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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Vent Page XLII - A look back

Looking back....1962. Kennedy is president....Marlyn Monroe found dead....Cuban Missile Crisis.....James Meredith enrolled at University of Mississippi.....Beatles record "LOVE ME DO".....John Glenn (USMC) becomes first American  to orbit the earth....First US Rocket (unmanned) lands on moon......First WalMart and first K-Mart open.....and the first Watauga Conservative Vent Page is 50 years away!

Average American was earning $5556 per year; A new car cost $3125,,,a new house was $12,500. and Americans were self reliant; not yet dependent on government for their support!

VENT PAGES are handy for posting of off-topic posts, rants, raves, rages, etc, which might not be appropriate on other threads where adults are having serious discussions. Childish rant? Need to call another poster a name? Just feel like spouting off?  Or even if you have something to say and there doesn't seem to be any other logical place to say it....THIS PAGE IS FOR YOU!

And the car that Enzo Ferrari called "the most beautiful autombile ever built"...the Jaguar XKE was in it's second year of production and was beginning to be seen on American hiways...

In my opinion, STILL the most beautiful car ever!


BooneDoug said...

The XKE was a gorgeous car. I use to see a green one around Boone, and would start drooling every time.

Sarkazein said...

BooneDoug- I agree. To add, the dual overhead cam straight six Jag engine is the best looking and sounding car engine. Just sitting behind the wheel in the XKE coupe was a great experience.

NewGuy said...

Best looking car ever! One is on permanent display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art....and, as Sark pointed out, a great exhaust sound as well.

To my mind the car looked best as a roadster and white was the best color for the car. The 2=2 version didn't look good at all -

Good article here..

NewGuy said...

I forgot to mention that 1962 was also i>the year that the first of the Bond movies came out....Dr No....starring Sean Connery (the real Bond!

Doug said...

You never know if a post will make it past the High Command at Watauga Watch. So I'm posting my response to JW's garbage here.

In response to:


Your hyper partisan mentality blinds you to your ways. Cowardly sitting behind the safety of a computer screen, you shoot flaming arrows at just about everyone – often for no apparent reason outside of spite.

If no one knows or cares whom Dan Forest is, why utter a single word about him?

If the job of Lt. Governor were so minuscule, why would the State Employees Association pledge upwards of a million dollars in support of Forest’s opponent?

You attack Forest for the size of his staff when Perdue, serving as Lt. Governor, had a staff of twelve, and Dalton had a “needlessly large staff” numbering from eight to ten employees.

Forest’s staff: three.

Amazing, you can somehow accuse Forest of “taxpayer-supported empire” building, when the Lt. Governor’s staff has been reduced by 300% since Perdue!

Where is your post criticizing Perdue and Dalton’s wasteful ways while serving as Lt. Governor? No, I doubt there will be a post you can link to.

I’ll also go out on a limb and bet you voted for both Perdue and Dalton in their bids for Governor, knowing both actually jumped at the chance to “build a taxpayer-supported empire.”

Given your cowardly ways, I doubt this post actually makes it through your “screening” process.

Sarkazein said...

NewGuy- Silver blue coupe XKE. My favorite. I owned one for ONE day when I was 17 (1968).

Anonymous said...

Good luck getting any dissenting opinion approved on watauga watch, Doug. Not going to happen.

Jaguar XKE might be the most beautiful car ever built, but how much better looking was Marlyn Monroe!

NewGuy said...

well...we still have many beautiful women around - but you don't see many beautiful cars anymore!

And, even though I am getting pretty old, I can still drive a car!

Sarkazein said...

I wouldn't have wanted anything driven by a Kennedy.

Pot or Kettle? said...

Careful about screaming about censorship elsewhere, as it occurs here quite frequently. The opinions allowed in these comment sections are pretty homogeneous. To illustrate, look at the past month or so of comments allowed on this blog.

There have been a total of 485 comments, starting with the 12/12/12 blog post (give or take a couple that may have been miscounted).

-78% (377) of those comments belong to Johnny Rico, Sark, and Guy Faulkes.
-That number expands to 92% (447) if we include New Guy, Blogger, Wolfs Head, and right-leaning anonymous posters.
-Dissenting opinions from POV, POTUS, left-leaning anonymous posters, and Opoib accounted for just 7% (34) of non-censored posts.

