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Friday, March 16, 2012

Voter ID

It seems to me that the biggest reason to oppose voter ID is to be sure that fraudulent voters can continue to get away with it! The Dems want to argue that there isn't enough election fraud to justify voter ID laws. Of course we haven't had enough gunfire in the courthouse to justify the security measures put in place there recently but that didn't stop Judge Ginn from ordering that precautionary measure. I recently had reason to go to the Federal Courthouse - in addition to the regular security, emptying pockets, going through metal scanner, etc. I also had to show a STATE or FEDERALLY issued picture ID just to gain admittance. (Maybe the DOJ should look into the "discriminatory effect" on minorities, students and the poor who presumably will be denied access to their Federal Courthouse because of their lack of ID)

While Obama's Attorney General Holder is attempting through lawsuits and questionable application of the Voting Rights Act to eliminate or restrict Voter ID laws in various states. Most recently the DOJ has decreed in  TEXAS that they cannot apply their Voter ID laws - apparently what is constitutional and correct in many other states somehow becomes unconstitional in those states where the DOJ has retained oversight authority under the Voting Rights Act.

Of course all of these cases will work their way through the court system and likely end up at the Supreme Court which has already ruled on a previous suit of this type...

The Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of these laws in its 6-3 decision in a 2008 case over Indiana's law - Crawford v. Marion County Election Board.


Sarkazein said...

I guess requiring a picture ID would be a little bit morbid.

NewGuy said...

Wouldn't it be a simple matter to put a photograph on the voter registration cards which are issued to every voter when they register?

guy faulkes said...

You have to have a picture ID to buy cigarettes or alcoholic beverages if you are young, to buy some prescription medicine, to drive a car, and to use a check. None of these seem to hinder the poor. Why would voting be any different?

The only reason for opposition to requiring voter ID is that you want to perpetuate fraud or support those that do.

Sarkazein said...

I had to show a picture ID at the doctor's office this morning. If he hadn't been a no-show (stuck at an "emergency surgery" FORE!) , I was going to ask to see his ID, then compare it with he diploma on the wall.

Anonymous said...

Requiring me to show a picture ID in order to vote would deprive me of my ability to cast multiple votes using a variety of names that I found on the voter registration rolls.

That doesn't seem fair to Democrats.

Johnny Rico said...

We wouldn't need voter IDs if the only folks in the United States were United States citizens. This is like putting a bandaid on an open artery and actually believing it will work. Quite stupid. The Voter ID law has the potential to do two things:

1. Make it an acceptable fact that there are illegal aliens in the United States here to stay. Instead of deporting these filthy, uneducated, disease ridden, welfare using, job taking illegal aliens, we will continue futile stop gap measures. If the Republitards in the NC State House and Senate want to do something, how about passing an Arizona style anti-immigration law? Most Republitards are too liberal to do this. How about it Skip Stam - you willing to take on a volatile issue that will benefit the citizens of NC? That's what I thought.

2. It gives government more control over our lives. Another "show me your papers comrade" scenario. An American citizen shouldn't be forced to show papers for anything including driving, gun purchases, or anything else. Our freedom is ebbing at an ever faster rate, and all Republiturds can do is propose measures that reward illegal aliens and hurt Americans. This country, and the derelict politicians who control it, is mad.

Anyone want to take issue with what I say? I hope someone does so I can beat you into literary submission. Idiots.

Johnny Rico

PS Any libertards wanna go at it?