said...

New Guy, when I compare and contrast the supposed Republican and Democratic candidates for County offices and the existing county oficials with Tim Wilson, considering his faults, which many of us are guilty of also, I would gladly vote for Tim Wilson over the rest of that disgusting, disingenuous crowd any day, neo-cons and progressives alike.

When one looks at the obvious shallow, urbane candidates who are running to represent Boone and ASU's interests only, it is beyond disgusting how the rural interests are once again being trampled upon by flippant, arrogant candidates who are abusing rural people for their own selfish interests and the Boone status quo they are loyal to.

Knows Things said...

Tim Wilson withdraws while the check bouncing Democratic candidate remains in the race despite the local Dems efforts to convince her to quit!!
Tim made a mistake. Roseman had numerous convictions for bad check problems.

Anonymous said...

Of course this isn’t the first time that the Watauga Dem party has encouraged someone not to run. They did the same thing with Doug McGuinn.
I am Doug’s neighbor. You probably don’t remember Doug. He ran for county commissioner in the Dem primaries against Mary Moretz and Tim Futrelle. Doug believes that the Constitution is the law of the land, especially the second amendment. He was on the NRA’s Second Amendment Task Force, when they adamantly opposed the assault-weapons ban. Doug is also a member of Gun Owners of America. He is opposed to any type of zoning, and at the time wanted the building of a new high school put to a vote by the electorate. His views were of course opposed left and right by the local Dem party.
When Doug was running against Mary Mortez he received a call from the head of the Watauga Dems begging him to withdraw from the race. When he was running against Tim Futrelle, his candidacy was treated like it was a big joke. Or as Doug told me he felt like the retarded kid of the family who every once in a while received a pat on the head and was told what a good kid he was, but was never taken seriously. Although no preference was supposed to take place during the primaries the Mayor of Boone gave a speech at the Dem convention wearing a Futrelle button. There was a service that took ASU voters to the poll to vote. Some of the students reported that on the bus they were highly encouraged to vote for Obama and Futrelle.
Doug got fed up with the local Dem party and is now registered as unaffiliated.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I sure do remember Doug McGuinn--a very decent and common sense gentlemen.

When Mr. McGuinn made his case before the Democrat party, Jerry Williamson approached him afterwards and told him that he (JW) knew that Mr. McGuinn was communicating with a certain activist, and JW told him to stay away from that activist.

This is an example of the arrogance towards and control the Williamsons have on the Democrat party and the county as a whole.

'So much for the tolerance of the Williamsons.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Tommy Adams withdraw, too? He had a DUI and resisting arrest. At least the dem candidate's mistakes (which I'm sure most on this board have committed) didn't have the chance to kill innocent people like Wilson and Adams.

Anonymous said...

I think that the dem candidate was arrested 6 or 7 times for bad checks. I really doubt that "most on this board" have even one criminal arrest for bad checks. Maybe anonymous you are hanging out with a different crowd than the rest of us?

Anonymous said...

You say Adams was arrested. Was he convicted?

What about the dem?

Anonymous said...

Adams admitted to it in the newspaper article. I would say that is a good sign that he did. Watauga county is notorious for being soft on crime. Conviction or not, an admission in a newspaper is proof enough.

NewGuy said...

Yes, Adams was charged with Driving under the influence when he was in college. He pled guilty. Here's what he said about it in the paper.

"“That was a stupid action almost a decade ago when I was a sophomore in college on Homecoming night, and it doesn't reflect the person I am today,” Adams said. “The kid I was in college is certainly not the man I am today, and I'm more interested in talking about issues than about what happened almost a decade ago.”

I can live with that and I will support him in every way possible in his race for the county commission. Naturally, the Billy Kennedy fans will dwell on this, but that's the way they do things when they have nothing substantial to offer on behalf of their candidate.

guy faulkes said...

Let's see. Adams had a DWI when he was a college kid. Obama used cocaine when he was a college kid.

Gee, which is the more serious?

Anonymous said...

Tommy Adams doesn't look, talk, or act any more mature now. I couldn't distinquish him from any other college student of today. And someone asked if he was convicted.

Well, Mr. Wilson hasn't been convicted either, and yet, he did the only thing he could do; he withdrew. Mr. Wilson was quoted as saying in a reply to a police officer, that he was not very smart. Plus, all the circumstances and evidence have yet to be made public about that incident.

There is also another Republican county official who has a DUI on his record, and he had a breathilizer device in his vehicle. Yet, before he ran for local office, he removed the device from his vehicle.

And of course, let's not forget about one of Virginia Foxx's top staff members.

'Seems that there is an epidemic going on re: DUIs, and the county officials and party bosses are not immune. 'Must be something in the water.