Not exactly a bastion of free expression here either....(but then again, this comment will surely be censored too)

Sarkazein said...

PotOpoib- No one is keeping any Leftists from commenting here. There is a troll whose repetitive and often fowl and off topic comments are deleted. And maybe one other troll whose comments are always off topic as he tries to promote his own blog, but legitimate liberal comments stay and are challenged.

Sarkazein said...

PotOpoib (Pot or Kettle?)- Would that equal to 484 more comments than on your blog?

Pot or Kettle? said...

" No one is keeping any Leftists from commenting here. There is a troll whose repetitive and often fowl and off topic comments are deleted"

While patently false, I also doubt the "troll" has morphed into a bird. Unless you meant "foul".

Many commenters with differing opinions have been censored here, and quite frequently. Thus, they have been driven off, as evidenced by the above statistics. Basically, it's you, Johnny, and Guy in an endless conservative back-rub. As self-described protectors of the Constitution, Blogger and New Guy can't even stick to the most basic of American rights, free speech.

And unfortunately for you, I am not Opoib. So your ad hom attacks gain no traction.

Sarkazein said...

Opoib wrote- "While patently false, I also doubt the "troll" has morphed into a bird. Unless you meant "foul".

Opoib click here

Sarkazein said...

Opoib wrore- "Many commenters with differing opinions have been censored here, and quite frequently."

Blogger and NewGuy would have to answer that, but in my view you are incorrect. Two trolls only.
There are only two I've noticed being deleted and some obvious SPAM selling some pills from Canada.

guy faulkes said...

Commentators from the left come and then they go. Some of them engage in logical debates for a while, but all seem to eventually succumb to the problem the left has when a discussion does not go their way. They leave. The ability to agree to disagree seems beyond them.

Of course I am speaking of those on the left other than the La La La La La trolls who are only hear to try to sow discord in the blog and never put forth an original on topic logical discussion. They repeat the same drivel over and over and over and ...... even though it is not the subject of the thread.

Sarkazein said...

Opoib (troll #2) is counting all the screen names including Anonymous he uses as separate commenters being deleted. Liberals cannot be honest.

Sarkazein said...

Go ahead liberals. Make a comment about how good the $16.4 Trillion dollar debt is a good thing. Comment about how great a leader Reed and Obama are for not getting a budget passed in 3.5 years. Comment on how great the division in our country is. Comment on how the Democrats want to add taxes of another $1 Trillion dollars and avoid spending cuts at every turn. Comment on how great the Great Society is as more and more children are either aborted or born out of wedlock with the prisons and jails filling up with the result. Comment on how Obama closed GITMO and managed to lose the war in Afghanistan. Comment on how wonderful it is to have your health-care insurance forced on you by the IRS.

Sarkazein said...

A comment on how it is a good thing that a business owner can be fined $1.5 Million dollars a day for not providing birth control to his employees would be interesting. Also how wonderful Planned Parenthood's big spike in abortion for profit is ( liberals think it means less people to have to share the wealth with ).

NewGuy said...

Sark said...
"Opoib wrore- "Many commenters with differing opinions have been censored here, and quite frequently."

Blogger and NewGuy would have to answer that...."

Sark...We have deleted maybe 2 or 3 posts for obscenities....we have deleted a couple of posts from 3 people who insisted on trying to "out" a poster...(even though they were incorrect in their attempts)...we have deleted one post which was signed with the name of a local Democrat but which was not really from him and yes, you and Guy are correct...we have deleted numerous posts from two trolls who seem to think they can use the blog to insult and attack the regular posters.

We don't ......and haven't...deleted any posts because of their political positions.

We attempted to convince the two trolls to change their ways and to post their views on the topics instead of just repeating their slanders, but they refused to. Thus, we now delete them without regard to what their content may say.

It's funny...they both continue to be regular readers of our blog so I guess we must have something they like! And, you might notice, every one of the former posters who posted "goodbye forever" posts...subsequently came back and posted under different ID's.

