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Friday, April 27, 2012

ASU's Letter to Professor Dr. Jammie Price

While the information being brought out by the news media would have you think that the showing of the film was the  sole reason for Dr Price being investigated, the letter to her from ASU indicates that their is quite a bit more at issue.

Download here

I would think that calling your employer "racist"; telling black students that they weren't welcome at ASU, etc  is probably more of an issue than just the improper showing of the film.


Retired Faculty said...

Wow Whee!

Johnny Rico said...

Ahh. The situation is far worse than we imagined. A racist liberal professor baiting students with race. I tried telling you liberal socialist sheep who tried to defend her that there was much more to the story. She also denigrated male athletes as well. Let's hope the liberal socialist sheep at ASU fire one of their own!!! Fantastic! You know it really irks the ASU staff to let this liberal go!

They need to fire about 90% of the other liberal socialist professors.

What say you Watauga Watch slugs? LOL! I won.

Your ole pal

Amy Sochowski

Johnny Rico

Anonymous said...

Where did the copy of this letter come from?

Johnny Rico said...

Is that all you can come back wity, idiot? Duh, uh, duh, whur did tha letter cum frum, duh.

You find out where it came from if you don't believe it. Disprove it if its wrong.

Liberals are PISSED that the liberal socialist sheep of a professor is getting her due. LOL!! Love it.

Your ole pal

Erik Moncelar

Johnny Rico

Blogger said...

The ASU administration are now acting like a throwback to the days when the school was just a glorified high school. You don’t do these sorts of things in a mature university to a vetted, tenured professor.

At the same time, what poetic justice is it to watch a radical leftie hoisted on their own petard. Charges against her of “racism” and “creating a hostile environment” are two of liberals favorite PC’s for controlling behavior. If the administration’s actions was not so degrading to the university I love and helped build, I could actually enjoy this.

guy faulkes said...

There should be no such thing as tenure. Your performance should determine if you keep your job.

Apparently the vetting was not very effective in this case.