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Monday, January 28, 2013

Predictions by "Doug"....Boone elections 2013

Reader "DOUG" has posted his predictions for the local 2013 elections season. I think he is likely to be right on most (if not all) points!
Doug said... Someone recently asked me what “strategy” the Democrats would employ during the upcoming Boone Town Council elections.

Though not clairvoyant, it’s a fairly easy question to answer:

1) The very first lie to be rolled out, “Republicans despise students, and don’t want them to vote.” Cue the 2002 David Blust YouTube video! Demonization of other Republicans to follow shortly thereafter.

2) To advance their town agenda, the Democrat party will most likely continue to pay students for their “activism.” I guess one should consider this job creation, though I wonder how progressive thinkers justify paying their male student $1,000 and their female student half his rate: $500? I would have thought this “Sexism” or “Gender Bias.” What is the PC description these days? See:

3) The Democrat candidate’s will focus solely on campus and the student vote. A savvy strategy, though totally insincere in their appreciation for students or ASU (i.e. hostility toward university expansion, over-reaching regulations negatively impacting students.)

4) Developers, specifically the Templeton family, will be depicted as evil monsters, hell-bent on strip-mining Howard’s Knob. Of course the Democrat candidates were all charter members of the Captain Planet Fan
Club – they will protect Boone from impending doom. In keeping with the plotline, County Commissioner Yates’ marital ties to the Templeton family will be made a huge issue somehow, someway.

5) The Williamsons will dutifully play their part. Presented as “Bios,” Pam’s Picks will smear Republicans and praise Progressives. Virginia Roseman will have nothing to fear after filing for Town Council - there will be no mention of her habitual bad check writing, as was the case during her bid for County Commissioner in 2012. For his part, JW will continue to play the citizen-journalist, though nothing he produces resembles the truth.

6) Andy Ball will file for Mayor, and why wouldn’t he? As the top vote getter in 2011, he was swept into office with a mandate – what else would you call a total of 450 votes? Ball will enjoy the support of his party unless Jamie Leigh decides to run for Mayor as well. In this case Leigh, a champion of central planning, should be viewed as the frontrunner.

Gosh, I wish someone would bet me on this prediction!

LPOV, how about a wager? Willing to stake your entitlement package?


Anonymous said...

I like your link to the Dem expense report! Interesting that they are WalMart shoppers! It's good to see that they can put their principals aside when it comes to saving a buck on hot dog purchases!

And 2500 in salaries to Ian Okeefe? Isn't he the student who organized the Chik Fil A boycott? Petitioned the admin to keep chick fil a off of campus and led the petition drive attacking Four Eggers for opposing extention of voting hours at the ASU polling place because they had some bad weather one day?

Gosh...and I thought he was just a concerned student! Who knew they were paying him?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the Republicans will find any viable candidates this year.

Anonymous said...

What is your definition of a viable candidate? A person that holds to conservative proposals, or a RINO?

Native Hillbilly said...

I hope that we can find good candidates. The problem is that the party has tried for years to find Republicans in town willing to run and they always come up short. You can blame the party if you want but in reality it is hard to find a republican that wants to go to the town meetings and listen to where to place a copier at the Jones house for 3 hours. We need to take back the town. If you know a good republican in town please encourage them to run.

Anonymous said...

funny how your entire article focuses on what the Democrats might do, and not one word about how the republiCONS can possibly help Boone.

Anonymous said...

If no Republicans file to run for town council, it would not bother me in the least to support business friendly Democrats. It is hard to watch the current town council slowly kill Boone, and I for one want let partisanship keep me from doing what is right.

The big picture is not Republican or Democrat. The real goal is electing folks who will work with business owners and developers to improve Boone, instead of the current council and their supporter’s mission to keep things the way we found them 25 years ago when we moved to Boone to teach at ASU.

Doug said...

To Anonymous 10:55AM,

I wasn’t asked my opinion about the Republican strategy, just the Democrats.

Seeing as you choose not to refute a single prediction, I have to assume you agree with my estimation - thanks for the vote of confidence!

Surely you’re joking, calling Republicans “CONS.” Democrats are systematically robbing the youth of this country: ever growing national debt and entitlement programs, job killing regulations, and the devaluation of the dollar. Give me a break!