Sarkazein said...

Liberals- Comment on how great THIS IS.

Sarkazein said...

Liberals- Comment on how Obama has been able to end homelessness as evidenced by NO news coverage on homelessness compared to a constant barrage of tear jerking guilt ridden news stories during Reagan's and the Bush's terms.

Sarkazein said...

Everyone already knows what I am writing about, no need for you to post an example.

Sarkazein said...

Source: BBC

Venezuela has brought a new gun law into effect which bans the commercial sale of firearms and ammunition.

Until now, anyone with a gun permit could buy arms from a private company.

Under the new law, only the army, police and certain groups like security companies will be able to buy arms from the state-owned weapons manufacturer and importer.

The ban is the latest attempt by the government to improve security and cut crime ahead of elections in October. Venezuela saw more than 18,000 murders last year and the capital, Caracas, is thought to be one of the most dangerous cities in Latin America.

guy fauleks said...

Equal justice under the law? I do not think so.

You are all entitled to your mistaken opinions, but the epitome of automotive design was a 57 Chevy in what I beleive they called Coral or Desert Sand. It was a purplish pink. I miss that car.

NewGuy said...

Learn something new every day dept:

I love Rock and Roll and am pretty good at Rock and Roll trivia...especially Pre Beatles...

A friend sent me this...

Who knew?

guy faulkes said...

Thanks for that lick, New Guy. All I can do is repeat two things I have heard over the years. One is from the movie American Graffiti which says music has been going down hill since Buddy Holley died and the other is there is no human condition not addressed by classic Rock and Roll.

Sarkazein said...

NewGuy- Having been raised mostly on the East Coast, with a surf board on the roof of my first car (1953 Chevy) in the mid-Sixties I can appreciate that song. It never wears out. The General part adds to it. Great trivia.
Channels 5 and 6 on XM satellite have a better quality than an AM single speaker in a metal dash, but it sounded great then too.

Johnny Rico said...

Hear a lot of liberals whining and crying here. Post a relevant bit of information and you won't be ridiculed or deleted. All I hear from you dolting idiots is the same thing over and over again. If I'm stupid and bigoted, show me how. If you can't then you shouldn't have tried stepping up to varsity squad. LOL!!

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico

PS Any liberal troglydytes wanna take a shot at the title?

Anonymous said...

Parking in downtown Boone up for discussion by the council. Do you conservatives have a solution to this problem? Armed security for parking lots?

Anonymous said...

Supporting private property rights is a good start. If the people that do the security want to be armed to protect themselves, that's their right.

Public lots are different. We all own them. The council gets to vote on how to run them. The parking people still have the right to protect themselves.

guy faulkes said...

The Town of Boone just sneaked in an ordinance Prohibition concealed carry in certain parks. They could have done away with crime friendly gun free zones, but chose to protect criminals over you.

Please note the article in the paper does not even mention the Code change concerning concealed carry in the caption. You have to read to the end of an article about something else. Why do they not want you to know about it?

Sarkazein said...

MOUNT CARMEL, Pa. (AP) — A 5-year-old Pennsylvania girl who told another girl she was going to shoot her with a pink toy gun that blows soapy bubbles has been suspended from kindergarten.
Her family has hired an attorney to fight the punishment, which initially was 10 days but was reduced to two.
Attorney Robin Ficker says Mount Carmel Area School District officials labeled the girl a "terrorist threat" for the bubble gun remark, made Jan. 10 as both girls waited for a school bus.
Ficker says the girl didn't even have the bubble gun with her and has never fired a real gun. He says she's "the least terroristic person in Pennsylvania."
School district solicitor Edward Greco tells ( ) officials are looking into the case. He said Friday school officials aren't at liberty to discuss disciplinary actions.

NewGuy said...

Sark...I had just finished reading that on a news site....Can you believe it? Terrorist threat? from a 5 year old with a "bubble gun"?

Not too long ago we were reading about a similar suspension of a little kid who pointed his finger at another kid in school.

We have reached the point that we have no ability to apply common sense in dealing with these matters.

Sarkazein said...

NewGuy- The little 5 year old girl will be placed in Obama's re-education summer camps.