Also, Mr. Adams says he wants to talk about issues. Well, what about the issues, Mr. Adams? You, as the vice-chair of the county Republican party, and the other officers of the party, should seriously consider the issues and make some mature, hard decisions and make them public. Where have you been? So far that's not been the case. You and other Republican officials were in favor of the sales tax increase, and so far, you and most other county Republican officials have yet to say anything about your position re: Amendment One.

And what about your and other Republican bosses stand on the county finances and how the taxpayer's money has been spent in the recent past, plus how it should be managed presently and the future?

So, how about it, Mr. Adams? Let's hear it.

How about it, New Guy?

guy faulkes said...

Anonymous, how much did the Republicans raise taxes? I seem to remember none. They did investigate the possibility and decided not to do so.

While I do not favor higher taxes, it seems to me you are beating a dead horse.

Do you know of any Democrats with skeltons in their closets, or are you strickly a partisan heckler?

I will be the first to denounce liberals, be them Republican or Democrat.

I have to wonder if you think Obama's admitted use of cocaine is a greater crime than a DUI? Why do you not answer the question?

Anonymous said...

Guy, I thought Mr. Adams wanted to discuss the issues instead of DUIs, yet, you accuse me of beating a dead horse, because I bring up the tax issue and the disappointing similarity between the Repubs and the Dems. I certainly do not consider the tax issue as a dead horse period.

After riding into office on the campaign against the first sales tax increase attempt, a campaign in which Mr. Adams was not at the forefront, and the unprecedented county debt, the new BOC suggested their own sales tax increase. (And Guy, they rescinded their sales tax increase proposal, because someone pointed out to them that they did not need to do so.)

More importantly, as vice-chair of the Republican party, we've heard nothing from Mr. Adams on the issues, except his support for the second sales tax increase proposal.

Even though office seekers rarely, if ever, keep any of their campaign promises, I would like Mr. Adams to answer some questions on the issues as he stated earlier this year.

What is his opinion of the county officials, of any affiliation, raising taxes, be it sales tax and/or property taxes, especially now.

What is his opinion of the unprecedented county debt and how to significantly reduce such a huge debt?

How would he address the still continuing problems regarding the new high school? Plus, how would he tackle the huge drain on the education budget from the high school and the top-heavy county school administrative level?

In conclusion, where does Mr. Adams stand on the Marriage Admendment?

How about it, Mr. Adams?

How about it, New Guy?

And Guy, I am certainly not the partisan one here. I am not affiliated with either party.

Anonymous said...

Maybe nonny, instead of taking cheap shots and rambling on about things you know so little about, you might just ask Mr. Adams his position on these matters. Or did you think he was going to drop by your house, knock on your door and explain everything to you personally?

Try going to some public events where he will be appearing and ask him there. We know you don't like him, but if you really are interested in his positions, ask him.

Here's an opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying that you define taking cheap shots at a candidate and a party vice-chair for asking him questions regarding the issues?

Well, why doesn't Mr. Adams make personal appearances in the district that he supposedly wants to represent? What connections can he possibly have with most people in the 3rd district? Or does he want to center his total atention toward the Boone area and ASU intersts as the previous and sitting commissioners have done for too long?

'Seems to me that Mr. Adams does not want to speak for himself. He has friends to make excuses for him.

guy faulkes said...

Still no answer on the question about Obama's cocaine use versus Adam's DWI.

Anonymous said...

Guy, using cocaine and duis are equally deplorable. As I have said, both corrupt parties are virtually the same, and they pursue the same agenda.

guy faulkes said...

Thank you for the reply. I find your answer interesting.

Strange, but interesting. In my opinion cocaine is much worse.

So, in your opinion should this disqualify both men from being able to run for office?

Inquiringmind said...

It is one thing to post using a "blog handle" in a general discussion; however, when you are a candidate and you are responding to questions about yourself, you should use your real name.

guy faulkes said...

Inquiring mind, what post are you talking about?

Deborah Greene said...

Guy. I am not referring to you. I don't have any idea who you are. However, I do know that there is a candidate using a handle. And, it will be up to that person to decide whether to reveal that; I will not do that. I am only suggesting that he not use the handle when he is posting with regard to himself, the candidate. Again, that is his decision. With that said, it is no secret who uses Inquiring Mind. That is me. I like to use handles like everyone else and "Inquiring Mind" is a name that was given to me in 1973 in my college days. However, since I am also running for an elected position, I have started using my name in reference to myself instead of my handle.

guy faulkes said...

I did not think you were talking about me, but I was curious about the post to which you were referring.

I would never run for office as I share a trait with you and Helms. I say what I think and this is not how a politician usually operates. I do not want the personal attacks from the liberals. I have gotten older and my BS tolerance diminishes every day.

I wish you well in your race. I fear you will have a hard time as people do not like to here what you beleive, they want to hear an echo to their own opinions.

You have my vote.