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Friday, January 11, 2013

Our Conservative Representative Foxx

Rep. Virginia Foxx


guy faulkes said...

I have heard that people are talking of urging Foxx to run for Hagan's Senate seat.

Would this mean she could nto continue to run for the House also?

Any comments on her chances?

NewGuy said...

I would think her chances would be excellant...her problem would likely be in the Republican primary.
A few months ago the Democrat polling organization did a survey asking Republicans who they would support in the senate race. Foxx came out on top - BUT, I don't take the survey very seriously. She has the name recognition this point..almost 2 years before the election...that name recognition is probably all that matters.
Once a campaign starts and the voters actually focus on individual candidates, you are likely to see a different result.

I think Mrs Foxx would make an outstanding senator....just as she has been an outstanding congresswoman! She knows who her supporters are and she knows why we support her. She has probably a 99% chance of being reelected to her house seat. Why walk away from that to get into a primary fight and then, if successful - a close race for the senate?

My bet is that Tom Tillis will be the Republican candidate and our next senator!
But- it's a lifetime away from today....who knows what will happen in the next 18 months?

guy faulkes said...

Tillis would be as bad a mistake as was Romney. He is also an establishment Republican that supports the status quote.

"Why walk away from that to get into a primary fight and then, if successful - a close race for the senate?"

The good of the country.

NewGuy said...

"The good of the country. "

Good answer!