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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

School Superintendent an embarassment to Watauga County?

See Article on GoBlueRIdge.Net  and also one on Watauga Democrat

Among his first official duties as the newly appointed School Superintendent, Kafitz established new administrative positions to add additional overhead to the Watauga school of these new administrative positions was created for and given to his wife. Now we learn that Supt Kafitz is apparently not adverse to using his taxpayer paid position as leverage to try to extort additional discounts from local merchants. According to the articles referenced above, Kafitz threatened to oust a local merchant from the Watauga schools fund raising program when the merchant wouldn't give Kafitz a big enough discount.

 “As superintendent of Watauga County Schools, I will make sure that Mellow Mushroom is not allowed to participate in the Pioneer Card next year" Kavitz was alleged to have said when denied a greater discount.

We are paying this guy around 140k per year.
We look forward to see how the school board reacts to this!
(Comments following the Democrat article seem to indicate little support for Dr Kafitz).


guy faulkes said...

I do not know Mr. Kafitz so I cannot speak to his character, but I have had dealings with Mr. Luddeke. He always conducted himself as a gentleman.

Anonymous said...

Maybe because so much smoke requires a little fire.

Anonymous said...

You can bet that the do nothing school board will do nothing! Ask any teacher what is going on. Ask how many support Dr Kafitz.

I have no confidence that the current board will be any more effective than the previous board that hired him.

NewGuy said...

Good article in High Country Press by Jesse Wood -

Looks like the school board members are ducking and hiding! About what we expected.

Watauga Teacher said...

Join us tonight at 5PM at Mellow Mushroom to show your support for Boone businesses and for the teachers and students of Watauga County Schools!

NewGuy said...

School board meeting tonight ...agenda has been changed. ?????
See story

guy faulkes said...

Apparently the school board did not even go into executive session to discuss the issue. Regardless of whether the matter has been resolved to the satisfaction of the manager of Mellow Mushroom, the public deserves an investigation at the very least.

I am not saying Mr. Kafitz is guilty of any wrong doing, but the Board should do its job and address the situation with the gravity it deserves.

Anonymous said...

School board you better wake up.
Another superintendent giving his wife a job! Do we not pay him enough?
It's not getting any better!