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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Buy a Shotgun Joe Biden Lying AR-15


NewGuy said...

I don't oppose shotguns for home defense. I particulary like this one:

DeerPark said...

I love this YouTube video! It makes me laugh. I watched it 5 times! Hilarious!

Whoever is responsible for compiling these clips deserves a pat on the back. It doesn’t get any better than destroying liberal talking points with humor.

Even Joe Biden would get a kick out of it.


guy faulkes said...

In all fairness, although this video is funny, it was a set up. My daughter could shoot a 12 gauge when she was 12 years old, I started her on a 20 at ten.

While it is true that a .223 AR has minute recoil when compared to a 12 gauge, even a small woman can easily handle either gun.

The point was made for the uneducated.

Anonymous said...

guy faulks you must be the toughest person in Watauga County. Ever consider starting a gang?

Show of hands – who here thought this video clip was intended to be informative? Just as I thought, no one.

Get real guy, the video ends with a man literally shooting his pants off. Get a grip. It’s a joke, you can laugh at it.

NewGuy said...'s satire.

But it doesn't matter. It is low information voters that are attempting to limit our 2nd amendment rights. Most of them won't know it's satire.

Liberals do this all the time. This video is as true as a normal Obama speech!

guy faulkes said...

I belong to what you liberals consider three gangs, Anonymous. The NRA, GRNC, and GOA. I am or have been a member of several different shooting organizations and gun clubs. Do you consider those gangs as well?

I am not particularly tough, but I am still alive.

The point I was trying to make was that it was satire but the uneducated voter would believe it.

Anonymous said...

guy, for what it is worth, I cannot shoot my shotgun, and it is not a double barrel, even with a thick coat on, without it leaving a bruise on my shoulder. It has a tremendous recoil. 'A simple but magnificent machine.

Powerful thing, but I would not mind having an automatic piece.

guy faulkes said...

Try this. Pull the shotgun tightly into your shoulder before you fire it. Bruising such as you describe is generally caused by holding it to loosely which allows i to "hammer" you instead of "push" you.

What I am trying to say is that if the recoil moves the gun before it is firmly against your shoulder, it produces what is in effect a strike. If the gun is solidly against your shoulder before any movement starts, it produces a push (although you may think it is very strong until you get used to it). Visualize taking a stick, holding it an inch away form something and jabbing it. Then place the stick firmly against whatever you jabbed,and push with the same force. The jab will bruise much more readily than the push.

Holding the gun incorrectly would produce the results shown in the video, except when it shows people being knocked down by the recoil. That part is BS. In fifty years of shooting shotguns, competing with shotguns, and teaching people how to shoot shotguns, I have never seen it happen.

If you compete in skeet or trap matches very often, you will eventually create a callus on your shoulder. It makes no difference what size you are.

Also, if you want to reduce recoil, shoot a heavier gun. The more it weighs, the less recoil moves it.

guy faulkes said...

I forgot to tell you, lean slightly into the recoil, especially with a shotgun that allows you to have a follow up shot. It will reduce the strike effect, increase the push effect, and allow you to get back on target much faster for your second shot. This works with all guns, even handguns. Keep your weight forward into the gun.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, guy. Of course, I should have known. It makes a lot of sense. It doesn't take a physics major to understand your description. Again, thanks.

guy faules said...

I just ran across this video of a young lady showing how shooting should be done. I hoe you enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

GOSH GUY, most impressive! As the writer says, that young lady is being raised right!!!

With level-headed youth trained like this, by country folk, we don't need to fear the bully Bolsheviki DHS, BATF, or TSA goons.

guy faulkes said...

This video debunks the magazine ban.

Brother Jim is not very fast at changing magazines compared to a lot of people. Sub second reloads are not uncommon.

guy faulkes said...

If you do not watch any other link I provide, watch this virtual state of the union address on gun control.

Anonymous said...

Guy, just viewed your recommended site with the demonstrations w/ a seasoned male and a younger female.

'Very interesting. Yet, one thing I noticed right away; the younger female is, I believe, taking more time, better aim, to hit her target than the older man. In my humble opinion, that is representative, in general, of an average female. She will try to take a bit more time to hit her target. But of course, as the narrator says, she is not nearly a seasoned as the male is. A fascinatng demonstration.

Anonymous said...

guy, thanks for the two sites. 'Most impressive.

The first site: one thing I noticed quickly is that the younger and less seasoned female is, imo, taking a bit more time to hit her target. And I, as a female, probably would do the same. But again, an impressive demonstration and points well taken.

Also, the second site, is so true. It is a horrifying situation to realize that many, if not most, of these treasonous, corrupt tyrants sitting in that House chamber would gladly do the bidding of their globalist masters and order the murder of millions of American men, women, and children. And people like DHS Napolitano, who has no respect for the founding documents and the founding Culture, would gladly carry out that draconan order without even batting an eyelash. And what is more horrifying is that many ordinary DHS agents, etc, from the dumb-down, brainwashed American population, will have no problem executing this order against their fellow Americans, and yes, even on a local level. We need to always keep this in mind.

Mike D. said...

This guy is great. It may soon become necessary for us all to better acquaint ourselves with the law.

Mike D. said...


If you don't think law enforcement officers are willing to carry out orders which violate due process, please watch the video I posted. It may not be something that concerns you, but I don't really feel that my freedoms and civil rights should rely on your apathy toward protecting them. Thanks for your willingness to make decisions on my behalf, but really... I'll be fine without your assistance. Thanks anyway.