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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Town of Boone to County....."SCREW YOU!"

The Boone town council had scheduled two meetings this week....Tuesday (yesterday) and another on Thursday......The Board of County Commissioners had scheduled a public hearing for Tuesday evening which, of course, would present a conflict to any commissioners who might wish to attend the Boone Town Council meeting. The town council had an issue to discuss which was of serious concern to the county....that is, the proposed changes to the UDO which, if passed, were likely to substantially impact the pending sale of the old Watauga County High School property....

The Chairman of the County Commissioners, Nathan Miller, wrote a letter to the town council in which he made a request for the town to schedule their deliberation on the UDO changes at their Thursday meeting in order to give him (Miller) a chance to address the town council..This would seem to me to be a pretty reasonable request and certainly, a 2 day difference in their discussion would not have significant impact on Boone's ability to function.

In what I guess can be considered their answer to the county's reasonable request, the Boone town council voted last night to impose new restrictions on multi family housing - a move that very possibly will kill the sale of the HS property.

See article in HCPress


Doug said...

As is my custom, everything I attempt to post to WataugaWatch is posted here as insurance. The Williamsons aren’t fond of criticism, or even debate for that matter.


You’ll recognize the syntax found in the paragraph below. The sentence structure is taken from your post “How the GOP Operates in Raleigh.” Having given your hyper-partisan work its due, I now present “How the Liberals Operate in Boone.”

Clearly, the (Liberal) majority on the (Boone Town Council,) with the consent of their (ideological guru, Pam Williamson,) can do any damn thing to the (economy) of (Watauga County) that they damn well please. And (anti-development) pleases them very much. (Taskforce Chairman: Lynnwood Brown, “We acknowledge that the amendments would have an impact on future student housing-oriented types of projects.”)

Your blog has been glaringly mum to the goings on in the town of Boone. Has your wife asked you not to post about her most recent anti-development crusade? Or do you just prefer wallowing in ideological self-pity over the conservative nature of our state?

I suspect the latter, and trust me; you’ll be wallowing for a very long time.

Watauga County has gone red, very RED, in the last two election cycles, just like North Carolina.

Boone is your last safe haven, but not for long. Your comrades will bankrupt the town soon enough.

And what will you say as you decamp? Bush is to blame! Long live the Revolution! Long live our dear leader!

NewGuy said...

Doug, we hope you will continue to post here...not just as "insurance" but because we enjoy hearing your thoughts and well reasoned opinions!

Wolf's Head said...

More fascism in action by the Boone oppressors.

guy faulkes said...

This is why the county needs to take the position that the ETJ members of the Planning Board and especially the Board of Adjustment are there to not only protect the residents of the ETJ, but the other residents of the county also. The Special Use permits that the BOA approves or does not approve effect all of us in many cases. If it takes letting the courts decide this is legal, so be it.

Of course it may be that the constitutional amendment that eliminates ETJ's will pass, thereby freeing many people from the town;s tyranny while letting those that want town control go for voluntary annexation by super majority approval of those effected by the annexation request..

Doug said...


Thank you for the hospitality!

I enjoy posting to your blog, though I do regret the majority of my comments are reposts of what has been censored by JW at WataugaWatch.

Obviously, my comments are not well received at the Williamson household. JW’s censorship is pervasive, and here again, I am forced to repost.

Blog Readers, I regret my comments are longer than most. With that said, I hope you find them informative. The following is in reference to JW’s most recent post, a post where he tried to defend a Liberal attacked memo that recently surfaced.


I see you decided not to publish my most recent comment on “How the GOP Operates in Raleigh.” Thankfully takes a far more "liberal" stance on debate, discourse, and well-placed criticism. In light of your rampant censorship, the administrators there generously allow me to repost my comments to their blog. What a "progressive" thought: giving voice to the minority opinion.

Now on to a simple observation (will it wind up on your cutting room floor?)

Your post accuses Republicans of being “shocked” in light of the leaked Liberal attack memo. You say, “The fake shock of… NC conservatives over this particular memo is not convincing.”

As a Conservative Republican, the existence of such a memo is in no way shocking. I’ve grown to expect such behavior from Saul Alinsky acolytes.

Suspicious of your assertion that Republicans were “shocked” to learn about the existence of such a memo, I read the link you provided. And wouldn’t you know it, I was right; you were misquoting Conservatives!

From the link you provided: “Paul Shumaker, a longtime Republican strategist based in Raleigh, said the document is FAR FROM SHOCKING.”

Now JW…. Honestly…..You know better than to lie…. Or do you?

The fact of the matter is, Liberals have made politics their religion – their ways are good, and the ways of Conservatives are bad. This self-worship allows Liberals the freedom to attack their opponents in the most vicious of ways - the ends in your mind justifies the means.

Attack memos are akin to Bibles for you folks, and good Liberal zealots wouldn’t be found without their “scripture” would they?

The sad truth: nothing about this is shocking.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate what youre doing Doug, but Williamson want have any of it. He’s not going to let your stuff go through. I guess that’s the benefit of running your own blog. He’s only hurting himself though, just checked his blog and theres only a handful of comments.

Keep it up though. Catching him in a bold face lie was pretty good.

Everyone who reads here looks at his trash too. We all know whats going on.

Nobody said...

Does anyone else here think that, maybe, just maybe, the town of Boone rushed this action through because the purchaser of the old high school is Templeton? Let's face it, the powers that be in Boone (mayor and council) HATE Templeton for the controversy over the clinic and resulting lawsuit. If they can force Templeton to back out of the deal by limiting what he can do with the property, they might just be willing to cost the taxpayers of this county $10 million. It's a shame to suspect local government officials of acting on a grudge, but the history of the last couple of years here, along with the manner in which the town pushed the through before giving Chairman Miller a chance to address the council causes such suspicion. Will the students at ASU even be aware of how these new restrictions will drive up the cost of living for them (and everyone else) in this town?

guy faulkes said...

Good point, Nobody.

Anonymous said...