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Monday, January 28, 2013

More Problems with Watauga School Supt Come To Light

The Board of Education will meet in closed session on Wednesday to discuss "personnel matters". That's all we know but there is speculation that it is in reference to the numeorus problems with their recently hired school superintendent. See the new article by Steve Frank on Go BLue Ridge . Net

In my opinion, it's time to correct the mistakes made by the previous board. Let's hope the current BOE has the gumption to do their job. Doctor Kafitz should resign and save Watauga taxpayers from more of this!


Anonymous said...

We know that the members of the previous board will do nothing. Maybe the newly elected members will!

Anonymous said...

This is the very reason why someone like Fred Oliver would have been a fantastic addition to the School Board. I know for a fact he would not put up with this kind of behavior.

Is there anything the County Commissioners can do? Miller and Yates have no problem dealing with inflated egos. Blust would support them. John Welch want do anything, Dr. Kafitz agreed to create a position for his wife – School Psychologist I think?

Anonymous said...

Fred Oliver would probably have done a good job on the School Board but, he certainly didn't run a very good campaign.

NewGuy said...

I did not vote for Barbara Kinsey but I am starting to think she may be the only one on the board with the guts to do her job!

From the updated story on

“I think that there may be other things that come up, even more serious than what these are,” board member Barbara Kinsey said. “I hope not. I hope to goodness they do not.”

I do not like doing this,” Kinsey said. “This is not my personality. I’m very uncomfortable with this, but I feel like when it has gone as far as it has, we need to move forward.”

Doug said...

Dr. Kafitz received glowing recommendations from Union County, his previous employer. Sadly, these recommendations were nothing more than a ploy to pass him off to Watauga County. The scheme worked perfectly; now we have to deal with this ignoramus.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our elected officials did the right thing and fired his ass?

Consider this scenario:

Potential Employer: “What was the reason for leaving your previous job?”

Dr. Kafitz: “I was fired.”

A few elected officials doing the right thing could save countless school systems from the headaches of dealing with this man.

Thanks to Barbra Kinsey for taking a stand!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps he will show a little bit of integrity and offer his resignation.

Anonymous said...

I am so frustrated over all of this and hope there's a solution soon. I know for a fact that the wife never moved to Watauga County, nor is she working there.

Reader said...

Where are the comments from the other commissioners on this? John Welch is the only one who is urging the school board to make the right decision? He'll get my vote next time.