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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

There are New Sheriffs in Town--Republicans

People living in a town long under mismanagement and corruption feel  a fresh breeze blows when the new sheriff comes into town.  That is the feeling I had as I read my new edition of the Civitas Review--Golden Opportunity–Making NC an Island of Freedom and Prosperity.  (A few high points below.)

The new sheriffs: In the Senate, we have 55 Republicans to 17 Democrats.  In the House we have 77 Republicans to 43 Democrats.  And we
have the governor and a majority of state Supreme Court justices.

Education: Beginning with education, the charter cap has been lifted.  A recent poll revealed that 65 percent of North Carolinians would choose to educate their children elsewhere then in the public schools.  So, under the new sheriffs we will have school choice.   A free market system will
have private, parochial, charter and home schools competing with one another to prepare youth for the new complex world.  Those which don’t, perish.

Regulations:  Eliminating all non-sensible and job killing statutes will be a good start.  One writer  recommends “every quarter the governor and our mayors should announce the regulations that have been eliminated and the resulting positive impact on job creation.”

Taxes:  Corporate and personal income taxes to  be eliminated.  Income taxes will be replaced with a consumption tax. Already we see other Republican-run states booming after they did this.  Right now North Carolina’s current tax structure has received us the rating of  one of the worst to do business in.

Health: Medicaid regulations could overwhelm expenses.   We should join others in blocking “Obamacare exchanges” and gain more control over our system.

Transportation:  We have a 19th century spoils system for our highways.  This will be changed with a new board.

Voting:   We will get voter ID.  The old Board of Elections will have new members.  Congresswoman Susan Myrick reveals the results of a Civitas investigation after long Democrat rule.  Example:   A registered lobbyist Bob Hall, Director of a liberal advocacy group is a behind-the-scenes driving force at the State Board of Elections (SBE).  Memos were discovered that included partisan suggestions to the board: Write Media articles and Editorials that expose the “selfish partisan agenda of Republicans; fits into the larger story of voter suppression, etc.”  “We win even if we lose . . .  this fight hits the GOP where they are most vulnerable to voter anger over appearing to suppress voting.”  Although the staff rewrote the memos, the bottom line is that the “lobbyist Bob Hall and SBE Director Gary Bartlett conspired on a strategy to boost funding for Bartlett’s agency and directly attack the Republican legislature,” says Myrick. More on Hall

Other problems with voting are the one day registration voting as well as the extended early voting period.

Contributers include Robert L. Luddy, Francis X. De Luca, Clark Riemer, Arthur Laffer, Brian Balfour, Bob Luebke, Matt Willoughby, Susan Myrick, Angela Hight,


Wolf's Head said...

It amazes me how every day listening to the radio I hear reports on the waste and mismanagement being found in Raleigh.

Have the democrats NO sense of responsibility to the voters or the Constitution?

guy faulkes said...

Hopefully the Republicans will do much better. On the state level, I beleive they will. I have confidence in Jordan and Soucek.

Blogger said...

From Watauga Democrat: "McCrory has had a busy first five weeks in office. He has selected his cabinet and made other appointments, pledged to prevent the expansion of Medicaid as part of the federal health-care law and has looked to increase offshore oil and gas exploration."