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Thursday, February 7, 2013

North Carolina - 7th WORST state for taxes?

Fiscal Times reports on worst states for taxes.....

North Carolina is the seventh worst state overall, and is also the eighth worst for individual income tax rates and the forth worst for sales taxes. However, the state’s corporate taxes are decent (ranking 29th) and unemployment insurance taxes rank 5th in the nation.

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Johnny Rico said...

I agree with this assessment. The death tax is alive and well in the communist state of NC. With more and more liberals moving from up north to places like Raleigh, Charlotte and especially Greensboro, it'll only get worse. But it goes back to us. We asked for these bad taxes. Our voting choices say so. We beg permission from a liberal socialist sheriff to exercise a fundamental, God given right - pistol permits (how do you permit a right?).

Taxes are how politicians and the state exercise power over the individual. Do we hold the Watauga County Commissioners or other liberal Republican political bodies accountable for high taxes and less freedom. Apparently not. So why the whining about taxes or illegal aliens, or loss of freedom. You must want high taxes as that's the way you've voted every year for a couple hundred years.