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Monday, February 25, 2013

New Yorkers - go figure!

When government decides what you "need".........and what you can and cannot have!


NewGuy said...

Concealed carry in ND schools...

Doug said...

The Boone Town Council’s central planning agenda extends much further than anti-development. They now have their eyes set on your diet: Introducing Meatless Monday!

“A unanimous town council resolution – for green menus the first business day of each week.”

That’s right folks; the Town Council Cadres are taking the Boone citizens to task over their expanding waistlines.

I say it’s about time!

Subway, you make me sick, hiding behind your so-called healthy menu items. We all know you lace your subs with MEAT!

That evil Chick Fil-A Empire, with their family oriented atmosphere, philanthropic giving, and Christian CEO. You lied to us, who knew there was CHICKEN in those sandwiches!

I would never have guessed a diet of fast food and soda would make me fat. Thanks Mayor Clawson!

But why stop there? Alcohol causes weight gain and is bad for one’s health. If anyone knows this fact, it’s bartender and Town Council member Andy Ball. He should introduce a Sobriety Saturday resolution.

I’m sure he want mind the loss in wages and reduced profits to his employer.