As for Boone, the Democrat ruled Council is made of central planners. They scoff at the very idea of personal property rights. Their actions are killing development and raising taxes – a "twofer," we get both! They might even succeed at killing the sale of the old High School, costing Watauga County nearly $20 million – bravo!

Then there is their favorite tool of manipulation: WATER. And wouldn’t you know it, the most ardent anti-development crusader, Pam Williamson, sits on the Water Usage Board – political payback, an outright CON, I don't care, it's garbage.

Speaking of CONS, are you aware of Mayor Clawson’s slimy habit of scheduling close votes for May, a month when swing voter, Rennie Brantz, takes an annual trip overseas?

Let us not forget the $250,000 of taxpayer money, blown because Mayor Clawson didn’t like the idea of an urgent care center need her home. How many times must the town of Boone lose in court before they stop wasting taxpayer dollars?

You ask, “How could the Republicans help Boone?” They would lift many of the burdensome regulations strangling town improvement. The second monumental change would be a Council made up of individuals whose brain synapses fire in the manner God intended.

Anonymous said...

I'm no way in hell a fan of Williamson but I'm here to tell you I attended the meetings years ago when that Board was full of libs who didn't want the water facility. She actually pushed pretty hard for it and got it through. To my great surprise.

guy faulkes said...

I have given this a lot of thought. I do not know if a Republican can be elected in the Town of Boone as it now stands. It would be even more difficult for a conservative to do so.

This is because the Democrats currently hold a lock on the college voters, as Doug says. While thee are many students registered as Republicans, it does not seem that they vote, or if they do they do so across party lines. As Boone is really a subsidiary of the university politically (if the university turns out as one sided as it generally does), then the only way a Republican can win is to at least split the university vote.

It would appear that the Republicans are going to have to find a candidate or two from the university population. They can find more than one because the candidate could live in any precinct as long as he attended the university.

This would do several things. one is that it would split the vote in the university. Another is that it would lessen the impact the liberal professors have on the vote to some extent. The third is that it would lessen the one sided impact that the biased early voting practices now give the university voters.

If I were still a Republican, I would start looking for some candidates from the university to run for the Boone Town Council now.

Doug said...

Mrs. Williamson’s water concerns are genuine, though any impending water shortage is a complete fabrication. It is a tool she and others use to manipulate development.

The process of finding additional water for Boone is another CON in and of itself:

-Boone Town Council lying to the Ashe County Commission
-Falsified numbers from outdated studies
-Glossing over 20 other options in order to achieve a much larger goal
-Deviously planning to condemn personal property only after the project was approved (a historic farm no less!)

Then there is the issue of Boone’s current water treatment plant. Once up and running, the new intake facility will provide an abundance of water, but the existing treatment plant is already working at maxim capacity.

Anonymous said...

Who would have thought the Democrat Finance Reports would prove to be so interesting? Thanks for the link Doug!

I was under the impression their swanky $2,500 per person James Taylor fundraiser would leave them flush with cash, but it seems all that money went right to Obama (about the only candidate they backed who won.)

The 2012 Expense Report is interesting; $1,500 for a professional photographer stands out. A bit strange the multiple purchases for locks and security coils. I guess if you don’t believe in guns, you buy locks?

But the 2010 Expense Report is far more telling.

This will blow your mind, but before we start you need to know that GOTV stands for “Get out the vote.”

2010 Democrat Expenditures:

“Pizza for ASU GOTV Volunteers”

“ASU GOTV Poster”

“Second ASU GOTV Poster”

“Third ASU GOTV Poster”

“Posters for ASU Rock the Vote”

“More Posters for ASU Rock the Vote”

“Band for ASU Rock the Vote”

“Vocalist for ASU Rock the Vote”

“Design for ASU Poster”

“Ad in newspaper read by students”

“Supplies for ASU Dems”

“Pizza for ASU Dems”

In the Fourth Quarter alone, there are over 25 separate expenditures labeled simply as “GOTV Effort on Campus.” Excluding costs associated with their Headquarters, nearly 80% of the Democrat’s 4th quarter itemized expenditures could be, or are, labeled as “GOTV Effort on Campus.”

So what did I learn? The Watauga County Democrat Party has become nothing more than an extension of ASU. Their political ambitions are at the mercy of the student body, a precarious situation indeed.