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Thursday, January 17, 2013

NC Senator Burr on Obama's "gun control"

Statement from Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC):
"I will fight any effort to further infringe on the Second Amendment rights of American citizens, whether it is legislation or executive action by the President.
I am open to having a conversation about ways in which our nation can address mental health issues and reduce violence, but I will not stand by while the President and others try to restrict the rights of law-abiding American citizens."


NewGuy said...

Meanwhile, Grass Roots NC has filed suit against the City of Winston Salem for their violation of the states recently passed bill which prohibited municipalities from outlawing guns in city parks. Unfortunately the state bill was watered down somewhat when it provided an exception allowing the banning of guns in city owned "athletic faclities".

I remember the Boone town attorney suggesting that maybe Boone could add shuffleboard courts in town parks and those claim they were "athletic facilies" and thus circumvent the law.

Winston Salem apparently is of the same opinion...that they can just declare their parks "athletic facilities" and ban ccw holders from carrying there.

Lawsuits are EXPENSIVE! You can help protect your 2nd amendment rights with a contribution to help fund the lawsuit.

Goe here...

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Wolf's Head said...

Let's see if he means it by standing up to New York's un-Constitutional anti gun laws.

guy faulkes said...

As i do not know if anyone say the post on the vent page about thte Town of Boone passing a parks law, I am taking the liberty of reposing it here. My apologies if anyone is offended by the redundancy, but as NewGuy brought up the issue and as theere has been no announcement of Boone's action that is easy to find I thought it worthwhile.

The Town of Boone just sneaked in an ordinance prohibiting concealed carry in certain parks. They could have done away with crime friendly gun free zones entirely, but chose to protect criminals over you.

Please note the article in the paper does not even mention the Code change concerning concealed carry in the caption. You have to read to the end of an article about something else. Why do they not want you to know about it?

Please remove the post by the troll that appeared while I was typing this. I assume this is an attempt to sabotage the blog and make the moderators approve all posts. I would just ignore them and delete themas needed. Blocking an AP address might also be a solution.

Anonymous said...

Other than the Jimmy Smith Park, what parks are in the city of Boone??

Teach a man to fish.... said...

Anon...Google is your friend.

Or if you are too stupid or too lazy to Google for information, then maybe you could just read the link that Guy Faulkes has posted for you.

Anonymous said...

You're right. Pretty extensive park system you got there in Boone. Must be about 3 acres total. Guns are the only way to keep them safe. I'm glad you're there to protect little ole me.

Anonymous said...

How many kids do you want killed because Boone had rather protect criminals than children, Anonymous?

Anonymous said...

Senator Burr,
So let me understand that MY US Senator subscribes to the NRA Mantra. Sad. There is NO reason for anyone outside of our GREAT Military to posess AR Guns; nor having magazines GT 10 rounds ... Am anxious to better understand your position!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy that we have a US Senator that understands what the constitution guarantees.

guy faules said...


It was only a matter of time before someone with more typing skill than common sense at the NC Democrat Party decided to weigh in on gun control. What sparked the outburst was newly sworn in Republican Governor Pat McCrory telling everyone what they already knew.

“What happened to all we were going to talk about was the economy,” McCrory told a Raleigh radio station. “I think we have plenty of gun laws on the books” that aren’t enforced.

“Let’s work with the laws on the books,” he said. “We don’t need any more laws.”

McCrory said the anti-gun people are just shooting themselves in the foot with the discussion about banning assault weapons. “You are only getting more people to buy new guns,” he said. “This is foolish.”

Well, duh! The Obama administration is just riding the anti-gun issue so that he can avoid having to talk about the economy and the “fiscal cliff” he’s trying to drive us over. In the process, everyone who has even considered buying a semi-auto rifle has ran out and purchased one. Or is trying to and is pissed off that all the other jerks have bought them up. Once again the Obama administration has proven that the only part of the economy they can stimulate is the firearms sector.

Here’s what the NC Democrat Party had to say about that.

This is appalling. The Governor has gone off the edge, hand in hand the radical right-wing, on the issue of gun control in this state and in this country. This is a time for a common sense, solution-oriented discussion. This is a time for North Carolinians to have a serious, thoughtful conversation about what we can do to ensure that the senseless, brutal murder that we saw in Newtown, CT, never happens here. North Carolina needs a Governor who is willing to take on the tough questions, and show true leadership on this issue. Instead, what we’re left with, is Governor McCrory dismissing gun control efforts as “foolish.” North Carolinians should be disgusted. Foolish, Governor? Foolish? Would he say that to the families of the 335 North Carolinians who were shot and killed in 2011 (the last year that data is readily available)? Would he say that to the families of the 87 people across the United States that are gunned down every day? That it’s “foolish” to think that this country would be a safer place without assault weapons? That it’s “foolish” to think that military-style clips have no place on this country’s streets? Would he say it to Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, to the families of the 32 people killed at Virginia Tech, or the 12 killed in Aurora, CO? Would he say that to the families of the 27 people, including 20 children, that were killed last month in Newtown? Governor McCrory should be ashamed. North Carolinians deserve better. - Clay Pittman

Wolf's Head said...

To all of the anonymous a**holes who want to ban "assault weapons" you should check your facts.

FOUR handguns were found in the school at Sandy Hook, and several officials stated that HE LEFT THE AR15 IN THE CAR.

The initial reports I heard on the radio as the first accounts were being broadcast stated that the AR was in the car.

I would note that the Ultra Right Wing Matt Lauer of the Ultra Right Wing Today Show is putting out this info.

Anonymous said...

Wolf - who is the real asshole - this makes more than once your supposed knowledge has been proven wrong. Maybe get your facts str8 before calling other people assholes:

Anonymous said...

And from the Connecticut gov website:

Anonymous said...

Which of the reports are you supposed to believe? Which are mistakes? Which are cover ups? How do you know?

All you can know is somebody told a lie.

The media is worthless because nobody trusts it. They don't report news. They advance their agendas. Con men in prison are more reliable.

Anonymous said...

The second site is the site for the government of Connecticut - not the media. I sometimes wonder if it is the idiocy of the press who gets stuff wrong or the idiocy of the people that blindly accept it without doing at least a little research. Wolf's head qualifies for the second as do you anon.

Anonymous said...

When anonymous posters are talking to anonymous posters, why don't they just leave the internet out of it and just sit in their dark rooms and keep their conversations with themselves private?

Anonymous said...

The statement is what matters, not the alias.

Victorina said...

This is cool!