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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Virginia Foxx Talks with Neil Cavuto Re-Obama misquote.... ..


NewGuy said...

Both President Obama and likely Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney are backing lower interest rates on some student loans, but nearly half of Americans nationwide believe the availability of student loans has driven up tuition costs for everyone. In fact, most Americans believe it’s better for students to work and attend school for a longer period of time rather than graduate in four years with loads of student debt.

MORE from Rasmussen

Blogger said...

With two years of GI Bill as seed money, I received a BA, a BD, a MA, and a doctorate and never borrowed a dime.

I worked in restaurants in order to eat. I worked as theater usher to see plays and movies. During the summers, I worked on ships as a merchant seaman and later on yachts as a steward, a cook, and a bartender. With no expenses, I saved all my money. I worked in places like Western Auto to get things like cheap auto parts. I preached. I got graduate assistantships and my next to last year, I finally received a free scholarship. My final year I taught at a college.

Today, an intelligent young person can take the first two years at a community college, stay at home, work and put away money. They can then drop out, work and make money for a few years. (There is no rush to graduate as there are no fit jobs waiting or not waiting for them.) Then they can work, get scholarships and drop in and out of college until they finish. There is absolutely no reason to borrow money and enter this bad economy over their head in debt.

Wolf's Head said...

My youngest son is working full time, usually more than 40 hours a week, as well as taking 20 credit hours at CCC&TI.

My oldest son went to CCC&TI and then transferred to ASU. He also worked while going to school, but not as many hours at a time.

It was a cheaper way fro them to get their first 2 years in while working to support themselves.

I have no tolerance for people who demand I pay for their student loans by having the government forgive them.

NewGuy said...

Wolf, your boys are more likely to find success in life. They understand that you have to work for what you get, they seem like they know that self reliance is a GOOD thing and don't have their hands out for government freebies!

How will they feel if the entitlement babies in their class who are skating by, partying thru school, and living off their student loans get rewarded by having their loans forgiven?

What lessons are we teaching our younger generation? That having babies you can't afford will earn you a government subsidy? That you don't have to work and save because the government will be responsible for you? That people who rely on themselves are suckers?

I sometimes fear for our future. But, on the other hand, I also see plenty of young men and women who, like your boys, seem to be doing the right thing and - in my judgement - will become successful in life - Maybe they will change the system when they take over!

guy faulkes said...

New Guy, you hit on the main reason for college loans - the partying. Many young people today could care less about getting an education. They want the "college experience" of partying. They cannot do this and work just like you cannot party all the time after you graduate and have to work.

Your comment about suckers is especially telling. What happens if the rest of us give up and go on the gravy train?

NewGuy said...

Guy...but in defense of many of them....and I think I've said this here before.....most of the college students I meet seem to be level headed, committed to their education and pretty sensible people. Admittedly, most of those I meet are working in restaurants or other customer service positions and I don't often meet the ones who play and party in their spare time.

Probably the fact that they are "working" students suggests that I am meeting the best of the group but, I will have to say, they are a pretty good bunch of young adults!

guy faulkes said...

If they are working, New Guy, then the odds are you are correct. You have met the people after an education instead of attending party central. These are not the abusers of the student loan fiasco. If they have a loan, they probably intend to pay it back.