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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

REMINDER! Turn Out To Support Jonathan! March 8th!


Anonymous said...


guy faulkes said...


Anonymous said...

That's easy guy faulkes. It's because they don't have anyone that can beat Soucek in the November election.

They are recycling old losers of past elections because there aren't enough democrats besides the losers who were thrown out before (cully) or the never-were-but-wanna-be politicians (Billy Kennedy.) And the other couldn't win loser candidate (Roy Carter).

They figure that maybe another Republican can beat Soucek since they don't have any Democrat that can!

guy faulkes said...

I tend to agree with the second anonymous, but this does not explain why the first anonymous wants to see Soucek lose.

While I like Jordan better, I think Soucek has done a pretty good job. It is my understanding he is working on a bill to remove the option of counties and municipalities from being able to post parks by calling them recreation areas.

Unfortunately, I cannot attend Jordan;s fund raiser because of prior commitments. Jordan has done an excellent job.

NewGuy said...

The Jonathan Jordan campaign kickoff is tonight (5:30 PM) at the Meadowbrook. Jonathan has had a successful first term and we need to keep him in Raleigh. Hopefully you will be able to attend tonight's function and say hi to Jonathan and some of the other conservatives there!

If you can't attend, I am sure your contribution to his campaign would be welcome. Send a check to:

PO BOX 1473
West Jefferson NC 28640

I am sure that anything you can send will be appreciated!